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Leadership from Within- Let Your C.N.A Team Help Run Your Facility.

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2 Leadership from Within- Let Your C.N.A Team Help Run Your Facility

3 About Friendship……. 373 Beds 9 Departments 4 Specialty Units Average Admissions

4 Nurse History Culture Change Communication Work Styles

5 Acute Care Versus Long-Term Acute vs. Long Environment Survey Process Staff Training Staff Education Staff Opportunity

6 C.N.A Career Path Job Opportunities Skill Development Various Job Positions Auxiliary Aide Certified Resident Assistant Senior Leads

7 C.N.A Student Career Ladder Student Nursing Assistant Student Graduate C.N.A G.C.N.A

8 Student Nursing Assistant Interview Process Job Shadow Prior to Placement 4 Week Training Program 70 Hour Classroom Training 86 Hour Clinical Training Competitive Edge Base Pay Rate

9 Student Graduate Successful Completion of Classroom and Clinical Training Skill Focus Department Placement Test Preparation Base Rate +.50

10 C.N.A Passing on State Certification Exam Completion of Training Further Skill Development on Unit Base Rate + $1.50

11 G.C.N.A Geriatric Certified Nursing Assistant Passing Score on Certification Exam Contingent on Minimum 6 Months Employment Passing Score on GCNA Test Satisfactory Evaluation from Supervisor Base Rate + $2.50

12 C.N.A Specialty Career Ladder Unit Support C.N.A R.N.A Therapy C.N.A Palliative Care Certified C.N.A Advanced C.N.A

13 Unit Support C.N.A C.N.A Certification Clerical Position Filing, Typing, Data Entry Supply Orders Phone Calls Appointments Transportation Needs

14 R.N.A Restorative Nursing Assistant Therapy Needs Therapy Team Resident Plan of Care

15 Therapy C.N.A Specific for Skilled Rehab Unit Maintains Resident Readiness Maintains Therapy Schedule Coordinates Resident Schedules Resident Progress

16 Palliative Care Certified C.N.A Specialty Certification Hospice / Palliative Facility-Wide Needs Palliative Care Assessments Palliative Care Screening Criteria

17 Advanced C.N.A Program Program Requirements Stage I and II Treatments Restorative Training Cognitive / Dementia Training

18 C.N.A Management Ladder Lead C.N.A C.N.A Shift Supervisor C.N.A Director

19 Lead C.N.A Contingent Upon Additional Training Satisfactory Evaluation from Supervisor Facility Needs Leadership Skills Assignment Delegation Staff Evaluations

20 C.N.A Shift Supervisor Demonstrated Clinical Expertise C.N.A Management for 3-11 and 11-7 Leadership Skills Scheduling and Assignments Dependent on Facility Needs

21 C.N.A Director Member of Management Team Weekly Management Meetings Department Staffing / Scheduling Communication – Meetings for All Shifts Hiring Process Involvement Service Concern Follow-up Staff Training / Orientation Progressive Discipline with Staff

22 C.N.A Focus Areas Wound Care Nail Care CPR Training Falls Program

23 Wound Care Moon and Stars Program Wound Rounds Wound Care Committee Wound Stars Skin Saver Program

24 Nail Care Podiatrist Assistant Holiday Nail Care / Volunteers Weekend Nail Care

25 CPR Training Red Cross Certified Instructor Training

26 Falls Program Alarm Checks Bed Checks Falls Reporting Fallen Apple Program

27 Meetings Careplan Skilled Care Individual Family Service Concern Follow-Up

28 Committee Involvement Quality Assurance Weights Clutter Food Quality Purchasing Community Involvement

29 Mentorship Program C.N.A Mentors for Nurses Big Brother / Big Sister Outlook Customer Service Project

30 Personnel Statistics Turnover Rate Stability Training Competitors Pay Scale Comparisons



33 Team Building Activities Book Club Mock Survey Departmental Contests Past Prime Time Players Educational Opportunities

34 Summary Points Culture Change Staff Development Career Opportunities Quality of Care

35 Contact Information Sue Jennings, ACGCNA 540-265-2151 Deborah Johnson, ACGCNA 540-265-2151 Tammy Shorter, BSN MHCA, DON 540-265-2187 Greg Dowdy, Administrator 540-265-2112

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