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Let’s Make a WORDLE! Just WHO are YOU?.

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1 Let’s Make a WORDLE! Just WHO are YOU?


3 Step One… Write your first and last name on your paper plate.
With the help of your shoulder partner, secure your paper plate to your back using the tape provided. Walk around the room and write positive adjectives on your classmates paper plates. For example…

4 What have you observed about your classmates?
What are they like? Caring Funny Smart Positive Athletic Talented Inspiring Favorites Favorite sport Favorite subject Favorite hobby Favorite food

5 Next Step… Look at your paper plate and decide on which words you think best describe who you are. Feel free to add more words that describe who you are. You do not need to use all of the words.

6 Let’s Make a Wordle! With Wordle you can change the font, the lay-out, and the color. Just imagine the possibilities..




10 Are you ready to WORDLE? Click Here

11 This is where you will type your words
This is where you will type your words. The more a word is typed, the larger it will be. Your name should be typed at least 10 times. Use a space between your words. Once you are finished, check your spelling, and then click Go.


13 This is where you can change the Font, Layout, and Color

14 Finishing it up… Time to save!
Take a screen shot of your wordle by clicking on “Ctrl” and “Print Scrn” at the same time. Remember that “what you see is what you’ll get” Open a word document Paste your screen shot Crop out what you don’t need Name it and save your Wordle to your H Drive

15 Other Uses for Wordle For Example… You can paste text in from
Books Poems Newspaper Articles Essays Speeches Any text… In order to get the Main idea Focus The Big Picture with a few target words For Example…

16 What do you notice?

17 Senator Obama’s Democratic Nominee Acceptance Speech

18 Senator McCain’s Republican Nominee Acceptance Speech

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