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2 Let’s Learn About Poland

3 Where is Poland?

4 Map of Poland Jelenia Góra

5 A Few Facts About Poland Poland is a member of the European Union. The money used is 1 zloty = 100 groszy. The population of Poland is 38,621,000. The language spoken is Polish. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.

6 Let’s visit the important cities in Poland. (Click on the name of the city to learn more.) Warsaw Old Town Myslewicki Palace Photos from

7 Krakow Gothic cathedral Photos from (Click on the name of the city to learn more.)

8 Gdansk Seaport harbor Photos from

9 Poland’s Important People Nicolaus Copernicus - famous ancient astronomer Frederic Chopin - a musical composer Marie Curie - woman scientist and the first to win a Nobel Prize Karol Wojtyla or better known as Pope John Paul II

10 What Polish Kids Do Polish children work very hard in school and especially study English so that they will be able to get good jobs. Most families are very poor and children see the importance of trying to get to college and get good jobs. Kids play games such as soccer, volleyball, field and ice hockey and streetball which is like our basketball. The mountains provide hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Camping, swimming and fishing are popular activities in the summer.

11 Famous Sights in Poland The Bia ł owie ż a Forest is a famous forest where the Bia ł owie ż a National Park is located. It also has a Bison Reserve where you can visit the bison. Malbork Castle is Europe's largest Gothic castle and was once known as Marienburg, a classic medieval fortress. The central part of Poland has many lakes and this area is called the Great Masurian Lakes.

12 Polish Culture and Life A traditional folk art is the wycinanki which are a very detailed paper cutout. At Easter they decorate eggs with very elaborate painting called pisanki. culture.polishsite.u s

13 The Polish love to dance in their traditional costume. Their well known dance is the polka and they enjoy polka bands. Photos from www.

14 What the Polish Like to Eat Visit this site to find out about what Polish kids eat!

15 Learn More About Poland Christmas in Poland poland.htm poland.htm Lonely Planet Guide d/ d/ Kids Konnect - Poland Ask 4 Geo –

16 My region Lower Silesia 2907.000 inhabitants Lower Silesia Region emeblem;

17 Traditional outfit of Lower Silesia;

18 Largest cities Wrocław Legnica Jelenia Góra

19 Tourist attractions protestant Peace Churches in Jawor and Swidnica;

20 Cistertian Abbey in Lubiaz Cistertian Abbey in Krzeszow Benedictine Abbey in Legnickie Pole; Monasteries in Lower Silesia

21 Ksiaz Castle in Walbrzych

22 Srebrna Gora, largest mountain fortress in Europe;

23 Kowary – miniature museum of Lower Silesia monument-buildings;

24 Sudety Mountains Szklarka Waterfall in Karkonosze Mountains Sowie (Eagle) Mountains Muflon, in Sudety Mountains it lives free;

25 Niedzwiedzia (Bear) Cave in Kletno


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