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Sorry, You’re Deaf. You Can’t Work Here.

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1 Sorry, You’re Deaf. You Can’t Work Here.
Melissa Bell DARS Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services TRAN 19th Annual Conference Presentation created with Prezi at Transcribed to Power Point for accessibility.


3 What kind of work can people who are Deaf and hard of hearing do?
YouTube video A large variety of employment was represented, from lower-level to higher-level careers: Dentist, professor, business owner, attorney, fireman, university president, politician, sky diver, professional actress, dental assistant, construction worker, doctor.

4 Our constant task is to…
EDUCATE Consumers that they have abilities Professionals to help break down barriers Society to understand that “Deaf people can do anything except hear.” – I. King Jordan

5 What are the fields a Deaf or hard of hearing individual could not enter?
There are very few positions that require a certain level of hearing and would automatically exclude an individual with hearing loss: Police Commercial airline pilot Interstate truck driver (Nat’l Association of the Deaf has sought waivers) Others?

6 Employing and Accommodating
ADA Title I Protection from job discrimination on the basis of disability Rehabilitation Act, Sections 501 & 503 Federal employees (501) Federal contractors (503) Essential functions If a person has a disability, can he or she perform the essential functions of a job with or without accommodations?

7 Employing and Accommodating, cont.
Direct threat Direct threat to health or safety of the employee or others: Significant risk of substantial harm Based on objective, factual evidence Must consider reasonable accommodations Undue hardship Significant difficulty or expense. Employee must be given the choice of providing the accommodation or paying for the portion of the accommodation that causes the undue hardship Reasonable accommodations For the job application process To perform essential functions of a job To enjoy benefits and privileges of employment equal to those without disabilities

8 DHHS resource specialists can assist!
Deafness RSs can assist with the compliance issues just discussed. Hearing Loss RSs can assist with identifying reasonable accommodations. See handout for other ways RSs can provide support to the DARS VR program.

9 Creative Accommodations Overcoming Barriers
Dr. Tom McDavitt, like most deaf veterinarians, has learned to auscultate with his hands instead of through a stethoscope. “Big Spring resident nurse follows her dream despite hearing impairment” - Alyssa Myers, RN Gary Behm, Director of the Center on Access Technology’s Innovation Lab at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) developed clear surgical masks for use in clean rooms and hospitals

10 Creative Accommodations Overcoming Barriers, cont.
Using remote CART in medical school operating room Deaf restaurant owner Other successes in overcoming barriers…

11 Addressing Concerns Consumers Employers Society “I can’t.”
“What about liability?” Society “I never knew they could do that.”

12 References The ADA: Your Employment Rights as an Individual With a Disability

13 Outreach Development Specialist DARS DHHS
Melissa Bell Outreach Development Specialist DARS DHHS (v) (vp) For more information or assistance, please call DARS Inquiries at

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