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LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC WELCOME to your SENIOR YEAR of JROTC (LET 4) COLONEL (Retired) David R. Alexander 1.

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1 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC WELCOME to your SENIOR YEAR of JROTC (LET 4) COLONEL (Retired) David R. Alexander 1

2 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Course: LET 4.0 – Leadership Theory & Application, Citizenship in American History and Government, Citizenship in Action, and Foundations for Success (LET 4.1 & LET 4.2) Academic Term: Fall/Spring 2011-2012 (Block/Periods 4 & 5) Instructor: Colonel (Retired) David R. Alexander Grade Levels: 12 Prerequisites: LET 3 with a minimum of a “C” or better in good standing. LET 4 (Citizenship, Leadership, & Success) 2

3 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Course Overview: The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program is hereafter referred to as simply the JROTC program. It is designed to teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self- discipline. The program’s focus is reflected in its mission statement, “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” It prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school, and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community, and nation. Cadet success is the main goal of all JROTC learning experiences. The JROTC curriculum is based on the principles of performance-based, learner-centered education. As a result, cadets: Learn skills they can use. Know the performance expectations up front. Engage as active partners in the learning process. Document accomplishments and competence. Learn how to learn. LET 4 Course Overview 3

4 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC JROTC Core Abilities: The JROTC Core abilities describe the broad, life-long skills that every cadet needs for success in all career and life roles. They are drawn from the over-all goals and values that drive the JROTC program. Core abilities are not learned in one lesson or LET, but rather they are linked to lesson competencies in order to integrate or thread them throughout the JROTC curriculum: 1. Build your capacity for life-long learning. 2. Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, & written techniques. 3. Take responsibility for your actions and choices. 4. Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country, and the world. 5. Treat self and others with respect. 6. Apply critical thinking techniques. LET 4 Core Abilities 4

5 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Course Description: This Leadership Education and Training (LET) course is the capstone course of JROTC. In this course cadets are placed in command and staff positions within the Cadet Regiment organizational structure and are responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing all Regiment events. Focus is on creating positive leadership situations, decision-making, problem solving, planning, team development, project management, and mentoring. This course includes classroom instruction and leadership opportunities expanding on the skills taught in LET 1 - 3. During the fall semester, instruction includes examination of leadership theory and application, and citizenship in American history and government. During the spring semester, Cadets will explore and learn the role of military service in society, past and present, and prepare and conduct formal blocks of instruction on the Department of Defense, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and branches of military as they examine the relationship of service to society. Cadets will also receive additional instruction on teaching skills. This course also includes instruction on etiquette, daily planning, financial planning, and careers. Physical fitness is emphasized through healthy individual and group competition. The performance standards in this course are based on the performance standards identified in the curriculum for the US Army JROTC. Successful completion of at least three units of credit in the Army JROTC program will qualify the student for advanced placement in a college ROTC program or accelerated promotion in the military service. Cadets must wear the uniform once weekly for a grade. LET 4 Course Description 5

6 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Textbooks: JROTC LET 4 Student Core Text. JROTC LET 4 Core Materials Student Handouts. JROTC Cadet Reference Manuel 4 th Edition. Citizenship in American History and Government (Unit 6), 2 nd Custom Edition. Supplementary Reading: Army Field Manual (FM) 6-0 Command & Control of Army Forces. Army Field Manual (FM) 6-22 Army Leadership. Army Field Manual (FM) 3-21.5 Drill and Ceremonies. NEFE High School Financial Planning Workbook. GRC HS JROTC Regimental SOP. You the People. Unlocking Your Potential Workbook. LET 4 Textbooks & Supplemental Reading 6

7 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Grading: Students will receive letter grades according to the GRC grading scale within the following percentages (see attached points breakdown) NOTE: Points breakdown is subject to change: a. Uniform and Inspections (50%). b. Exams (Mid-Term & Final), quizzes, & practical exercises or presentations (25%). c. Class and event participation (25%). d. Extra Credit may be made available to students who request it. LET 4 Grading & Points Criteria 7

8 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC LET 4 Grading & Points Criteria 8 AREASUB-AREA#POINTSTOTAL% InspectionsUniform & General Cadet Knowledge710070050% ParticipationClassroom350 25% ParticipationParking Detail - Home Football Games+10 Bonus PointsMilitary Appreciation Football Game+15 Regimental Club Competitive Event+10 Pioneer Fest Clean-Up+15 Concert Support Clean-Up+15 Exams/Quizes/PEUnit (Mid-Term) EXAM1300 QUIZ #1 - BN/CO Organization120 QUIZ #2 - Leadership Theory130 35025% TOTAL POINTS1400100%

9 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC 9 LET 4 Expectations & Responsibility Expectations: See GRC JROTC SAI Expectations Handout. Students accepted into the LET 4 curriculum must demonstrate high standards of appearance, deportment, and leadership. Students entering their 4 th year of JROTC are expected to serve as role models and mentors for underclass cadets (LET 1/2/3). Cadets who abuse their positions of responsibility will be subject to demotion, reassignment of duties, and potential dismissal from the program. Cadet Responsibility: It is your responsibility to turn in all assignments on time. You will be penalized 5% of a grade for every class period an assignment is late. It is also your responsibility to make-up missed assigned readings and uniform inspections.

