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Foraging Into the Future. What this talk is about…. Introduction – who/what are we? What do we do? – our mission Range/pasture EKG Monitoring methods.

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1 Foraging Into the Future

2 What this talk is about…. Introduction – who/what are we? What do we do? – our mission Range/pasture EKG Monitoring methods Courses available – …this presentation on line at

3 LAND EKG-CANADA an overview Land EKG™ -Canada is a subsidiary of Land EKG™ Inc. Cornerpost Consulting Ltd. operates Land EKG-Canada on behalf of Land EKG

4 Our Mission We are motivated by the belief in those farmers and ranchers providing food, fibre and, clean water and air for the world. We specialize in supporting, training & equipping land managers with effective ways to pay attention to the land, its condition, its function, and of course, its grazing management

5 Monitoring based on Measurement Land EKG™ Inc. was built on the premise that you can't manage what you don't measure, and you can't defend what you don't verify. Our monitoring methodology is intended to: – clearly validate land condition & function, – help make grazing or other management decisions – provide rapid benefit for users of the system… easily and professionally

6 For graziers - business profit is based on grassland health And health depends on soil fertility and photosynthesis by plants – lots of plants

7 The profit is in the grass

8 Optimum Ranch Profit $$$ A thriving “Ecosystem” is the only way to create In other words… It is about the health ….. of the land resources Land EKG™ Inc © 2013

9 Training & equipping graziers with the most effective ways to monitor and manage their grazing landscapes : Simple approaches Practical methods Profitable results Land EKG - Canada Specializes in… Land EKG™ Inc © 2013

10 Simple Approaches Easy to measure cover parameters such as; – leaf litter, basal plant cover, bare ground, etc. Photographic records – Designed to be repeatable from year to year Detailed precipitation Annual recordings – record data from the same place in successive years to establish trends in a short period of time

11 Practical methods Well defined sampling techniques & methods Actual production measurements to determine lbs/acre plant material and litter for each year Applies to both native and tame pastures – Not dependant on plant ID or native plant community types Easy to use database

12 Monitoring Must Have Purpose … Not just create more work… Help make grazing or other management decisions..… productivity and profit Clearly validate land condition & function 1.Rapid/ Consistent / objective measurement 2.Defense of management practices Land EKG™ Inc © 2013

13 Of what use is measurement if you can’t use it easily? Land EKG™ Inc © 2013

14 Measurement data stored & available to you 24/7 Count what counts & use what you need

15 A better way to monitor range/pasture condition

16 Measure the same place in successive years

17 Keep a permanent record of the sample location

18 Keep information that counts

19 Information such as production & key health indicators….


21 …and grazing info…

22 Keep a photo record from year to year

23 Keep a photo record of specific sample sites (eg. hoops)

24 So what aspects of EKG Monitoring are useful for most producers? Rancher friendly monitoring methods – EKG blink monitoring – Great 1 st step Tracking ecological health – “count what counts” Focus on the info that increases profits & healthy pastures Protect your rights to use the land Land EKG™ Inc © 2013

25 Land EKG-Canada provides two types of training 1.Google Earth Ranch Mapping – With this introductory on-line course, you'll be confident using Google Earth to: map basic ranch borders, pasture fences, trails, ponds and water points develop and archive annual grazing plans, historical land use practices and development planning….

26 Google Earth Ranch Mapping Cont’d – map weeds and management strategies - verify the most effective practices – track and develop your land monitoring program – plan future land and pasture improvements (ie waterlines, fencing, veg control etc ) – print maps and specific management plans for employees, agencies and others. – easily share map files with others back and forth

27 GE Maps…. Will help you locate where & what to measure as you plan your monitoring program


29 2. EKG Monitoring Schools EKG Blink Introduction (2- Day) – Participants will leave this two-day course with well-practiced abilities in choosing monitoring sites, transect layout mechanics, and EKG photo procedures. – This class is designed for any rancher or conservation manger seeking a rapid, repeatable monitoring program, right away.

30 EKG Blink Monitoring Cont’d – Participants will practice thorough land monitoring basics, soil survey introduction using Alberta Soil Information Viewer, grazing indexing, forage production measurement methods, surface cover percents, and EZ-EKG assessments, but will spend the majority of time learning monitoring mechanics for EKG transect lines. – Additional time will be spent on “situational monitoring” and site recording techniques including an introduction to EKG DataStore. Monitoring kits will be available for those wishing to purchase this item.

31 Also soils maps are a good thing to have… Soils maps tell us the basic patterns of soils polygons & their properties EKG Monitoring takes this into account

32 Achieve a healthier and more productive landscape

33 THANK YOU! - email @tedekgcan –twitter – website Telephone – 403.764.7402 EKG Blink Schools being scheduled for 2015 – Call us for more details

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