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 WHAT IS iUpdate?  Authentication security portal to further safeguard your business identity for doing business with the federal government. 

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2  WHAT IS iUpdate?  Authentication security portal to further safeguard your business identity for doing business with the federal government.  

3  FREE! FREE!! FREE!!!  Free unique 9-digit identification number  For each physical location of a business  In the past we could call-easy quick!  MUST set up an iUpdate account

4   DO NOT use any other D&B links if doing government contracting  DUNS forms the basis of your information in SAM & MUST match IRS information  New registration for DUNS or updating or changing any information(address, business name, owner) hour activation period before you can proceed with SAM

5  Customer’s full legal name and HOME address  To be successful: provide full legal name and current home address not the business address. Two attempts are provided if second fails asked to complete and return D&B iUpdate personal/business identification and documentation

6  Allows you access to the information D&B has on your business  Sign up to access company information  To safeguard your identify asked to answer short authentication quiz. (address phone number other people who have lived at your address.) multiple choice to ensure “they are who they say they are”

7  ID is address that you used in the registration process  When the DUNS is created an is sent containing temporary password  Log on to create your permanent password  Have DUNS and don’t need to make any changes don’t need to go to iUpdate!

8  Review and or update company information  Business summary  Company name  Address  Phone  Website  Legal structure

9  Add an owner, officer, or manager  Add new director  Add or remove corporate family member  SIC code  NAICS code  Review & submit New DUNS hrs Changes & updates 1-3 weeks (check on changes: phone calls, internet .)

10  The System for Award Management (SAM) is combining nine systems the federal community and those who want to do business with the government use regularly. As a new system, Sam will streamline processes, eliminate date redundancies, and save money through consolidated operations  Phase one: CCR, ORCA, EPLS, FedReg

11  Sam is FREE  Required to do government contracting etc.  If active in CCR you are active in SAM  Need DUNS  Create an account  Tax ID (TIN or EIN) or SS# (SS # will show up in the public view)  SAM has it’s own language: entity, legacy account, manage exclusion records, core data, assertions

12  One login  Streamlined process ◦ Decreases the amount of time required for typical registrations  Increases reporting flexibility  Eliminates data overlap  Limits errors

13  SAM does not like Internet Explorer, specifically the most recent update IE9  The best browser is currently Mozilla FireFox ◦ Download free: dqRsAWwhttp://mozilla- dqRsAWw  SAM helpdesk may easily take 1-4 hours wait time  GCAP still has a hotline and our questions are answered immediately and fixes are often made over the phone  When entering phone numbers look at example: (xxx) xxx-xxxx you must enter () and -  User ID MUST be unique to SAM

14  Active: log into SAM make changes etc.  Pending Validation: Not validated your account’s address (can’t log in until validate account) Don’t have access to or link expired (good for 48 hrs.) attempt to log in on home page you will get error message “pending validation”. Select “send ” for new validation . May also select “update address” enter old , answer security question, create new address, submit. (will get new validation )

15  Locked: enter wrong password answer security questions incorrect (three in a row) Call GCAP we can call our PTAC hotline and they can unlock it Will get a reset password must be a different than last ten passwords

16  Inactive: extensive period of inactivity or manually inactivate account Attempt to log in get error message select “send ” to reset password. Change your password to activate account. Password must be different than last ten passwords.

17  Deactivated: Only SAM can shut down or “deactivate” your SAM account  Password Expired: every 180 days must be changed 1. Attempt to log in 2. Select “send ” to send a reset password . Click link and change password


19  is no longer active  Use new  PTAC SAM hotline attach to your business  Call GCAP or

20  You can migrate your legacy system roles to SAM IF you were in CCR ◦ In SAM your business is NOW referred to as an “Entity” ◦ All of your entity’s data in the legacy systems (CCR, ORCA, EPLS) will be migrated to SAM ◦ You will create a NEW username and password ◦ To migrate your legacy account you need the used for your legacy account

21  When migrating, if you see all green checkmarks…but try to submit and the system says “you are missing mandatory information.” ◦ Data transfer has caused errors:  Zip + 4 does not divide, all data is put in Zip box (in Core Data and also in Financial Information)  Under POC the system is not dividing up the contact’s name, all data is going into the first name box  You must select a primary NAIC code  Note: Lessons learned are changing and evolving daily, at times even hourly

22  1. Go to  2. Create an individual Account and login  3. Go to either: Manage My User Roles or My SAM to select to migrate  4. Select the legacy systems where you have accounts  5. SAM checks to see if your SAM account address matches your legacy account address ◦ “YES”, your legacy role will be migrated; “NO”, SAM will send an to the legacy account . Access the and click the link




26 You will see a confirmation of completion. However, if you did not have an ORCA registration, or it didn’t migrate, you MUST complete the Reps and Certs for your migration to be complete. You cannot submit without completed Reps and Certs

27  DUNS Number  Legal Business Name/DBA  TIN/EIN/SS#  Average # of employees/Average annual receipts ◦ Calculate business size using SBA size standards  Corporate information  NAIC  Financial information  Valid address

28  Linked to D & B  Mandatory to receive prime contract  Allows electronic payment  Automatically assigns CAGE Code  Must renew annually or expires  Marketing Partner ID (MPIN) ◦ You create ◦ Used to access other government applications

29  YOU are responsible for accuracy  YOU are responsible for updating  YOU must renew at least every 12 months  YOU must maintain accuracy of POC  YOU must update your SAM password every 180 days -- NEW

30  Steps for registering your entity ◦ 1. ◦ 2. Create a Personal Account and Login ◦ 3. Click “Register a New Entity” under “Manage Entity” on your “My SAM” page ◦ 4. Select type of Entity ◦ 5. Yes to “Do you wish to bid on contracts’

31  Validate your DUNS #  Enter Business Information  Enter CAGE (if you have one)  Enter General Information (business type, organization structure, etc)  Financial information (For EFT)  Executive compensation  Proceedings

32  Goods and Services (NAICS)  Size Metrics ◦ Average annual revenue (3 year average) ◦ Average employees  EDI Information  Disaster Relief Information

33  Representations and Certifications  ORCA – Section K of federal solicitation  Mandatory  FAR Responses  A & E Responses  DFARS Responses



















52  You will receive two s from  TIN from IRS 3-5 business days  CAGE Code validated or assigned by DOD  Confirmation registration is active!!  If you do not receive the s log onto SAM account and review “incomplete registration” if it says “work in progress” your registration has been saved but not completed.  You MUST submit or it will not be active.


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