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HELLO. Let’s talk about the Internet.. Chris Jordan

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1 HELLO. Let’s talk about the Internet.

2 Chris Jordan Ryan Hanley

3 1. Define Social Media 2. Discuss Expectations 3. Avoid “fanfare” & Hype 4. Discuss Marketing 5. Explore Social Media Tools 6. Share Strategies & Best Practices 7. Socialize with YOU Today We Will:


5 Let’s Define “Social Media” Basic Communication & Networking “Always On” Digital Drip Campaign “Meet” people before you meet them It’s nothing new

6 Expectations Takes time and patience You will generate business Expect to compliment your “bread & butter” Make fantastic connections Expect to take these connections offline

7 Marketing > Social Media Look at GEICO Independent agents can level the playing field! You have to be creative to STAND OUT Be FEARLESS with your content Create discussion worthy media to be social with Decommoditize through personal (agent) branding

8 Social Media Tools Facebook - Personal Profiles - Pages - Groups Twitter - Twitter Search - Third Party Management Tools Linkedin - Business to Business - Discussion Groups Blogs (your media) - Blogspot - vs. - Blog vs. Website: What’s the difference?

9 Search Engines Organic SEO - Does it matter? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Search Engine ads vs. Facebook ads Local Search - Great for smaller markets Analytics - Custom Reporting is key - Don’t obsess

10 Strategies/Best Practices Engage, don’t broadcast - Nobody really cares how good your rates are Listen & Watch - Create “good timing” by looking for it. Careful what you say… Go offline This is insurance. Ask for the business!

11 Chris Jordan Ryan Hanley THANK YOU!

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