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Yeah!! Let’s Rock!! Technology, Striking, Assessment, Jump Rope, Throwing, Catching, Olympic Themed Unit Belleview Elementary School Rock Hill, SC Physical.

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1 Yeah!! Let’s Rock!! Technology, Striking, Assessment, Jump Rope, Throwing, Catching, Olympic Themed Unit Belleview Elementary School Rock Hill, SC Physical Education Teacher Travis Bryant ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:16) ----- Welcome, My name is Travis Bryant. I teach Physical Education at Belleview Elementary School in Rock Hill, SC. I am completing my 8th year. During this session you will learn about dropbox, edmodo, google docs, blendspace, Qr codes, QR readers. You will leave speaking a new language. The session will combine technology with a focus on Striking, Assessment, Jump Rope and Catching Activities. If you have questions please feel free to ask. How many people use technology in there classroom. Hold up fingers on a scale of 1 to 3.

2 Let‘s Rock Technology QR Codes Drop Box Videos Pictures Ipad Edmodo
Blendspace Google Drive Assessment I will teach you how to use and apply all of these things. We will start with the basics and then you will apply your new knowledge by using it. I have attached the powerpoint and handout on the Convention website.

3 Yeah!!! Let’s Rock Preview and review the lesson. Capture data
Enrichment Maximize practice Modifications, adaptations and extensions Engagement Assessment Student Ownership Student Ownership is key. Spend less time talking about how to do the lesson and more time teaching the content. Student creation in older grades. Instant review for students and teachers. Must establish classroom mangement protocols before using technology. One person is in charge of using the ipad for younger grades. Monitor older students.

4 QR Codes are… Quick Response readable bar codes
QR Codes are linked to videos, pictures, text, google docs, drop box and more. Physical Education Uses Warm Ups Stations Quick links Assessment

5 Creating QR Codes Select data type
Paste content into window Download QR Code to your computer Scan the QR code with ipad to test Print QR Codes

6 QR Code Instant Activity
Text and Picture QR Codes 5 min challenge QR Codes I will need 10 to 20 volunteers. Participants can use smart phone or ipad. 5 minutes to complete QR code challenge. The 5 min challenge is slower because of the videos. The pairs should use a counter for the second activity. Remind particpants to scan and ope in url safari.

7 Dropbox Dropbox is a free file storage hosting site. Keeps copies of word documents, pictures, videos etc… Pay small fee for extra storage Website Sign Up or Sign in ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Great Storage. I use it to store all of my videos and student videos. It is easy to share the link and post it on Edmodo or make a QR code. I play the link from the file during my K-2 lessons and lock the screen. Easy access through the web or app.

8 Drop Box Creating Folders Sign In Select the new folder icon
Name the folder/press enter Saving Files Select the upload icon Select basic uploader Choose Files Do not rotate or move the ipad while uploading the document Flip to dropbox web page and walk everyone step by step.

9 Drop Box Add link for student Jump Rope for Heart imovie
Jump Rope imovie/4th Grade Student 3rd Grade Jump Rope 3rd Grade Jump Rope 2 Striking 3rd Grade Click the links. Went to 3rd grade classroom to upload. Prior knowledge is huge. 4th and 5th graders are more independent. Patience is a must. Teamwork with grade levels is crucial to success. This is an ongoing imperfect process. ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Show videos of students taping each other and themselves. Great peer and self assessment. Student complained that her video didn't look good. She was proud that her second and third video was much better. Great way for me to analyze and improve the lesson. Injured student created imovie and uploaded.

10 Dropbox Video Assessment
5th Grader Jumping Rope

11 Edmodo Is an educational website that connects teachers and students by using social networking. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade groups You can join my Yeah Let's Rock Presentation if you have Edmodo.

12 Getting Started with Edmodo
Login in or create account Creating Groups Select group icon Name, Ages, Subject Student Log in secure log in code to teachers Accept student request

13 Uploading Files on Edmodo
Enter note into text box Select group to send the post to Uploading a file Select the file icon Choose a file from your computer Select the choose icon Attaching a link Select the link icon Copy and past the web address into the into text box Select Attach Select Send Log on to edmodo and show step by step progression.

14 Striking progression Student driven Individualized learning
Increases the number of attempts Modified game play Increased engagement Student and teacher created goals ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Students proceed to the next taks when they have achieved the goal. 4th and 5th grade students take screen shots of the task cards because they are outside. Limited wifi connection.

