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Hey Duke, Let’s Talk about sex

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1 Hey Duke, Let’s Talk about sex
Multimedia project by natalie, payal, & jack

2 The problem Know Your Status Study
90.7% of Duke students consider themselves as having “nonexistent” or “very low” risk for acquiring HIV 55.4% of students interviewed exhibited “risky behavior,” such as unprotected sex. 70% of students inaccurately assessed their risk of HIV infection STI prevalence in the U.S. By the age of 24, 1 in 3 sexually active people will have contracted an STI 2/3 of all STIs occur in people 25 years of age and under Lack of awareness at Duke Many students are unaware of STI testing options, the confidentiality of STI tests, and the coverage of tests. We’ve become desensitized to traditional PSA campaigns Jack

3 Preliminary research Research on risky behavior and lack of STI knowledge at Duke Interview with Ms. Hanson at Student Health Issues at Duke: “I’m invincible!” Need to promote safe sex practices STI testing at student health Student worries about lack of confidentiality/cost of testing Insurance plans, HIPAA History of STI testing at Duke Feedback on poster and video campaign idea Natalie Interview with Ms. Hanson at Student Health Issues at Duke: Duke’s prevalence of STIs is lower than the national average, but Duke students still need to be careful Need to promote safe sex practices, not only on campus, but also when students graduate and leave the “Duke Bubble” STI testing at student health Many students are worried about lack of confidentiality and the cost of testing Many insurance plans fully cover STI test If the problem of unsafe sex/risk of STIs has been around for years, why don’t Duke students realize this to be a bigger problem? Maybe they’ve been desensitized to PSA “white board” ad campaigns. Or maybe there has been an oversaturation of big picture issues they should care about. But there is no other issue that has more of a pressing impact on sexually active young adults. We think that an upfront and honest ad campaign that is artistically appealing will resonate with a demographic that would benefit from this information. The video presents information in a way that will be familiar to students, but conveys a message that is new and fresh.

4 Our goal Educate the Duke population on STI prevalence
Promote condom use Encourage STI testing Provide information about STI testing Payal

5 Achieving our goal Poster campaign: Catchy phrase
Piggy-back on a popular poster trend (Keep Calm and Carry On) Use of humor Video campaign: Utilize visual elements Use of Duke student narrative Incorporate STI prevalence statistics Include information on STI testing at Duke Jack

6 Video and poster Prep Video Watched other “Draw My Life” videos
Engaging and relatable narratives Storyboards Preliminary sketches Fitting a coherent narration Posters Research on successful/unsuccessful posters Learning Adobe Photoshop on the fly Natalie

7 Poster campaign Payal

8 Poster campaign Payal

9 Poster campaign Payal

10 Video campaign Natalie

11 What worked/What didn’t work
Original idea: traditional PSA format with interviews at Student Health and Duke freshmen Changes: broaden our audience to all Duke Undergrads steer away from standard PSA format include more visual elements to engage the audience Jack

12 Questions?

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