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Let’s Go to Work California “Work Safe & Self-Advocate”

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1 Let’s Go to Work California “Work Safe & Self-Advocate”
Glenn County December 3rd, 2013

2 The Team Tiphanie Lopez Tyler Rutledge Candice Spielman Linda Riggle
Mark Duff Jess Modesto Kathy Brown Vicki Shadd Vicki

3 What is ICE? ICE -Integrated Competitive Employment
Working in an integrated employment setting full or part time Earning minimum wage or higher depending on the position Vicki

4 Challenges to ICE Self perceptions that challenge the belief that they are employable Lack of opportunities for ICE in their communities Lack of preparation transitioning from school to adult life Fierce competition with non-disabled individuals for few jobs Perceptions of employers that assume individuals with disabilities lack credentials to work Vicki

5 Glenn County Rural, population of 29,000
Current unemployment of 15.7% (exceeds state average by 5%) Tiphanie

6 Rural Community Challenges
Limited transportation Lack of employment options Poverty Distance to post secondary education/training Options for post secondary education/training Tiphanie

7 Targeted Populations GCOE Provides Special Education Programs to Students with ID/DD ages that include: High school students Adult Transition Class (ages 18-22) Students served in Diversified ROP class/YES class The Rusty Wagon Tiphanie

8 Project Summary A model for rural communities
Combines workplace health and safety training, self advocacy training and the attainment of industry and/or OSHA approved certifications for people with ID/DD in areas such as: Food handlers Basic tool safety OSHA Back safety Customer service CPR/First Aid Custodial service This increases the employment potential of our population with ID/DD because: they develop confidence and skills to advocate for themselves in the workplace. certifications validate the employability of people with ID/DD to our business community. Tiphanie

9 The Rusty Wagon In the Beginning
Starting The Rusty Wagon A Need for Employment Opportunities Support for adults with disabilities Employability Skills Community need for healthy foods Collaborative Partnerships with Regional Center, Health Department and Building Inspector Challenges Understanding the process and regulations in opening a Food Facility business in Glenn County and Health Department regulation Lack of modified curriculum for teaching ServSafe Candice

10 Developing Employment Skills
Offering an array of work based and life skill building opportunities and paid work… Self-Advocacy Entrepreneurial support Employability skills Occupational Skills Money Management Health & Safety Industry Recognized Certifications Candice

11 California Food Handler Card~Law Pathogens…First in First Out…Internal Cooking Temperatures
The state of California has enacted the California Food Handler Card law, a landmark in the history of food safety regulation. The new law requires all foodservice employees who prepare, store or serve food to earn a California Food Handler Card. New hires have 30 days from the date of hire to obtain the card. Challenges No modified training materials available. Reading Testing Accommodations Candice Food handlers are defined as individuals involved in the preparation, storage or service of food in a food facility.

12 The Need to Reinforce Skills at The Rusty Wagon
Maintaining the tasting island and cheese bar. Preparing and serving samples Monitoring product for freshness and quality Maintaining daily temperature control charts of all cold storage foods. Inventory, stock and rotate all food items by expiration date Candice

13 Working with Three Groups
Establishing a Rapport Small Group Intensive Learning Environment Understanding the Outcome Why are we doing this? Light at the End of the Tunnel Tyler

14 Accommodations Using Technology to Empower Learners Hands-On Lessons
PowerPoint Prezi Weebly Hands-On Lessons Creating Excitement Real Life Scenarios…Why not?!? Test Taking Tyler

15 Check It Out! Tyler

16 The Website

17 Summer Connection The best of both worlds… A different perspective…
Exposure to many arenas CTE & PERKINS TRANSITION TEAM ROP WAI Other GCOE Programs A Time for change Summer model changed to incorporate certificates Linda

18 Transition Planning Required for WorkAbility placements such as a food handlers card for a student job at Subway or Papa Murphy's. Supporting Transition Partnership Program (TPP) and student’s Individual Plan for Employment (IPE), such as the need to have 1st Aid/CPR prior to beginning a a medical assistant or LVN program. Exploratory activity to see if a student has a possible interest in this type of vocation. Mark

19 The Impact of Industry Certificates at Students’ IEP Meetings
Student-led IEP Meetings Post-Secondary Goals Sharing their Vocational Portfolios The pride in earning and sharing these certificates with IEP members. The influence on the student’s future goals in the workplace. Kathy

20 CTE Connection Access to Career Technical Education networks, professionals, course outlines, articulation agreements and other CTE resources Conduct labor market studies to determine employment, wage trends and certification requirements. Bridging and pathway development with Career Technical Education and Adult Education programs. Differentiated levels of success. Adult Education and Secondary programs are developing more access and support with Career Technical Education Industry Certifications for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Jess

21 Making Transition Real
“Coordinated Set of Activities” – Transition Law Diploma Programs Certificate of Completion Programs Alternative Course of Studies Removing Barriers and Creating a Competitive Edge Vicki

22 The Real Thing! Tyler

23 Wrap Up/Q &A Session Team

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