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Raksha Bandhan Rakhi (Raksha) symbolizes a spirit of brotherhood and harmony amongst all sections of society, irrespective of race, religion, and color.

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1 Raksha Bandhan Rakhi (Raksha) symbolizes a spirit of brotherhood and harmony amongst all sections of society, irrespective of race, religion, and color. On this auspicious occasion we inspire ourselves with the true spirit of service and sacrifice for the welfare of the society and find therein the highest spiritual fulfillment of human life.

2 Mantra for Global Peace …
Rakhi symbolizes a commitment to protect each other. Rakhi reminds us to commit ourselves to our community and to the righteousness. Rakhi develops cohesion in society Rakhi creates a spirit of selfless social service. Rakhi imparts the highest spiritual fulfillment of human life.

3 Origin of Raksha Bandhan
Ancient festival - originated from Bhavishya Purana Initiation of new disciple by a Guru Brother-Sister festival Congregational ceremonies in modern time Changing of Yagopavit – Sravan Poornima

4 Social Aspects The tradition of Raksha Bandhan is not limited to bother and sisters alone. Rakhi is also tied on the wrists of policemen, security personnel, armed forces personnel, other public officials and statesmen. In return, the public officials vow to protect the society and uphold justice and unparalleled zeal and vigor.The sister-brother relationship portrayed by the rakhi is far deeper than simply the brother protecting his sister. It contains the basic message of universal brotherhood where everyone looks to each other as a brother and sister of a common global family.

5 In the Hindu tradition, the Raksha has assumed all
aspects of protection of righteousness from the forces of evil. It is not merely that the spirit of Raksha manifests itself on occasions of mortal peril to the life and honor of the beloved ones or to the society. It is like the flow of bloodstream through every limb and organ of the body, carrying strength and nourishment to every cell. As a result, even a small wound anywhere in the body is promptly attended to by the entire body. Every other limb spontaneously sacrifices a part of its blood to heal that wound and keeps that organ healthy and strong.

6 This mantra is often recited when tying a rakhi
Yena baddho balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah Tena twaam anubadhnaami rakshe maa chala maa chala (I am tying a raksha to you, similar to the one tied to Bali the poswerful king of demons. Oh Raksha, be firm, do not waver.)

7 This is how the society can live and prosper amidst all
kinds of challenges, either from within or without. A society imbued with this spirit will see to it that every one of it members is happy. The Hindu concept of well-being of the Universe has always been: Sarvepi sukhinassantu, sarve santu niraamayaah Sarve bhadraani pashyantu, maa kashchitt dukhabhaag bhavet (Let everyone be happy, let everyone be free from all ills, let everyone behold only the auspicious; let no one be afflicted.)

8 The powers of intellect, body, material wealth, and influence
should be utilized for the uplift and service of others. Vidyaa vivaadaaya dhanam madaaya shaktih pareshaam parapeedanaaya Khalasya sadhorvipareetam etat jnaanaaya daanaaya cha rakshanaaya (For the wicked , learning is for dry arguments, wealth is for satisfying vanity, and strength is for harassing others; but in the case of holy men, these are for imparting knowledge, offering charity and protecting others.)

9 Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh(HSS)
Vishwa Dharma prakashena Vishwa shanti pravartake (To establish peace and harmony in the world by propagating eternal Time tested Hindu values.) Today, HSS celebrates Raksha Bahdhan as a festival, celebrating the bond, which we all share as sisters and brothers of the same global family. May the power of this bond protect us all.

10 Guiding principles to the vision HINDU VALUES
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam! The whole world is one family!! Ekam sat vipraah bahudhaa vadanti Truth is one. The wise describe it in different ways. Sarvepi Sukhinah Santu, sarve santu niraamayaah Let every one be happy. Let every one be free from suffering. Hinduism a way of life …..

11 BalaGokulam
To facilitate children to appreciate, learn and practice the Hindu way of life To develop social awareness Community Service Environment Protection Activities Stories, Games, Art & Craft Yoga, Meditation etc.

12 Developing Values … Youth Conferences,
Hindu Heritage Camp & Family Camps

13 Awareness programs Awareness about Hindu Dharma Through Lectures
Seminar on Hinduism for School Teachers Exhibition on Contribution of Hindus to humanity

14 Share the treasure Hindu contributions to world.. Yoga
Ayurveda (Medicine) Science and Technology Music Food Pluralism

15 Social Service(seva) Projects
Social projects in USA - Help to Native Americans at Lakota, south Dakota - Food for homeless - Help local facilities like hospitals and homeless shelters.

16 Inter-Traditions/Faiths meetings
Promote better understanding… Seminars and meetings with : leaders of ancient traditions like Native American, Mayan, Pagans, Jews, African Americans, Christian, Zorastrians, …. NCCJ


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