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Let’s FACE it! stands for… Focus… Action for… Crawley’s… Environment.

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2 Let’s FACE it! stands for… Focus… Action for… Crawley’s… Environment

3 What’s it all about? Getting residents to volunteer in making safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods

4 Why do it? Being involved gives residents a better understanding of the issues we face, such as litter, fly tipping and graffiti Residents can take ‘ownership’ of their neighbourhoods Residents can make a real difference, being actively involved in improving and shaping their neighbourhoods

5 How does it work?

6 Residents and Ward Councillors take the lead, identifying and helping to organise suitable projects

7 Link Officers from within Amenity Services, provide advice, practical help, staff and other resources

8 The Let’s FACE it! Coordinator keeps track of what projects are happening in the neighbourhoods and provides advice and support

9 What projects have already happened? There have been over thirty successful projects since the scheme was introduced in April 2006 Let’s FACE it! has been commended in three national awards for community involvement!

10 Tonnes of vegetation have been cut back…

11 Overgrown shrub beds dug up…

12 Areas made ready for re-planting…

13 …and planted

14 and residents celebrate ….

15 Conservation work has been carried out and trees planted …

16 Graffiti has been removed…

17 Paths swept…

18 Fly tipping removed…

19 … parks given a name!

20 … and schools have helped us plant high profile areas. 80 children 600 plants 45 minutes ……. Sorted!

21 7% of Crawley’s population say they help with keeping their local environment neat and tidy. That’s 7,000 people !

22 Let’s FACE it! Sponsorship There are many partnership opportunities for business involvement in this unique initiative such as: Floral Decorations, Flower Beds and Roundabout Sponsorship. This year’s hanging baskets and barrier troughs were cancelled due to the drought but we are still having floral displays …..

23 But just not quite what you would imagine!

24 There are also a variety of high profile events throughout the year such as the annual Green Fayre held at Tilgate Park.

25 Let’s FACE it! community and environmental action projects can also be sponsored.

26 Environmental Grant Scheme Applications can be made for funding for community and environmental improvement projects Grants of up to £500 are awarded, with funding coming from sponsors.

27 Award Ceremony In October we will again be hosting a prestigious award ceremony at the Hawth Theatre to recognise and celebrate the achievements made in 2006.

28 We hope this has given you a flavour of what the Let’s FACE it! Campaign is all about. For further information please contact: Ruth Growney – Lets FACE it! Coordinator Crawley Borough Council 0800 5875888 Or visit our website


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