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Let’s Stream! Using iMovie 2 An overview of video for streaming for the Internet.

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2 Let’s Stream! Using iMovie 2 An overview of video for streaming for the Internet

3 Workshop Agenda Video in instruction Tools and tips for streaming video Overview of iMovie 2 Hands-on with iMovie 2  Importing  Editing and enhancing  Exporting (video and computer files)

4 Two thoughts on video… As part of the curriculum As an assignment within a curriculum

5 As a part of the curriculum When you are not in class Interesting topics Distance learning

6 About using video on the web… Be aware of your audience! Bandwidth/connection speed? Processor speed? RAM? OS/browser/plug-ins?

7 As an assignment within the curriculum Another form of expression Engages students’ attention in content Useful technical skill

8 An example…


10 Finished video formats Video tapes Video files  CD or DVD  In multimedia production PowerPoint Hyperstudio  On a webpage

11 Equipment needed Video camera  Digital 8  Mini DV

12 Equipment needed  Video tapes  Tripod

13 Equipment needed  FireWire cable  iMac with iMovie

14 How do you stream? Take the best possible video and audio!  Use a tripod Less pans and zooms the better  Use an external microphone  Lighting is good

15 How do you stream?

16 Bandwidth codec Info

17 How do you stream? Bandwidth Info

18 Codec Compression-Decompression Makes video/audio files smaller so easier to transmit over the Internet Macs and PCs do not have the same default codecs

19 Example – video footage H.263 compression, 12 fps, Keyframe rate = 99 No audio compression 240 x 180 pixels QT file = 108 KB, AVI file = 697 KB 5:17 seconds = 167 frames (or 167 individual pictures)

20 Possible compression Multiple pictures that represent changes

21 Codecs apply to… Bandwidth Images Sound Images Sound images sound

22 Streaming codecs As recommended by QuickTime for the Web

23 Audio Codecs Qualcomm PureVoice QDesign Music

24 Video Codecs Photo JPEG Motion JPEG Sorenson Video H.263

25 iMovie’s preset codec options Email Movie, small Web Movie, small Streaming Web Movie, small CD-ROM Movie, medium Full Quality, large Expert – you set both video and audio

26 Is this a good video clip?

27 What was wrong? Background movements Bad zooms Horrible picture and sound quality Distracting transitions Small titles

28 How to improve it? Subtle background  Portrait mode on video camera Use a tripod  Stills are great! Zoom in from beginning or pan very slowly  Slow down pan in iMovie

29 How to improve it? Get quality video and audio from the start  Better to degrade than try to improve  Good lighting Use transitions sparingly  Remember change is bad! Large titles

30 Improvement

31 Let’s get started! Using iMovie 2

32 iMovie’s Components 1 2 3 Viewer Bookshelf Timeline

33 iMovie’s Components Eyeball view Clock view

34 Answers Pans and Zooms Large Titles iMovie 2

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