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Nitrogen Cycle url:

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1 Nitrogen Cycle url:

2 Molecular Forms of Nitrogen N 2 NH 4 + NO 3 - NO 2 - Nitrogen gas Ammoniu m Nitrate Nitrite

3 Nitrogen Changing Processes The process by which nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the roots of legumes change atmospheric nitrogen to nitrates is called _______________________ The process by which N2 or organic nitrogen is changed to ammonium is called____________________ The two-step process of changing ammonium to nitrate is called _______________________ The process of changing nitrate into atmospheric nitrogen is called __________________ The process of changing nitrates into organic nitrogen is called ______________________ Nitrogen fixation Ammonificatio n Nitrificatio n Denitrificatio n Assimilatio n

4 Background Information

5 Nitrogen Fixation by nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the roots of legumes

6 Ammonification by soil bacteria and fungi

7 Nitrification: Step 1

8 Nitrification: Step 2

9 Assimilation

10 Ammonification by Decomposers - decomposing bacteria and fungi

11 Denitrification

12 The Whole Cycle

13 Nitrogen Cycle Summary ProcessBacteria N Changed from N changed to Nitrogen Fixation Ammonification Nitrification step 1 Nitrification step 2 AssimilationN/A Denitrification Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in legume roots Nitrogen in air Nitrate Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil Nitrogen in air Ammonium Decay bacteria and fungi Organic nitrogen Nitrifiying bacteria AmmoniumNitrite Nitrate Organic nitrogen Denitrifying bacteria Nitrate Nitrogen in air

14 Discussion Questions 1. The atmosphere is 78% nitrogen: why do you think plants and animals can't use nitrogen as it is found in the atmosphere? 2. Explain what is meant by nitrogen fixation. 3. What is the role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle? 4. Why don't legumes need nitrogen-containing fertilizers? 5. Why is nitrogen so important for living things?

15 1.Nitrogen fixation is the process that changes nitrogen from ______________. The type of bacteria able to “fix” nitrogen are called ___________________________. Nitrogen fixing bacteria in legume roots allow for nitrogen to be used by legume plants and become ____________________ nitrogen. 2. Nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil change nitrogen from _________________ to ____________________ by a process called _________________________. 3. The nitrifying bacteria in the first white circle change nitrogen from __________________________ to _____________________________ in a process called ________________________________. Nitrogen gas nitrate s organic nitrogen gas Ammomiu m Ammonificatio n nitrite nitrificatio n Ammomiu m

16 4. This process is continued by a second group of nitrifying bacteria that change nitrogen from _________________________ to _________________________. 5. Nitrates can follow one of two paths. If it is taken into a plant, it will be _____________________________ into _____________________ nitrogen. The chipmunk gets the nitrogen it needs by eating plants. Nitrogen containing organic wastes from either plants or animals will be broken down by ___________________________ and ___________________________ into __________________________________. 6. Denitrifying bacteria change nitrogen from ______________________________ to _______________________________ returning it to the atmosphere. nitrite nitrates assimilated organi c decay bacteria fun gi ammoniu m nitrat e nitrogen gas

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