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Illinois Institute of Technology Graph 1 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, U.S.A. Presented by: Dr. Vanita Misquita Ph.D. Director.

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1 Illinois Institute of Technology Graph 1 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, U.S.A. Presented by: Dr. Vanita Misquita Ph.D. Director of Overseas Programs

2 Illinois Institute of Technology Why Study in the U.S. Different cultural experience Opportunity to work and understand the American workplace Opportunity to obtain an American degree that has worldwide recognition Opportunity to gain competency and proficiency in the American language Marketability

3 Illinois Institute of Technology American System of Education Undergraduate, Graduate Academic Calendar Credit hour(s) Grading System GPA –Grade Point Average

4 Illinois Institute of Technology Why Study at IIT Reputable university – College of Distinction Small class size Easy access to professors Cutting-edge research Location

5 Illinois Institute of Technology Marty Cooper ( Alumnus of IIT (B.S. EE 1950; M.S. EE 1957) Inventor – Cell Phone 1st Cell Phone – 1973 (« The Brick ») –weighed 2.5 pounds!! Named one of the best inventors of all time for his work on the first personal cell phone in the "Best Inventions of the Year" article in the October 30 Time Magazine 2007 2nd invention – A new wireless Internet system call i-BURST that puts high-speed data transmission at your fingertips!!

6 Illinois Institute of Technology Ed Kaplan (Alumnus of IIT) (B.S. ME 1965) Inventor – Bar Code CEO and Chairman, Zebra Technologies Ed Kaplan, one of Chicago's most successful technology entrepreneurs, studied at IIT, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering At 26 years old, Kaplan he invented the Bar Code and co-founded cutting edge Zebra Technologies, the bar-coding company

7 Illinois Institute of Technology Research Facilities Two federally funded research facilities at IIT - National Center for Food Safety & Technology (NCFST) - IITRI – Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute

8 Illinois Institute of Technology Research Facilities IIT has close ties with other federally funded research facilities in Chicago Example: Argonne National Labs – 1st national Research lab in the U.S. and one of the largest Fermi National Accelerator Lab

9 Illinois Institute of Technology Fermi National Accelerator Lab Fermilab is the largest U.S. laboratory for research in high- energy physics and is second only to CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, in the world About 2,500 scientific users, scientists from universities and laboratories throughout the U.S. and around the world, use Fermilab for their research The primary instruments for high-energy physics are accelerators, especially colliders, in which counter-rotating beams of particles are brought into collision. The highest- energy collider in the world is the Fermilab Tevatron. Because of the nature of their experiments, high-energy physicists must do their research in collaboration with large laboratories like Fermilab It is an essential part of the academic research enterprise, so Fermilab is operated by Universities Research Association, a consortium of 90 research universities.

10 Illinois Institute of Technology « Success Story » Julien Branlard begins work at Fermilab today as the first John Bardeen Engineering Fellow. A recent graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Julien Branlard is the first recipient of the John Bardeen Engineering Fellowship. " Julien will make an outstanding addition to Fermilab," said Ralph Pasquinelli, Accelerator Division RF Department Head and the inspiration behind the fellowship. "He's an articulate, talented team player who will hit the ground running with his outstanding engineering skills." Branlard began his studies in France and transferred to the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2000. After graduating with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering last December, he began looking for a way to continue his work in the United States. Fermilab Today 2005

11 Illinois Institute of Technology Our Location IIT: Illinois Institute of Technology Location: Chicago, Illinois

12 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Third largest city in the U.S. (8.55 million) 25 miles of lakefront, 15 miles of bathing beaches 552 parks, 46 museums, more than 200 art galleries, approx. 7,000 restaurants, 200+ theaters, 15 T.V. stations, 100 radio stations, 13 daily newspapers

13 Illinois Institute of Technology FACTS ABOUT CHICAGO #1 in high tech especially nano technology #1 in manufacturing #1 business travel destination Center of the U.S. interstate highway system Headquarters to 35 Fortune 500 companies World’s largest public library