15 Striking Progression 3 to 4 task Start with practice task
Finish with 1 vs 1 modified game Emphasis on the forehand and maximum attempts Task 1 Towel Ball Task 2 Ball Toss/No paddles Task 3 Strike the ball with a paddle Task 4 1 vs 1 Activity Time I will need 8 Volunteers. One ipad per group. Play the progressions on the big screen for the rest of the audience. The activity should last 15 to 20 minutes. ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- 4 pairs. Scan QR codes for videos and screen shot task cards on Edmodo. Student can preview, review and practice at home. Allows parents and family members to see specific activities.

16 Striking Examples K-2 Striking off of a tee
Striking balloons with body parts Striking beach balls with body parts Show the striking examples to the group. Pulled students during the after school program to video tape them. They love it. Explain the difficult stations. Set up one station 1 Group of 4. 2 people strike and 2 people record. 1 Group of 4. Set your timer for 2 minutes. Switch every 2 min. Record data on ipad.

17 Google Docs Upload Great for tracking student data! Forms Video
Pictures Great for tracking student data! Create, store and share work from anywhere. Stores information easily. Quick, simple. Easy students and teachers to use.

18 Google Docs/Assessment Forms
Create login or sign in with existing google account Select Forms Label the form and create template the form to yourself or copy the hyperlink Open the link. Save to your home screen, bookmark or make a QR code ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Demonstrate how to creat a form. Look at responses too.

19 Google/Doc Assessments
Login to google docs or open google docs app Select my files. Select your responses version of your file Save, Edit and analyze the data

20 Google Docs Assessments
3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Teacher Assesm 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Teacher Assessment Responses 3rd, 4th an 5th Grade Peer Assessment 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Responses 3rd, 4th, 5th, Grade Teacher Assessment Jump Rope Teacher Assessment Responses

21 Google Docs Assessments
JRFH Jumps JRFH Responses Soft Landing Yeah Let’s Rock Assessment # of Jumps in 1 min self reflection # of Jumps in 1 min self reflection responses Jump Rope Activity 4 Groups of 4. Get all information from Edmodo. 2 Stations will peer evaluate. The other 2 stations will self evaluate.

22 Google Docs Assessment
Peer Assessment Peer Assessment Responses Teacher Assessment Jump Rope Assessment Responses

23 Jump Rope Activities using Dropbox K-2
Locomotor Skills Station Long Jump Rope Jump Bands Wall Ball Jump Rope Card Game Partner Jump Rope Jump Rope Bingo ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Fun activties. Students are on task quickly. Some explanation of more difficult task.

24 Jump Rope Activties/ipad/dropbox
Long Jump and Poker Chips Jumping/Noodles/Buckets/Dice

25 Blendspace- create web tiles to integrate, store and share lessons
Share Blendspace by Hyperlink, , QR Code, Edmdo Drag and drop into webtiles Websites, Pictures, Documents, videos Select create blendspace mix Create blendspace account or sign in with google doc account

26 Blendspace/Drop box Olympics Activities
3rd,4th and 5th Grade Olympic Blendspace Jump Rope for Heart Fact Blendspace Fitness Videos 3rd Grade boys blendspace 5th Grade Ross Fitness Videos Students Aerobic Video 4th Grade Video 4th Grade Video Kick Bag ----- Meeting Notes (4/1/14 12:48) ----- Make realworld connections to the olympics. Students downloaded Olympic App.

27 Blendspace Fitness Videos
4 Week unit Week 1- Edmodo Week 2- QR Codes Week 3 and 4- Student Creation The fitness videos were created during a Fitnessgram unit. Some classes and students made great videos the first time. Other students needed multiple trials. Still trying to gather all of the videos.

28 Blend Space/ Throwing and Catching
Add Blendspace link for throwing and Catching 3-5 Throwing and Catching Progression 4 Groups of 4 Groups A and B will scan the QR Codes Groups C and D will follow the blendspace link on the ipad Each group needs a timer. Smartphone Ipad I will need groups 4 groups of 4. Each group will need an ipad. Grooup A and B will scan the Qr code for ;each activity, Groups C and D will follow the blendspace link on the ipad.

29 Contact Information Travis Bryant Belleview Elementary School Rock Hill, SC

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