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Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum.

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1 Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum.
ENGLISH CHAPTER 1 By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum. @VannyNingtias

2 PARTS OF SPEECH V  VERB (K.KERJA) A  adjective (k. sifat)
N  Noun ( K benda) A  adverb (k. ket)

There is a man (there is a men) A, an, one, each, this, that, a single, every, another I have one friends. Each of my friends. Every football player

4 Each of the student comes to campus on time.
All students come to campus on time. Every football player is wearing jersey Football players are wearing jerseys

5 Plural Regular form (s /es) Owl – owls 1 Student – 10 students A Bus – many buses There are a lot of well-growing-sunflowers

6 (es  s, z, o, ch, sh, y, x , th Class-classes glasses Goddesses
box - boxes foxes Buzz – buzzes buffalo-buffaloes tomatoes potatoes (radios, zoos) Touch – touches ; watch – watches beaches Brush – brushes ashes bushes Boy – boys joys toys rays overjoys Baby – babies fries flies Butterfly – butterflies frenchfries Reza has 1 Wife – Wildan has 4 wives A Knife – 10 knives many knifes – x- Leaf – leaves thief - thieves Loaf – loafs Roofs

7 Irregular form Ox – oxen man – men Child – children woman – women
Species – species mouse – mice Datum – data alumnus – alumni Platinum – Platina person – people The data/datum of the research are/is obtained in Karimun Jawa waters Hundreds of students, millions of roses 10 million dollars/rupiahs/riyals/ringgits/yuans people million people 10 days I have a/one children Gay vs guy

8 Uncountable nouns (KB yg tdk bs dhitung)
Sugar, sauce, rice (5 seeds of rice) Fish There are 5 fishes in the aquarium (5 tails of fish) I have eaten 5 mangoes (X- 5 fruits of mangoes) I have much hair. 5 strands of hair have fallen Oil, love, blood mathematics, economics, physics news - nus/nius (nyus) The/this /these Furniture is many students are Mathematics is easy

9 1. enthusiastic spectators applauded the clowns
2. they use an axe to cut the trees 3. teachers use various techniques to make their classes interesting 4. each of the team member shared the same workload 5. about sixty thousand rupiahs could be collected during the cultural night ( rupiahs) 6. most housewives prefer to have part-time jobs 7. the/this furniture will have to be reupholstered 8. hundreds of volunteers from different countries came to the rescue of the earthquake victims 9. the organization for economic co-operation and development has taken a role in coordinating international action on a corruption by creating anti-graft commission 10. the first inhabitants of North America were probably hundreds of immigrants who came from Central and East Asia

10 This is a book (ini - 1) That is a book (itu - 1) These are books (ini – banyak) Those are books (itu – banyak)

11 Utk yg bs dihitung These, those, a few of, many, both,
dozens of, hundreds of, a number of, The number of , a couple of, several A number of students in UDINUS–are- late Jamak/plural/lebih dari satu/Sejumlah The number of students in UDINUS – is amazing Singular/tunggal/satu/jumlah

12 A number of students in FEB UDINUS–are- late
Sejumlah Banyak (lbh dr 1) The number of students in FEB UDINUS–is-increasing Jumlah Tunggal A number of money/water/air

13 A number of students –are– late (sejumlah) -- plural
The number of students –is - 45 (jumlah) – singular Both = keduanya (2) Both students are late Both Faudziah and Azzam are/fall in love Both are in love Faudziah falls in love with Azzam every night Wiwid’s book /wiwid’s books My books/his books/her book

14 Much, little, an amount of,  uncountable noun
Many, few,  countable noun Little-less-least  less money, little tired Few-fewer-fewest  few students, fewer lecturers All, some, lots, a lot of, plenty of ** UnC.N./C.N. I water the flower/ He waters the flower I can see the water in the sea Karimun jawa waters

15 ARTICLES: A/AN, THE 1/6. A/AN digunakan untuk indefinite noun
THE digunakan untuk definite noun 2. THE –superlative THE – order-first, last, next 3. THE – the sun, the moon, the world David Beckham – The Beckhams The yudhoyonos The Rians

16 I have A student. THE student is beautiful. The student is in this room. The student is from Mranggen. Rika

17 4/8. The smart (smart students) are hardworking / diligent
The rich (rich people) are happy 5. English is easy (Language) The English ARE easy (people) Javanese is difficult The Javanese ARE friendly Spanish is sexy The Spanish are sexy

18 A – consonant (SOUND) An –a,I,u,e,o (vowel/vocal sound) A House an umbrella A Home an egg A Hotel an apple An Hour a university A Hospital a unification An honour a unique car A horse an ugly doll named Annabelle

19 A, I, U , E, O  AN VOWEL SOUNDS A Hotel a unification A House an umbrella An Hour a university An Honor a unique student

20 THE Regions: the north of england
Groups of island: the Riaus, The Bahamas, Karimun Jawa Islands/archipelago (The Karimun Jawas) Group of lake: the great lakes Mountain range: the jaya wijayas, the rocky mountains Deserts: the sahara, the gobi peninsulas,: the Malaka peninsula Oceans, seas, river, gulf, canal: the suez canal, the banjir canal, the mahakam river

21 Tdk boleh pake THE Months:september Days: Monday
Chemical substances: oxygen, nitrogen Continents: Asia, America Capes, bay, point Countries: the netherlands, the philipines State: California, Michigan City: The Hague Street, square, park Individual island: java, borneo Mount n lake: Airport: university


23 Homework Study page 23 (underline if you don’t understand, ask them in the next meeting) Page 24 & 25 Page 27 & 28 40 questions (25 minutes non stop)  please turn on the timer/alarm during doing the homework

24 I go to campus/office I leave for campus/office

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