14 Illinois Institute of Technology CHICAGO

15 Illinois Institute of Technology CHICAGO

16 Illinois Institute of Technology CHICAGO

17 Illinois Institute of Technology What is a credit hour? 1 credit hour equals 1 hour of lecture °A graduate level course at IIT is usually 3 credit hours ° So, a 3 credit course at IIT means that the course is offered three times per week or once a week for (3 c.h. x 1 hour) 3 hours

18 Illinois Institute of Technology About IIT 1890 founded as Armour Institute Ranks at 57 among the top 100 ranked colleges & universities in the U.S. Member of the elite Association of Independent Technological Universities Architectural landmark campus & located in the city of Chicago Listed as a ‘College of Distinction’ Inventors of the cell phone, surgical stapler, magnetic tape, first radio telescope…

19 Illinois Institute of Technology

20 Illinois Institute of Technology Keating Hall – Recreation Facility

21 Illinois Institute of Technology About IIT Doctoral degree-granting university Research intensive 98% of full-time faculty with doctoral degrees or other terminal degrees Class size – 85% of classes have fewer than 40 students; 26% of classes have fewer than 10 students Highly selective No student teaching assistants teach at the undergraduate level

22 Illinois Institute of Technology Industrial Partners BoeingIBM Coca-ColaAT&T Dell Computer Corp.McDonald’s Energy Power Marketing Corporation TellLabsMicrosoft MotorolaNec Technologies Lucent TechnologiesSamsung Telecom General MotorsWestern Electric CTAXerox ……..

23 Illinois Institute of Technology Statistics 2,353Undergraduates (Bachelor’s) 3,401Graduates (Master’s & Ph.D’s.) 1,041Law 6,795Total

24 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Partners Germany: Technische Universität, München Technische Universität, Berlin Martin-Luther Universität, Halle Technische Universität Freiberg

25 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Partners Spain: Universidad de Valencia (UPV) Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura, Barcelona – ETSAB-UPC Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura, Madrid – ETSAM-UPM

26 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Partners France: ENSEA Cergy ENACToulouse ESIEAParis, Ivry ENSIETABrest GITGrenoble (formerly INPG) INSALyon, Strasbourg ENSEIRB Bordeaux ENSMAPoitiers

27 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Partners Austria: Technische Universität Wien Sweden: Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan - KTH Chalmers University of Technology Mexico: Instituto Technologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

28 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Partners Asia Thailand- Chulalongkorn University Japan - Tohoku University S. Korea- Ajou University - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (K.A.I.S.T.)

29 Illinois Institute of Technology Academic Calendar Two semesters per academic year (9 months) Fall Semester Mid-August – Mid-December Spring Semester Mid-January – Mid-May

30 Illinois Institute of Technology Program Options Graduate level -Double degree Master’s program in 1 year -Research ( Proyectos Final de Carreras) for a period of 6 months upto 1 year maximum

31 Illinois Institute of Technology DOUBLE DEGREE MASTER’S PROGRAM PROCEDURE: 4th year students selected by partner school Selection criteria established in agreement with IIT and partner school TOEFL of 100 iBT or IELTS score of 7 GRE general (specified minimums per dept.) Research project duration (4-6 months) Completion of a Master’s in 1 year with research project (non-thesis)

32 Illinois Institute of Technology DOUBLE DEGREE - BENEFITS Completion of Master’s degree at IIT in 1 year (9-12 months) Possibility of obtaining the equivalent qualifying degree from home university Permission to work in accordance with F1 visa requirements for 1 additional year (17 months) in the U.S. Starting salary of IIT graduates quoted as being higher than the national average

33 Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate – Fields of study Engineering – Chemical, Environmental, Biological, Food Process, Civil, Architectural, Electrical & Computer, Mechanical & Aerospace, Materials & Metallurgical, Biomedical Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics Other fields – Psychology, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Applied Math

34 Illinois Institute of Technology Civil & Architectural Engineering ( Construction Engineering & Management Architectural Engineering Geoenvironmental Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Structural Engineering Transportation Engineering Public Works Environmental Engineering

