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If we own it … max let’s max it. Turning wasteland Into rent land.

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1 If we own it … max let’s max it

2 Turning wasteland Into rent land

3 Turning derelict Into desirable

4 Turning an eyesore Into a sight for sore eyes

5 Turning the un-rentable Into hard cash

6 maxvalue assets let’s max the value of our assets max let’s max it Garages and parking Open spaces Long-term sustainability of current homes Developing homes and disposing of properties

7 SHERISE CAM MARTIN ADAM Meet the Transformers

8 Transformer max let’s max it Sherise McKinnon Commercial Manager Garages and Parking SHERISE

9 Transformer max let’s max it Cam Tat Project Delivery Manager Open Spaces CAM

10 Transformer max let’s max it Martin Grady Asset Manager Current Homes MARTIN

11 Transformer max let’s max it Adam Tucker Development Manager Developing and Disposing ADAM

12 Jonathan Higgs Nigel Newman Pete Trowbridge David Poat Maxing it

13 The dilemma? max let’s max it Flog it? Build on it? Knock it down? Improve it? Look after it?

14 max let’s max it Financial Where’s the value? Social Sustainable

15 max let’s max it Net Present Value Rent Voids Costs- housing management, repairs, investment, maintenance Demand Development Potential Where’s the value? Financial

16 max let’s max it Satisfaction with home Demand Future Demand Crime ASB Satisfaction with ineighbourhood Where’s the value? Social

17 max let’s max it Investment Retrofit Social Environmental Build type Noise Where’s the value? Sustainability

18 Garages and parking - value Voids Condition Demand Problems Demolition Regeneration max let’s max it

19 Open Spaces - value Maintenance costs Sell to fund new builds or retrofits Build on it Give to the community Create useful green space max let’s max it

20 Current homes - value Cost Voids Demand Build type Alternative use max let’s max it

21 Developing and disposing - value Alternative use Cost Grants Sell Demand Location max let’s max it

22 Your part in all this What are your thoughts? Will an idea work on the ground? How do we consult with our customers? How do they fit with other projects at neighbourhood level? What other partners should we work with? Central teams – will the projects need your financial, HR, communications expertise? max let’s all max it

23 Next Steps max let’s max it Team discussions – how can we best max our assets 12 Oct - all teams to have fed back End Oct - re-edit film Nov - Re-issue film Run projects

24 If we own it … max let’s max it

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