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Autism and Employment Greater Manchester Autism Consortium

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1 Autism and Employment Greater Manchester Autism Consortium
Planning for success: Investing in the future Wednesday 21st May 2014

2 socialeyes The Socialeyes project was delivered as a joint venture between Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and Pure Innovations. It ran between September and December 2013. Delivery was planned using the National Autistic Society Resource Socialeyes: Exploring the social world with people on the autism spectrum. This resource was developed alongside people on the autism spectrum, it identifies eight social skills that people may have difficulties with and provides opportunities for them to work on strategies for overcoming those difficulties.

3 socialeyes Delivery was through a range of group based activities, DVD, facilitated group discussion and individual discussion.

4 socialeyes Starting a conversation Eye contact Personal space
Taking turns in a conversation Keeping on topic Talking about interests Sensitive topics Ending a conversation

5 socialeyes Things I’m Pleased about:
socialeyes Things I’m Pleased about: Facilitators talked to me as me, didn’t talk down to me Getting out Meeting different people Helped me understand my disability more – usually guarded about it More aware of others – no two people with the condition are the same Made me look at different work ideas for the future Good to meet other people who have Asperger’s – I don’t really know anyone else Keeping in mind the wholeness of the course in the back of my head. Not saying it out loud, but thinking about it Relaxed – comfortable to mix Things I’m concerned about: People don’t understand how huge Asperger’s is and the differences between people

6 socialeyes Things I have tried: Not to go around in circles
Talking to people, bearing in mind not to go around the houses Standing at arms length Standing at arm’s length – especially with women To look at people when I talk to them, I think about it all the time. Learnt: Stick to the point (Have you in the back of my head, and my mum) It’s a hidden disability, people can’t see stumbling blocks I tend to just blurt things out The anxiety I feel in social situations can lead to being seen as secretive To mix without tensions Common interests are good and help to make conversation To start being confident again Still learning about what Autism is Recommendations: Possibly a mixed group People need to commit so they don’t forget and the group can gel.

7 Let’s talk Autism in the Workplace BREAKFAST SEMINARS Imperial War Museum 14th June Cheadle House Stockport 5th July 2013


9 Deputy Chief Executive and Head of HR
Carmel McKeogh Deputy Chief Executive and Head of HR Blackpool Council


11 Some facts about Autism and Employment
Only 15% of people with autism are in full time employment A further 9% are in part time employment That is compared to 31% of people across all disabilities in full time employment


13 Some facts about Autism and Employment
More than a quarter of graduates with autism are unemployed. That is the highest rate of any group of people with disabilities nationally Only 10% of people with autism receive support in finding work but 53% would like it 37% of adults with autism have never had a paid job after the age of 16 and 41% of people over the age of 55 have spent a period of more than 10 years without a paid job * Statistics taken from “I Exist” and AGCAS website


15 Next steps We don’t expect anyone to be an expert in autism.
But can you do one of the following? Look at your workplace and see what you can do to make the environment “autism friendly” Look at your policies on recruitment/interview/internships etc. Make a follow-up appointment with us Thanks!



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