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Welcome to St Adrian’s Nursery

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1 Welcome to St Adrian’s Nursery
‘To Learn, to love, to live’

2 The Nursery Team Caroline Walter Jess Langton Sarah Storey
Class Teacher Teaching assistant Class Teacher 2 mornings every morning 3 mornings

3 Our Day: Times Arrival- 9am.
Wait in the junior playground until a member of staff opens the nursery door. Please don’t come through the nursery gate until this happens. End of session- 12pm Again, please wait on the junior playground for the nursery door to open. You then come in to the classroom, where the children will be seated on the carpet. We will call them to come to you as we see you. Prompt- playgroup, teach in reception!

4 Arrival routines A member of staff will be on the door to welcome you. Please give us any brief messages at this point- if your child is going home with someone else, if they have had a bad night, etc. We will note this in our diary. Come in together. Drop book bag into colour group box. Say goodbyes- one kiss, one hug usually works well! Go and play with fidgety fingers equipment on their group carpet.

5 Arrival Routine We discourage the children from bringing toys into nursery- lost/ damaged Appreciate they may need a comfort toy at the beginning/ at a random time- whatever suits the individual child. DON’T WORRY- all children eventually settle, and most do so within a short time after you’ve left. We will call you to let you know how they are if they have found it hard to leave you. It usually helps if you let a member of staff help and take over, even though it may be hard for you. Own son!

6 Collection Routine We will make a list of people who will collect on a regular basis, and your child will be instantly dismissed to these people Please tell us of any changes in the morning- if you don’t, we won’t let your child go home until we have telephoned you. Changes that happen last minute- traffic- please call the school office. 2 members of staff will be dismissing the children, to ensure safety and to pass on any messages. PLEASE BEAR WITH US AS SAFELY DISMISSING ALL THE CHILDREN CAN TAKE TIME.

7 Sickness/ Medicine Sickness/ diarrhoea: Please keep your child off for at least 24 hours after their last episode Please let us know about any allergies/ inhalers etc. You know your child- send them in with mild coughs/ colds- we will call you if very under the weather

8 Our Day Fidgety Fingers- about 10 min on the carpet as they arrive- Fine motor activities- small equipment for hand control. Welcome time- morning prayers, share news.

9 Group time- Adult led activities
Approx mins Pre chosen activities that all children get the chance to take part in Could be in any area of the classroom- indoor or outdoor- small groups or whole class

10 Learning through Play About an hour Free flow- indoors and outdoors
Children chose what they would like to do from the equipment always available to them, and things that we have put out to coincide with a theme etc. Staff play along side and observe the children- comments and photos go in their Learning Journeys

11 Learning through play

12 Foundation Tuesdays Join up with the Reception class
Gather for a FS assembly in the hall- RE focus Access to both classrooms, both indoors and outdoors.

13 Clothing Good sensible footwear for running and climbing- we don’t have indoor/ outdoor shoes- can bring wellies. We will go out in the cold and drizzle- raincoats No tights on PE days (Mondays), if you remember! We don’t change for PE- just shoes and socks off.

14 Uniform Uniform- introducing uniform from September- school jumper and white polo shirt from Stevensons. Navy joggers from anywhere. Summer- navy shorts from anywhere- PE shorts fine, then you can keep in Reception PLEASE NAME ALL CLOTHES

15 Snack time In groups- social time Fruit first- encouraged to try.
Milk or water Extra snack- pitta and dips etc. Voluntary contribution of £3 a half term- cooking etc.

16 Specialist sessions PE- Mondays- opportunity to use the school hall. Apparatus, dance, athletics on the field, etc. Sports day in Summer term. Wednesdays- library day. Parent helpers. Bring book in every Wednesday. Thursdays- Music- 30 min session with specialist music teacher, in the hall ICT- can use computer suite on a Friday


18 CURRICULUM We follow the EYFS 6 areas of learning curriculum which is very skills based We have a topic each half term that may have mini themes within it- we change direction sometimes according to the interests/ ideas of the children Each half term we will send out a curriculum info letter so you can see what’s going on- also a grid letting you know of any events/ things we would like you to bring in. CHECK WEBSITE RE topic themes- four weekly

19 Home/ School Contact Home visits
Purple party to celebrate Advent- share Learning Journeys Hot cross bun celebration Open evening Consultations Any time- always welcome to discuss concerns- make an appointment for extended chat

20 Behaviour Safe, happy, healthy, make good choices, listen and learn
Ask once nicely (warning 1) Twice firmly (warning 2- refer to thinking time) Thinking time- 1 min Time out- 3-5 min- repetitive behaviour- intentional hitting, biting PE- sitting out time- lack of safety

21 Learning Journeys Book for every child, containing observations, photos, work, next steps etc. Encourage you to contribute- ‘Wow moments’ Continue the journey into Reception

22 Thank you for your time We are really looking forward to seeing your children at the visits and in September/ January More information- Letters and Sounds, Maths programme to follow!

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