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Netvibes Creating your own dashboard as a news-stand.

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1 Netvibes Creating your own dashboard as a news-stand

2 What is a dashbaord? A Netvibes dashboard enables you to gather all the content relevant to you in one location It enables you to monitor everything about a topic on the web including content, reports, conversations, trends and RSS newsfeeds This occurs in one location and is always up- to-date.

3 What is a dashboard? This is the name of a standard page in Netvibes. You can add modules called widgets (or apps) to your dashboard page that update continuously These widgets are small applications that provide specific information about something (such as the weather) or functionality (live streaming)

4 What does a dashboard look like?

5 Creating your own Sign up and create an account Create a name for your dashboard and submit You can choose one of the popular dashboards or enter a specific keyword Netvibes will do the rest and populate your page with a few relevant sources to get started Once your first dashboard is generated and displayed, click on Sign Up at the top right of the screen to create a new account. You can either choose to use your email address to register, or your Facebook account (via Facebook connect).Facebook connect

6 Adding new content Netvibes allows you to add content from all your favorite web sites via RSS. You can also add Apps (or Widgets) with various purposes (like Weather, Twitter & Facebook feeds, etc.) You can search for Apps in the search box and Netvibes will find the most relevant widgets for you to add to your dashboard

7 RSS feeds To add an RSS feed you must go to the website you want and find the RSS feed page via the RSS logo Let’s add the RSS for Al Jazeera Copy and paste the RSS URL you are given into the Netvibes ‘enter a feed address’ box Click submit and it will populate your dashboard

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