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Let’s explore the life of Kenya 1# Geography 2# Culture 3# Current events.

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1 Let’s explore the life of Kenya 1# Geography 2# Culture 3# Current events


3 Hi, Kenya is so huge that I can even see the Chalbi Desert “but from the airplane”. Right know I just got of the airplane and I am waiting for a taxi which I think they don’t even have any so that’s why I am writing to you right know. Cool the taxi just got her, this amazing the country of Kenya has lots of people and there’s a lot of stores where you can buy food. I am just passing Mount Kenya it is really tall and wide I think before I live Kenya I am going to climb mount kenya.


5 Hi friend from where ever you are I need to tell about my Feld trip in Kenya. It is amazing so far but I want to tell you about Kenya's is going bad. Some things that Kenya exports is…coffee and tea. Also I need to tell you that about half of Kenya export products and also horticulture products. Just in case if you don’t know what horticulture means I will tell you. It is the art or science of something that grows like flowers, plants,fruit and other good stuff.


7 Hey man I already talked about Kenya economy. now its time to talk about Kenya government. Hey friend did you know that Britain ruled Kenya [Africa].Also did you know that Kenya won their independence by national elections. The war between Britain and Kenya was not peaceful at all. Britain put rebels in prison for seven years' wouldn't survive if I was there. The war was revolutionary. They also fighted because kenys and britain had a leader. Kenya gained independence in 1963. currently in Kenya the government of Kenya is Maul kabuki. When Kenyans were voting only 210 members voted dricly.

8 Kenya's health

9 What up bro now I will talk about Kenya health. Did you know that only one half of Kenyans have access to health care. A los lots of Kenyans die because of hiv/hids are what they dieing of there is a very very high rate. Infant mortality rates went down because because some Kenyans don’t have proper care. Man all those problem's I would probably die.


11 The Indian ocean touches the border of Kenya. Ethiopia, Somalla, Uganda, & Tanzania suround kenya. The nations semidesert northern plans are hot & arid. In the southeast near the coast the tropical climate is hot and humid.


13 In Kenya the religions that they practice are Catholic, African christian, Protestant. Religion affects their dress because small groups such as the maasai, samburu,and turkana retain traditional dress. The languages that people speak in kenya are Kiswahili, english. The food that they collect are goat, beef,lamb,chicken,and fish. The plates that they have to eat are the Ugali- plate, many kenyan’s eat it with their meals instead of rice or potatoes. Griots- they dance and sing after telling stories. Kenyan’s make homemade drums & guitars for their art. The sport that they play the most is soccer.

14 Current Events

15 Revenge attacks targeting a village in southeast Kenya killed 10 people Thursday including woman & children.

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