35 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering ( Specializations: Communication Theory & Signal Processing Networks, Electronics & Electromagnetics Power & Control Systems * Computer Engineering Computer Hardware Design Computer Software Systems Networks & Telecommunications

36 Illinois Institute of Technology IIT’s Perfect Power System IIT will become the flagship Perfect Power System in the U.S. which will confront & model a solution to the global energy crisis Established in conjunction with the Galvin Electricity Initiative, Dept of Energy & IIT

37 Illinois Institute of Technology What will be IIT’s Perfect Power System? Smart grid & technology-ready infrastructure Self-sutstaining electricity infrastructure Intelligent distribution system & system controllers Onsite electricity production Demand-response capability Sustainable energy systems & green buildings/complexes

38 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering ( °Master of Chemical Engineering ° Master of Food Process Engineering ° Master of Biological Engineering

39 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Industrial Technology & Operations ( Master of Industrial Technology & Operations Examples of some courses: Industrial Risk Management Advnaced Project Management Supply Chain Management Purchasing Warehousing & Distribution Transportation etc…….

40 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Information Technology & Management ( Master of Information Technology & Management - Computer & Information Security - Voice & Data Communication Technology -Systems Analysis & Administration -IT Management & Entrepreneurship -Software Development

41 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science ( Master of Computer Science Master of Computer Science with specialization in - Computer networking & Telecommunications - Information Systems - Software Engineering - Business

42 Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering ( °Master of Mechanical & Aerospace Engr °Master of Metallurgical & Materials Engr °Master of Manufacturing Engr

43 Illinois Institute of Technology MASTER OF SCIENCE Master of Science (M.S.) = 32 credits (Each course usually equals 3 hours ) i.e. 3 contact hours per week with a professor) 32 credits = ~11 courses Waiver of 2 courses (validated by IIT) = less 6 credits M.S. at IIT in 1 year (2 semestres) = 32 – 6 = 26 credits

44 Illinois Institute of Technology Master of Science 21 credits = ~7 courses 5 credits = Research project option 26 credits = Master of Science

45 Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate Application Deadlines Fall Semester Application deadline – May 1 * * * * * Spring Semester Application deadline – October 13

46 Illinois Institute of Technology APPLICATION PROCESS IIT Graduate Application Form to be submitted no later than May 1 (IIT Graduate International application) – Regarding application fee click ‘no fee required’ and for the reason, type in ‘partner school’ Statement of purpose 2 letters of recommendation Test scores – TOEFL ( 100 iBT) or IELTS ( 7) & GRE general Transcripts of completion of 4 years certified in native language & in english Financial affidavit of support (available online)

47 Illinois Institute of Technology The GRE General Exam The exam comprises 3 sections: 1.Verbal (multiple choice) out of 800 2.Quantitative (multiple choice) out of 800 3.Analytical (essay) out of 6 Schools look at a combined V & Q score minimum score range of 1000-1100/1600 Analytical score range 2.5 – 3.5/6

48 Illinois Institute of Technology GRE General Requirements per department at IIT (Master’s Level) Dept. Of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering Q+V = 1100 (650 in Q), A = 3.5 Dept. Of Electrical & Computer Engineering Q+V = 1100, A = 3.5 Dept. Of Computer Science Q+V = 1000, A = 3.0 Dept. Of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering Q+V = 1000, A = 2.5 Dept. Of Chemical & Biological Engineering Q+V = 1100, A = 3.5 Dept. Of Biological, Physical & Chemical Sciences Q+V = 1100, A = 2.5

49 Illinois Institute of Technology Research Project Completion of Proyectos Final de Carreras in a lab at IIT Duration – 6 months to maximum 1 year Enter the U.S. as a short-term Research Scholar on a J1 visa Responsible for living, insurance & other expenses No exams required English proficiency important

50 Illinois Institute of Technology Cost for Research program Registration requirement of 2 credit hours for the semester and 1 credit hour over the summer = $2,496 Usually the professor covers the cost – however, if unable to do so, it becomes the responsibility of the research scholar to cover this cost Funding program alternative – FARO GLOBAL Internship program ( – funded by the Ministry of Science & Innovation in Spain – validity until Dec 31, 2010.

