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Jeopardy Vocabulary TensesSubjunctiveConditional statements 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Jeopardy Vocabulary TensesSubjunctiveConditional statements

2 To beautify To fundraise To belong

3 Development Homeless campaign

4 Fuel Natural resources Ozone layer Damaging Waste

5 Can Wild animal life Drought Can opener To snorkel To get dark

6 Anteater Hummingbird Parrot Firewood Drizzle Lightening To allow speech

7 USE IN A SPANISH SENTENCE Llevar a cabo Valer la pena

8 USE IN SPANISH SENTENCES Prohibir Con tal de que inolvidable

9 Answer and justify your answer. Para la gala dela despedida del ano, se sirve________. a.El pastel b.El budin c.El coquito

10 Which does not belong? (explain why) 1.El alcalde el gobernador el rey el presidente 2.Es dudoso no creo que pienso no es cierto 3.honrar vencer conmemorar agradecer

11 Give definitions in Spanish: 1.La agronomia 2.El comercio 3.Desempenar un cargo

12 Jugar/ yo/preterite

13 Hacer/ellos/present perfect

14 Irse/nosotros/mandato

15 Tener/ella/present subjunctive and imperfect subjunctive

16 Traer/ usted/ pluperfect subjunctive & conditional perfect & present perfect subjunctive

17 Say in Spanish: Its impossible for you to do it.

18 Say in Spanish: I doubt that the mayor is conservative. & We need a band who can play la Bamba.

19 Say in Spanish: They were happy that you had finally arrived. & My mom insisted that I do my homework right away.

20 Say in Spanish: I dont think they knew the answer. & Martha said we should see the fireworks. & Their teacher told them to study verbs.

21 Say in Spanish: Is there someone who knows how to cook mexican dishes? & I suggested that they not get too excited. & She is going to take pictures as soon as she finds her camera.

22 If I win the car I will drive to Siesta Keys.

23 If we had used the buses, the air pollution wouldnt have been so bad.

24 If we were to study our vocabulary we would have a lot more to say.

25 If we were to serve turkey for Christmas, they would want ham For New Years. & If I break the pinata, I will not be able to pick up much candy.

26 She will win if she knows all the answers. & She would win if she knew all the answers. & She would have won if she had known all the answers.

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