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MVVM Basics with Caliburn.Micro Presented by Stefan Nuxoll, Lithium PC.

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1 MVVM Basics with Caliburn.Micro Presented by Stefan Nuxoll, Lithium PC

2 Overview What is MVVM (And why do I care?) Getting Started (What is Caliburn.Micro?) Slides are Pointless (Let’s write some code!) Hello, World is Boring (Let’s do something real) Review / Q&A

3 Assumptions This is an intermediate (200) level presentation Working knowledge of C# and.Net needed You do NOT need to know what IoC or Convention-over-configuration mean You do NOT need to know XAML Though it will help

4 What is MVVM? And why do you care?

5 MVVM Explained Model-View-ViewModel Data is pulled by UI, not pushed to it Complete separation between interface and code

6 MVVM Relationships ViewModel ViewModel

7 Benefits of MVVM Testable! UI/UX developers can focus on their job Cleaner, more maintainable code

8 Getting Started What is Caliburn.Micro?

9 Fully featured MVVM framework Utilizes IoC and convention-over-configuration Fully customizable and extremely flexible Under 3K LoC (lean and easy to modify) Supports WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows RT Available at

10 Why use Caliburn.Micro? Don’t reinvent the wheel Conventions and Actions Built-in support for IoC (typically the MEF) Already has support for all environments

11 Slides are Pointless Let’s write some code!

12 Before We Begin Sample code and presentation are available online We will be starting from scratch If you’ve got Visual Studio on your laptop, feel free to follow along

13 Creating the Project Create a new WPF application Install Caliburn.Micro from NuGet Configure bootstrapper

14 Demonstration

15 Wiring It Up Create our first View Create our first ViewModel Demonstrate Data Binding and Actions

16 Demonstration

17 Hello, World is Boring Let’s do something real

18 Let’s Talk to Netflix Anyone know what Odata is? Odata is a great idea with a so-so implementation Somebody saw SOAP and WSDL and said “What the fuck is this?” Think of it as SOAP-but-better (not exactly high praise).Net 3.5 and higher have native support, integrates with LINQ Netflix has an Odata endpoint, making our lives easier

19 Okay, Let’s *ACTUALLY* Talk to Netflix Done complaining about Odata Add service reference in visual studio Create a helper class to handle querying Netflix.Net’s Odata support works with LINQ (easy peasy!)

20 Demonstration

21 User Interface Search box Results list Let’s show cover art too

22 Demonstration

23 Holy Crap I understood all that (I think)

24 MVVM Review Cleaner, more readable code Modular, testable Separation of UI from code Means UI/UX developers don’t need to know jack about programming Pull, not push Stop creating a ton of controls in code-behind, let the UI handle all that

25 Q&A You don’t actually have questions, do you? Fine, I guess I’ll answer them.

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