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Don’t let them “slip through your fingers”! Strategies for Strugglers & ESL-Special Ed and ODE updates Capital Day 2014.

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1 Don’t let them “slip through your fingers”! Strategies for Strugglers & ESL-Special Ed and ODE updates Capital Day 2014

2 Classroom Teacher Responsibilities What and why? 3 rd grade reading guarantee Retention Modifying /differentiating wording from ODE

3 Title III- Report from ODE


5 Differentiation means starting where the kids are! - Carol Ann Tomlinson

6 When thinking differently about learners, consider … Readiness Information, concepts, and skills students demonstrate at entry point of learning experience Interests Topics, problems, and processes of personal relevance to students (passion learning) Learning Profile Combination of students’ emotions, cultures, modality preferences, and intelligences that affect learning

7 Indicators of Differentiation Consistent use of pretesting Decrease in the frequency of large group activities Increase in Small group teaching activities Flexible small group learning activities Increase in individual alternatives: Centers Homework Contracts The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, 2002


9 Content Statement 5. Places are distinctive because of their physical characteristics (landforms and bodies of water) and human characteristics (structures built by people).




13 Classroom Supports Pacing: ____ Extended Time ____ Longer “wait time” for answering questions ____ Other: ________________ Environment: ____ Assign peer buddy ____ Provide one on one support ____ Flexible seating ____ Work alone ____ Other: ________________ Reinforcement & Follow Through: ____ Student-teacher goal setting ____ Build confidence with positive comments ____ Have student restate directions ____ Check often for understanding/review ____ Re-teach / extend skills ____ Use games (for review and mastery) ____ Arrange for peer tutoring ____ Plan cooperative learning experiences ____ Make/use vocabulary files/ personal dictionaries ____ Teach organizational & study skills ____ Provide outline for content materials ____ Use study guides to organize materials ____ Other: ________________ Presentation of Subject Material: ____ Use individual/small group instruction ____ Simplify language ____ Tape lectures for playback ____ Show and discuss video clips ____ Demonstrate concepts ____ Provide explicit vocabulary instruction ____ Use manipulatives ____ Post graphics, charts & visual aids ____ Emphasize critical information ____ Use graphic organizers ____ Pre-teach vocabulary ____ Other: ________________ Materials: ____ Provide recorded texts / readings (check with Hudson) ____ Use supplementary materials ____ Highlighted textbooks / study guides ____ Use adapted textbooks / easier readings ____ Allow use of computer ____ Varied computer programs ____ Daily assignment student notebook ____Other: ________________

14 394 is the Score for 3 rd grade Reading Guarantee

15 ESL/Sp Ed Updated Who’s Idea process for IAT scheduling priorities teaching school norms strategies for working with ESL/sp ed students


17 In the IEP 1. Instruction needs to address both their linguistic and cultural characteristics and their disabilities a. May include i. Sheltered academic instruction ii. Mediating scaffolds – peer support iii. Task scaffolds – reduce the information students must generate independently iv. Material scaffolds – learning prompts v. Comprehensible input – language appropriate to the student’s English language proficiency

18 ODE is looking to create an alternative ESL assessment for Special Ed.

19 Ohio’s New State Tests Accessibility Features Accommodations Strategies to prepare

20 researchers focused on the role of language in content-area classrooms.

21 Accessibility Features PARCC / New State Tests for ALL students Blank paper Answer masking * General masking * Line reader tool Highlight tool Eliminate answer choices Flag items for review Audio amplification Background/Font color Writing Tools Headphones or noise buffers Magnification/ enlargement Pop-up glossary Spell checker Text-to-speech for Math test, also Sci and SS * General administration directions read aloud + Features in red are the only ones that must be activated manually for select students. The others are already available. * Recommended for all LEP

22 ELL Accommodations *Prefunctional is considered Beginner on PARCC Extended time (* ALL LEP) Word-to-word dictionary (No definitions or pictures allowed) (* ALL LEP) General administration directions read aloud in student’s native language (possibly) Scribe or Speech-to-text (in English only) responses dictated for Math, Sci & SS Not recommended by the ESL department First year ELA test does not count (like before)….district credit for participation???



25 Proficiency Level Proficiency Level CharacteristicsTeacher Prompts/Questioning Very Low Pre- Functional Minimal comprehension Does not verbalize Nods “Yes” and “No” Draws and points Show me… Circle the… Where is…? Who has…? Higher Pre- Functional / Low Beginner Limited comprehension Produces one- or two-word responses Participates using key words and familiar phrases Uses present-tense verbs Yes/no question Either/or questions One- or two-word answers Lists Labels High Beginner/ Low Intermediate Has good comprehension Can produce simple sentences Makes grammar and pronunciation errors Frequently misunderstands jokes Why…? How…? Explain… Phrase or short-sentence answers High Intermediate/ Advanced Has excellent comprehension Makes few grammatical errors Advanced student has a near-native level of speech Decide if… Retell…

26 Tier 3: glossary word: Multisyllabic Specific to a subject area Latin or Greek-based topography, photosynthesis, isosceles triangle, sedimentary, oxygenated, cartographer Tier 2: Words of education, business, government, religion: Components: Prefix, root, suffix Latin-based elevation, formation, protrude, expansive, isolated, remote Tier 1: Basic conversational words: Friends & family 1 or 2 syllables Learned naturally, through exposure hills, grass, rocks, land, sky, clouds, fly, climb, green, high…


28 Vocabulary Words WordDefinitionSymbolExample 1. Right Angle An angle of 90 degrees The corners of a square are right angles. 2. Force A push or pull on an object The force from the punch knocked him out. 3. Imperialism When one country dominates other countries Europe took Africa’s natural resources by force. 4. personification Giving human characteristics to objects The flower was crying for rain.




32 Ohio’s Quality Review Rubrics Checklist to see if a lesson is “Common Core Ready” English, Math, Science & Social Studies K-12 Diverse Learners: Special Ed, Gifted & Talented, and LEP On ODE’s website Use in a TBT/group to evaluate a lesson

33 Practice for PARCC (Ohio’s new state tests) (text to speech) Microsoft Word (highlighting, strikethrough)


35 Support from The ESL Service Center (365- 8802) Call Center Interpreter/Translator Professional Development Materials (adapted texts, dictionaries) Parent Literacy Program OGT, College & Career Readiness Program ESL Department Webpage LEP Data

36 Contact Info Mark Paskert Kerri Gonzalez 614-365-3108

37 Recognition for Information SIOP materials from Center for Applied Linguistics Destination: Differentiation (D2) PPT from Susan Wouters Language Acquisition Materials from Kate Kinsella

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