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Let’s travel Australia!

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1 Let’s travel Australia!

2 Do the quiz. What is the official name of the country?
Australia b) The Commonwealth of Australia What is the capital of Australia? Melbourne b) Canberra Who discovered Australia? James Cook b)Christopher Columbus What is the official currency? a) Pound b) Australian dollar

3 Do the quiz. In which city is the Opera House located?
Brisbane b) Sydney What is the most popular tree? eucalyptus b)palm tree What is the world’s largest rock mass? Uluru b) Twynam What is Australia's national flower? a) The golden rose b)The golden wattle

4 Australia Sydney The Botanic Gardens Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House Aboriginal rock drawings Uluru Ayers Rock Central Australia Melbourne Victoria

5 Read the texts and match the columns
Read the texts and match the columns. Which place gives a good opportunity: to enjoy the beauty of nature Sydney National Park to see the art of native Australians The Harbour bridge to enjoy good music Botanic Gardens to visit a museum Melbourne to do sports to do something on rainy days Sydney Opera House

6 Replace the underlined adjectives with the words in the list.
picturesque, impressive, spectacular, magnificent the magnificent Botanic Gardens Uluru is always impressive a picturesque place

7 Replace the underlined phrases with the words or phrases in bold.
A full range of, attractions, make a reservation, package tour, accommodation The Great Barrier Reef is one of the main places that many tourists visit. Sydney offers all sorts of places to stay: hotels, motels, hostels and apartments. Book a completely planned holiday arranged by a company at a fixed price, which includes travel, hotels, meals. Being the Olympic capital, Sydney offers to do all kinds of sport. We advise all travellers to make an arrangement for a seat on a plane, bus or train to be kept for you as early as possible.

8 Comparisons of short adjectives
large larger I’ve got a large balcony in my flat. The balcony in my flat is larger than the balcony of my neighbour. largest I’ve got the largest balcony of all.

9 Comparisons of long adjectives
famous more famous The world- famous Opera House is in Sydney. Sydney is more famous than Canberra. the most famous Uluru is the most famous rock mass.

10 Translate into Russian.
Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city. Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia. The world’s largest rock mass, Uluru, is impressive. Uluru is the largest rock mass in the world. Australia’s city The world’s rock mass

11 In pairs translate the sentences into English.
Сидней- самый красивый город в Австралии. Сидней- самый солнечный город Австралии. Улуру- самая большая скала в мире. Мельбурн- второй по величине город в Австралии. Улуру- самое зрелищное место для туристов. Ботанические сады- самые впечатляющие. Мельбурн- самый живописный город Австралии.

12 In groups rewrite the texts using your own ideas. Start like this…
Sydney is one of the most impressive cities in the world! It has… Uluru is one of the main tourists’ attractions and the most famous rock mass. Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia. It has so much to offer: music, sport, museums…

13 The Commonwealth of Australia

14 Canberra 2

15 James Cook 2

16 Australian dollar 2

17 Sydney Opera house 3

18 eucalyptus 3

19 Uluru 3

20 The golden wattle 3


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