10 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC 10 LET 4 Uniform Wear Uniforms: All LET 4 cadets will be issued a Class A uniform with black jackets for regular wear. Cadets will be expected to wear their uniform with precision and a sharpness that distinguishes them and sets the example for the Regiment. Select Cadets may also be issued the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) with boots. Uniform Day: Each Friday JROTC cadets will wear the prescribed uniform to school. The uniform will be worn correctly and with pride all day long, without exception. Uniform inspections and general Cadet knowledge make up 50% of your grade! Failure to wear the uniform or wearing it incorrectly will result in a failing grade. See SOP.

11 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC LET 4 Physical Training (PT) & Activities 11 Physical Training (PT) Day: Each Monday JROTC cadets will participate in physical fitness related training to include intramural-type sports. Cadets should wear clothes & shoes suitable for these type activities. Each cadet must have a physical fitness authorization form on file before they will be allowed to participate in PT. PT is a required part of the curriculum; therefore, students who do not participate in PT will receive NO participation points for the grading period. All Cadets will take the Cadet Challenge and the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) & the ultimate goal is to pass and strive to improve in all aspects of physical fitness & wellness. Extracurricular Activities: The GRC JROTC sponsors the cadet Regimental Club (which includes all competitive teams). Participation in the Regimental Club is voluntary. The club meets after school each Tue- Wed-Thur for 2 hours, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Cadets who participate in the Regimental Club earn points towards the Order of the Long Knife; the Regiment’s most prestigious award. Requirements for achieving induction into the order are specified in the Regimental SOP. Annual induction occurs during the Military Ball.

12 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Regimental Command/Staff Continuity Book. All LET 4 students will maintain and update their respective Continuity Book for their assigned Cadet Battalion duty position for use by next year’s LET 4 Class. An outline and table of contents for the Continuity Book will be provided. This is a graded product (in the Spring Semester). LET 4 Continuity Books 12

13 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC LET 4 Course Outline 13 FALL SEMESTER: Unit 2 - Leadership Theory and Application Chapter 6 - Leadership Principles (+ FM 6-22; Leadership) Lesson 1: Power Bases and Influence Lesson 2: Styles of Leadership Lesson 3: Management Skills Lesson 4: Communication Lesson 5: Motivation Unit 6 – Citizenship in American History & Government (+ Current Events) Chapter 6 – The Bill of Rights Lesson 6: Protection of Rights within the Judicial System Lesson 7: Military Justice System (+ UCMJ) Chapter 7 – Citizen Roles in American Democracy Lesson 1: Roles of Citizens Lesson 2: New Citizenship and Constitutional Issues Lesson 3: Constitutionalism and Other Countries

14 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC LET 4 Course Outline 14 Unit 6 – Citizenship in American History & Government (+ Current Events) Chapter 8 – Critical Thinking in Citizenship Lesson 1: Leadership Choices, Decisions, & Consequences Lesson 2: Ethical Choices, Decisions, & Consequences Lesson 3: Global Citizenship, Choices, Decisions, & Consequences Lesson 4: Historical Timeline: Choices, Decisions, & Consequences Community Service Organization Presentation/Briefing Unit 1 - Citizenship in Action Chapter 1 – Foundations of Army JROTC & Getting Involved Lesson 9: Basic Command and Staff Principles

15 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC Fall Semester Major Events 15 DAY/DATEEVENTLOCATIONREMARKS FRI, 19 Aug @ 19:30 (parking detail @ 17:00) Military Appreciation Football Game (H) GRC vs. Corbin HSService Flags, Parking Detail & Color Guard FRI, 2 Sept @ 19:30 (parking detail @ 17:00) Football Game (H)GRC vs. Montgomery Co Parking Detail & Color Guard SAT/SUN, 3 & 4 SeptPioneer FestCollege ParkClean-Up Detail ($) SAT, 10 Sept @ TBDRaider & Drill Team “Scrimmage” GRC JROTCRegimental Club FRI, 16 Sept @ 19:30 (parking detail @ 17:00) Football Game (H)GRC vs. Henry ClayParking Detail & Color Guard THUR-SUN, 22-25 SeptJMM Country FestLykins ParkClean-Up Detail ($) SAT, 24 SeptAll-Inclusive Competition Grant County HSRaider Team, Color Guard, & Squad Drill FRI, 30 Sept @ 19:30 (parking detail @ 17:00) Football Game (H) HOMECOMING GRC vs. Harlan CoSaber Arch, Parking Detail & Color Guard

16 LET 4 Syllabus (2011-2012) George Rogers Clark HS JROTC WELCOME to your SENIOR YEAR of JROTC (LET 4) COLONEL (Retired) David R. Alexander 16

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