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Maximizing Your Session Participation

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0 A12 - Family Screening and Family Check-up
Carol Ewen, Missoula County Public Schools (MT); Jennifer Phillips, Mid Valley Special Education Cooperative(IL) and Meghan McCarthy, Elmhurst School District (IL)

1 Maximizing Your Session Participation
When Working In Your Team Consider 4 questions: Where are we in our implementation? What do I hope to learn? What did I learn? What will I do with what I learned?

2 Where are you in the implementation process
Where are you in the implementation process? Adapted from Fixsen & Blase, 2005 We think we know what we need so we are planning to move forward (evidence-based) Exploration & Adoption Let’s make sure we’re ready to implement (capacity infrastructure) Installation Let’s give it a try & evaluate (demonstration) Initial Implementation That worked, let’s do it for real and implement all tiers across all schools (investment) Let’s make it our way of doing business & sustain implementation (institutionalized use) Full Implementation

3 Leadership Team Action Planning Worksheets: Steps
Self-Assessment: Accomplishments & Priorities Leadership Team Action Planning Worksheet Session Assignments & Notes: High Priorities Team Member Note-Taking Worksheet Action Planning: Enhancements & Improvements

4 PFS Implementation at Churchville Middle School
Jennifer Phillips and Meghan McCarthy Located in Elmhurst, IL School population: 528 Introduce ourselves MEGHAN: review school facts

5 Why we chose PFS PFS naturally fits within the existing PBIS structure
PFS offers a systematized approach for partnering with families PFS aligns with current research that shows an increase in student outcomes by strengthening home- school partnerships JENNIFER

6 Initial Steps Spring of 2013, District 205 granted Churchville an additional .5 social worker to serve as the Family Support Facilitator of PFS In addition, external PFS coach was secured through the Special Education Cooperative (SASED) Selected staff members from Churchville participated in webinars over the summer to prepare implementation of the universal screener Completed a two-day training in August 2013 : Participated in monthly webinars with the PFS Center : Implementing with support from the External Coach MEGHAN

7 The Parent Readiness Check-In (The Universal Screener)
Adapted the screener to fit the needs of Churchville Survey was completed online through registration process for 6th/7th graders Developed process for implementing screener in a multi-tiered approach 95% return rate JENNIFER

8 Screener Results Looking at the data from a multi-tiered approach
Decision Rules by grade level Looked at data through the lens of 80%, 15%, and 5% (approx.) JENNIFER does data entry and looking at data from a multi-tiered approach MEGHAN does decision rules

9 Tier 1 Supports Family Resource Center
In the building Online ( ) ms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid= Teacher Contact Documentation Process Family Events Communicating with the Teen Brain Open House Scavenger Hunt

10 Linking identified needs into existing PBIS interventions
Identifying Needs Action Plan Following Classroom Rules Referred students to CICO Following through on tasks that seem difficult or challenging, Completing homework and assignments on time, and/or Focusing and staying on task in class Referred to after-school skill-based instructional group Student with Tier 3 needs Referred to mentor program Student with Tier 3 needs and Family Support Facilitator/Administrative Input Family Check-Up MEGHAN Parents were accurate when marking following classroom rules because the majority of students who qualified would have been picked up by teacher recommendation or minor/major behavior data.

11 Additional Tier 2 Supports Home-based Incentive Plan
Linked to CICO Provided to all families with a student on CICO A option for Individualized CICO Families set a goal and reinforcer

12 Additional Tier 2 Supports Tardy Intervention
Getting to school on time Getting to bed on time Completion of worksheet is a pass out of detention

13 Tier 3 Supports: Family Check-Up
Referral Source: Grade level counselor who was working with the student and family since 6th grade recommended a FCU with this family. Background Information: Student had 504 plan with diagnosis of ADHD, had worked with outside therapist (individual and family), experiencing self-injurious behavior, family stressors had increased, attendance was becoming a concern, student was already on CICO with inconsistent progress, and the family was asking the school for help. Meetings: Dad came alone to the first meeting (information collection). Mom and dad came to the 1st follow-up meeting. Mom came alone to the 2nd follow-up meeting. All additional follow-up was done over the phone.


15 Tier 3 Supports: Family Check-Up
Creating an Action Plan with the Family School Action Plan: -Discussed adding signed agenda back to 504 plan with case manager and team -Developed Home Incentive Plan for CICO and need for positive conversations at home -Re-taught purpose of CICO and ways to discuss progress at home so it’s not punitive and is consistent with messages being sent at school Home Action Plan: -Parents wanted resources on Limit Setting: Brochures, worksheets, and researched cell phone company policies on setting text/data limits -Coping skills are of concern, so we focused on short and immediate consequences to behavior at home -Created a list of behaviors and appropriate consequences for each behavior. We came up with chores that do not need to be done well (wiping down the blinds) vs. chores that impact the entire family

16 Next Steps PFS Promoting The Family Resource Center
Presentations to our PTA Progress Monitoring Interventions If the student is not meeting the goal of 80% of their DPR points, the Family Support Facilitator will layer additional interventions: Family Check-Up Home incentive plan (if detect performance deficit) MEGHAN: promoting Family Resource Center JENNIFER: progress monitoring PFS

17 Looking Ahead Moving towards a team-based approach to be more efficient Looking for ways of connecting with families digitally Plan for more time in the initial set-up process MEGHAN include district deadlines, teacher feedback

18 Thank you Meghan McCarthy and Jennifer Phillips

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