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Let’s Build a Media Center

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1 Let’s Build a Media Center
Collaborative Projects for the Library and Computer Lab Jennifer Krayewski and Judy Soto Greenwich Country Day School

2 Role of the Media Center
Prepare children with library and technology skills for the 21st century Bring together the library and computer lab Ensure that students learn to be effective users of ideas and information while supporting the school's curriculum Provide current and appropriate resources for students and faculty

3 Session This session will focus on collaborative projects for research, enrichment and skill development that engage kindergarten through third grade learners in the library and computer lab.

4 Resources and Tools Books, both online and in print
Information services Camcorders Computers - we use Intel iMacs Digital Cameras Microphone iPod iSight Camera SmartBoard

5 Student Applications Apple iLife Suite - Garage Band, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iWeb AppleWorks iStop Motion Kid Pix Kidspiration Photo Booth QuickTime The Graph Club The Print Shop

6 Kindergarten Using the circle tool - draw a pumpkin or a spider
5 little pumpkins poem Spider poem Penguin Poem and WebCam Kindergarten students alternate weekly between library and computer class. In library, we focus on skills such as handling books appropriately, sitting and listening attentively and using visual aids for assistance and resources. We provide the students with resources such as books, magazines, audio CDs, Internet sites, and DVDs. In computer class, we continue to focus on those skills as well as using the computer as a tool. Our classes always include a book, poem, or online resource in addition to the project of the week.

7 Kindergarten Jan Brett's The Mitten Use Kid Pix to decorate a mitten
Leaf Graph Read the The Leaf Man by Lois Elhert, collect leaves and used The Graph Club to create a collaborative class graph

8 First Grade The Leaf Man by Lois Elhert
Students create their own leaf man Use digital camera to take a picture Using Kid Pix, the students add their pictures and create a story about their leaf man Stories are posted on the first grade website First graders attend library and computer class weekly for a half hour at a time. In library their skills are enhanced to include finding a book in alphabetical order, a basic understanding of the Dewey Decimal system, treatment of library materials, and introduction to the online catalog. During their computer classes, students are encouraged to learn basic software skills such as practicing on the keyboard, learning the painting and drawing tools, copy and paste, drag and drop, etc. They learn to move from one application to another, save their work ont e server, then later ind their work again if needed.

9 First Grade Roar, the GCDS Tiger Online, collaborative project
Read Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems Using Kid Pix, the children drew Roar hiding and wrote about where he could possibly be on campus As well as being online, a book was also made for the library

10 First Grade Flat Stanley Read Flat Stanley by Marc Brown
Using Kid Pix, students create their own Flat Stanley or Flat Sara to bring home over vacation Using Print Shop, children write about their adventures and include a picture We also accept Flat Stanley's from other schools, allowing the children to participate in online collaborative projects

11 First Grade Frosty WebQuest
Uses Internet collaboration, problem- solving, organizing skills and promotes a higher order of thinking The Mitten by Jan Brett is read during library

12 Second Grade Roar, the GCDS Tiger Online, collaborative project
Using AppleWorks, students imagined that they were Roar and wrote and illustrated what they would like to see and learn during a visit to GCDS's media center

13 Second Grade Tiger Pride Blog
Each week the boys and girls are assigned a "Pride of the Week" Using iMovie and the built in camera on the iMac, the students worked in pairs to record the Pride of the week and offered suggestions on how others can show their pride Other students use the blog to record and tell about how they practiced their pride These sites are password protected

14 Second Grade Halloween Spooky Math Stories
Read A Creepy Countdown by Charlotte Huck Using Kid Pix, the boys and girls created Spooky Math Stories and saved them for the Internet Once posted, the children shared their math stories for enrichment and practice

15 Second Grade Animal Habitat Provide website for research
Students create a habitat and write their first research paper Using iStop Motion and iMovie, habitats are then transformed into claymation Projects are posted on second grade webpage for students to share

16 Third Grade Halloween Spooky Stories
This project promotes collaboration, creativity, reading and use of technology as a resource and tool Each class was given a Halloween story. They worked with a partner and recorded their voices on an iPod. In Kid Pix, they illustrated their stories and saved them in a JPEG format. Using Garage Band, the students created spooky music to play behind their readings and added their pictures to their voices. The entire book was then put together in Garage Band and saved in Quick Time for the Internet.

17 Third Grade My Favorite Book Podcast
Also project promotes collaboration, creativity, reading and use of technology as a resource and tool Planned in Kidspiration, published in AppleWorks Recorded voice with iPod In Kid Pix, they illustrated their stories and saved them in a JPEG format Teacher collected files in Garage Band and saved in Quick Time for the Internet

18 Contact Judy Soto at or
Jennifer Krayewski at







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