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Travel along the Region Highway to visit the 5 regions of the United States!

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2 Travel along the Region Highway to visit the 5 regions of the United States!

3 Pack your bags! Buckle up! … And here we go!

4 Road Map We will be traveling to 5 different regions: northeast midwest southeast southwest west

5 Let’s hit the Road! The Northeast There are 11 states that make up the Northeast Region of the United States.

6 The Northeast Summers: Warm to Hot Winters: Very Cold Precipitation: About 46 inches a year Climate: The type of weather a particular region has over a long period of time.

7 The Northeast Hey! Wait! Pull over! Look out your window over there!

8 Welcome to Maine!

9 The Northeast First Stop First Stop: West Quoddy Head Lighthouse This famous lighthouse uses a fog horn to warn ships that they are getting close to land! Click on the horn to hear what the ships hear! The lighthouse is located in northern Maine

10 Everyone back in the car! Buckle up! On to Massachusetts!

11 Welcome to Massachusetts! Plymouth Rock

12 Wow! Everyone out of the car! Look at that huge ship! I read in the Massachusetts tour book that it’s called the Mayflower II, which is a ship built to look like the original ship that that Pilgrims came to American on! Sweet! Awesome! Second Stop Second Stop: Plymouth, Massachusetts The Northeast Click here to tour the ship

13 That ship was awesome! Next stop, New York City!

14 Welcome to New York City!

15 The Northeast New York City is the home of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and many other tall buildings! Third Stop Third Stop: New York City, New York

16 Alright everyone, it’s cold here in the northeast, what do you say we head south!

17 Wahoo! Here comes the sun! The Southeast There are 12 states in the Southeast Region of the United States.

18 The Southeast Summers: Hot to Very Hot Winters: Mild Precipitation: About 606 inches a year Climate: The type of weather a particular region has over a long period of time.

19 The Southeast Roll down those windows! I want to feel the warm air! There’s the state line!

20 Welcome to Virginia!

21 The Southeast Fourth Stop Fourth Stop: Jamestown, Virginia Jamestown, VA was the first colonial settlement in America

22 Boy, Jamestown was neat with all the historic buildings…but let’s bring this trip to back the 21 st century…

23 Welcome to Florida!

24 The Southeast Fifth Stop Fifth Stop: Kennedy Space Center Click Here to Learn More at NASA for Kids! Quick! Pull over! We’re just in time for lift off! Everyone out! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF! The Kennedy Space Center is a great place to learn about our Earth and Universe. Astronauts study our planets, the moon, sun, and the stars.

25 Whoa! I can still feel the heat from that blast! What’s next?

26 Welcome to West Virginia!

27 The Southeast Sixth Stop Sixth Stop: Appalachian Mountains Many people mine (dig out and search) for coal in the mountains. This can be a very dangerous job! Hey! Let’s go hiking! Wow! Check out the view of those mountains out our window!

28 I’m exhausted from all that climbing! How about a little relaxing? Is that music I hear??

29 Welcome to Tennessee!

30 The Southeast Seventh Stop Seventh Stop: Memphis, Tennessee Blues is a type of music that uses the guitar as its main instrument. This type of music was first made popular by slaves working in cotton fields in Tennessee. I love the sound of that guitar! I feel like dancing!

31 Ok! I Want to see more! Midwest-here we come!

32 Hello Midwest! The Midwest There are 12 states in the Midwest Region of the United States.

33 The Midwest Summers: Hot and Humid Winters: Cold to Very Cold, dry Climate: The type of weather a particular region has over a long period of time. Precipitation: As much as 50 in. in Missouri, as little as 13 in. in North Dakota

34 The Midwest Look at all these corn fields! What state are we coming to?

35 Welcome to Iowa!

36 That’s because almost every inch of Iowa is covered by farms! Why do I suddenly feel a craving for corn on the cob? Eighth Stop Eighth Stop: Farming Iowa Iowa is known as the “Corn State” It seems like everywhere we drive there are barns, corn fields, and tractors!!