51 Illinois Institute of Technology Cost – Double Degree Tuition & Fees per credit hour = $832 (based on August 2008-May 2009 cost) M.S. at IIT is 32 credit hours = $26,624 Possible waiver of 6 credits = - $ 4,992 IIT scholarship of 9 credits = - $ 7,488 Cost due to IIT = $14,144 €9,426 Exchange rate: 1.49 USD = 1 Euro

52 Illinois Institute of Technology Additional Costs/Fees for the year (August 2008-May 2009) Fees: Orientation$100 Service$470 Activity$120 U-Pass$184 Insurance$850 Total $1,724 or €1,157 *For information about updated costs ( to be posted by April 09) for the academic year August 2009-May 2010 please go to

53 Illinois Institute of Technology List of some course waivers ENSEA: ECE 409, 415, 434, 441, 448, 475 ou 511 ENAC: ECE 403 et 437 ESIEA: CS 530, 532 ou 583 INSA Lyon: CS 532, CS 583 ENSIB: MMAE 511 et 521 UPM: CS 470, ECE 407, 409, 421, 436, 437, 483, 514, 570 ou 576 UPV: CAE 521 & CAE 552

54 Illinois Institute of Technology ETSIT-UPM students Scholarship possibilities offered by Vodafone: www.dit.upm/es/aalvarez/vodafone.pdf

55 Illinois Institute of Technology Departments’ websites Computer Science Electrical & Computer Chemical & Environmental Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering Civil & Architectural Engineering Architecture –

56 Illinois Institute of Technology Housing ( Option 1: Room & Board on campus (McCormick Student Village – MSV) Room~$4,914 – $6,898 for 1 year (Aug – May) Board ~$1,443 - $4,537 for 1 year (Aug – May) Option 2: Apartments on campus ~ $575 per month State Street Village ~$10,046 ( 3 – 6 bdrm shared = $4,986 or $1,674 per person, per year) (Does not include meals) Option 3: Sharing an apartment near campus - ~$350 per month

57 Illinois Institute of Technology Completing the Application form Name – Last Name – First Name Social Security Number International Visa information – F1, J1 ( J1 for research students, F1 for degree-seeking students) Ethnicity Gender Birth Date (month/day/year) Signature & date

58 Illinois Institute of Technology Guidelines for your Visa application Must show evidence of the following: Residence Abroad English Proficiency Financial Status Educational Qualifications Relationship of Education sought to existence of ties abroad

59 Illinois Institute of Technology How to apply for a visa Complete the appropriate visa application form Submit Visa fee (usually payment in cash) Submit originals of the acceptance letter, financial affidavit of support, and bank statements showing availability of funds Copies of TOEFL & or GRE SEVIS FEE (effective Sept.1 2004) prior to visa issuance in the amount of $200 non-refundable. (Exceptions participation in a sponsored Federal Program). Payable online via credit card or check drawn on U.S. funds, by mail. To the question – ‘do you intend to return to your home country’ – be honest in your response

60 Illinois Institute of Technology U.S. Consular Information http:// Visa Application process : http:// Information on specific types of visas: « What Consuls Look For »

61 Illinois Institute of Technology Websites TOEFL GRE Illinois Institute of Technology Contact :Dr. Vanita Misquita PhD. or

62 Illinois Institute of Technology Where to send your documents To: IIT France c/o Dr. Vanita Misquita PhD. Director of Overseas Programs 24 Place du Général Catroux 75017 Paris France P/F: +33 1 47 54 08 93

63 Illinois Institute of Technology Further Information Contact:Dr. Vanita Misquita Director of Overseas Programs 24 Place du Général Catroux 75017 Paris, France P/F: 33 1 47 54 08 93 or For UPM students interested in IIT: InteresadosenIITenUPM@googlegroups. com

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