37 Ok, so I like corn…but I feel like I just ate a whole field’s worth…Onward!

38 Welcome to South Dakota!

39 South Dakota is best known for the huge carving on a mountain side known as “Mount Rushmore.” The carving was first stated in 1927 and was completed in 1941. Oh yeah! Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington…and….and…. Ninth Stop Ninth Stop: Black Hills of South Dakota: Mount Rushmore Thomas Jefferson!! Why do those faces look so familiar? Um, duh! They are four of our past presidents!

40 The Midwest Ya know, I gotta be honest, the Midwest is cool and all, but, I’m ready to go to some big cities again! I feel the temperature rising!

41 Yeehaw!! There are 4 states in the Southwest Region of the United States. The Southwest

42 Summers: Hot to Very Hot, dry Winters: Mild Climate: The type of weather a particular region has over a long period of time. Precipitation: About 86 inches a year (Mostly in Oklahoma)

43 The Southwest Woah! I’m glad we have air conditioning in this car! It’s so hot outside! Where are we?

44 Welcome to Arizona!

45 The Southwest The Grand Canyon is over a mile deep! Over millions of years, water carved out the rock and created the canyon. Many people hike the canyon every year. Look at those people riding mules down the canyon trails. Let’s get out of the car. This is too cool to just see out our window! Tenth Stop Tenth Stop: Grand Canyon, Arizona

46 The Southwest I can’t believe those canyons! Arizona is such a neat state! What else is there to see here?

47 The Southwest Eleventh Stop Eleventh Stop: Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona is the hottest city in the Southwest region. The record for the hottest day was 122 degrees! It happened in the month of June!

48 Wow! Are we in an oven? Doesn’t look like this heat is going to let up any time soon! Yeeehaw, Texas!

49 Welcome to Texas!

50 The Southwest Twelfth Stop Twelfth Stop: Austin, Texas Austin is the capital city of Texas. This is a picture of the Capitol building where politicians meet to discuss issues important to Texan citizens. It’s the largest Capitol building in the nation.

51 Here we go to the wild, wild, west!! There are 11 states in the West Region of the United States. The West

52 Summers: Hot to Very Hot Winters: Mild Climate: The type of weather a particular region has over a long period of time. Precipitation: About 32 in. a year

53 We’ve arrived! First stop: Yellowstone National Park!

54 Welcome to Wyoming!

55 The West Click Here to See a Live View of Yellowstone Today! Old Faithful is an erupting spring of water that shoots out every 35 -120 minutes. It will shoot out water for 1½ - 5 minutes at a time. The water shoots up 90-184 feet high! Most of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming, however, it stretches into Montana and Idaho. Does anyone have a towel? I just got sprayed by Old Faithful! I can’t believe how high that water shot up! Thirteenth Stop Thirteenth Stop: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

56 I don’t think this trip could get any cooler, but now it’s off to the airport. Aloha!

57 Welcome to Hawaii! We’re here! I see Hawaii!

58 The West You’re Invited to a Luau ! When: Tonight Where: Seaside Resort Who: Region Tour Students Hawaiian parties are called “luaus.” People wear leis which is a necklace made of flowers. Some women wear grass skirts and do a special dance. My tour book here says that Hawaii was the last state added to the United States in 1959. That’s right. And I also read that Hawaii is actually made up of 8 major islands. How cool! Click Here to Find Out More About Hawaii Fourteenth Stop Fourteenth Stop: Hawaii Islands

59 Welcome to Hawaii! Bye Hawaii, We’re off to colder weather in Alaska Welcome to Alaska! Wow, Look at those snowy mountains. We must be here!!

60 The West Fifteenth Stop Fifteenth Stop: Anchorage, Alaska The Iditarod is a dog sled race that follows a trail across the state of Alaska. It takes place in March. A person who leads a pack of dogs on a sled is called a musher. He or she must train their dogs hard to finish the race. The race usually takes 9-17 days to complete. Learn More About the Race by Clicking Here Go, dogs, go!!

61 Welcome to Alaska! Do we really have to go home now? That was the most amazing trip around the United States!


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