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Let’s Origami COP10 Project -Envision your 10-year future-

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1 Let’s Origami COP10 Project -Envision your 10-year future-
Japan Committee for IUCN CBD-COP10/MOP5 Program CBD IYB project Japan IYB committee project Aichi-Nagoya COP10 Promotion Committee Partnership project

2 Key message Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life.
This project aims to give all people an opportunity to think about your relations to biodiversity. We believe that people all over the world can feel harmony by making Origami, Japanese traditional art.

3 Project team Secretariat of Japan Committee for IUCN(IUCN-J)
Team members; Ms.Makiko Imai, Japan Civil Network for CBD Mr. Junya Tanaka, Japan Youth Ecology League Partners; Members of IUCN-J including MoE in Japan. ※This project was approved as a Japan IYB committee project on March 25,2010.   ※This project is financially supported by Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund.

4 Plan 1 Call for partners(individuals, organizations) and they make origami and send us the photo with their message to biodiversity and CBD-COP10. Our official Website has opened! The exhibition/art of the origami that people sent us in the COP10 conference place in Nagoya, and some volunteers shall give origami crafts to the COP10 participants from all over the world.

5 Plan 2 Have Origami workshop to express the web of life(biodiversity) in Japan at the CEPA Fair side-event Example : Wild Bird Society in Japan  They made a biological pyramid, the top is Blakiston's fish owl, which is on the RedList of IUCN.

6 Expected Results COP10 and related organization and people are going to be united by making Origami and the message to the future( for 2020). Start thinking about all life on the earth, our lives, lead to action for biodiversity conservation. The related workshop will give a chance to learn the critical issues on the earth, not only nature conservation, but also poverty, development, Economical obstacles.

7 Potential Partners Origami SCBD IUCN & IUCN members
(Redlist, Countdown2010) Gov of Japan, Nagoya,Aichi JICA development NGOs Origami Zoo and Aquariums STAND UP! Take action campaign Visitor Centers at National Parks Peace-keeping/building activities Origami artists Schools Biodiversity is spread over the themes, region/nationalities, and sectors

8 calendar of 2010 Toward 2020, milestone’s events
Month Details April Project starts May website is open Memorial event in SBSTTA/WGRI, Nairobi June to Sep call for origami campaigns all over the world ex; Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, Japan Oct exhibitions and workshop at COP10 sites, in Nagoya, Japan Dec Exhibitions at IYB Closing event in Ishikawa, Japan Origami gift to India, host country of COP11 Toward 2020, milestone’s events Rio+20 in 2012, Review of MDGs in 2015, Review of 2020 target in 2020

9 Earth Day Tokyo, April 17&18, 2010

10 SBSTTA/WGRI in Nairobi, Kenya
With the kindly support by SCBD, the Project set the Origami workshop desk, and many government officials and NGOs who participated SBSTTA/WGRI made Origami and message ・total 339 origami and more than 200 messages ・African youth support the workshop. Photo: Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf secretary general of CBD


12 In Kenya(Nairobi Unibersity Matomaini Children’s home, etc.)
・Great communication tool for those who doesn’t know about 「COP10」「Biodiversity」 Internaional Day of Biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan

13 During the CBD-COP10 Origami booth was set by IUCN-J, Japan Civil network for CBD, COP10 promotion committee and several event were organized at interactive fairs. During CBD-COP 10,760 origami was made.

14 IYB closing at Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture Last origami workshop
COP10 Origami Project Closing… Bury origami in Higashiyama park as a time capsule IYB closing at Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture Last origami workshop

15 Media strategy Official homepage :
Twitter ( #cop10origami ) facebook group Other : some Media Partners Ex; TheearthNews: eco goo htttp://

16 The final outcome 4 training workshops for origami supporter and total 100 supporters(volunteers) were registered. 92 partner organization, 23,971 origami, 22,001 people were engaged. Provide the general public a opportunity to think CBD and biodiversity and provide common actions in the world to involve CBD-COP . Please look at

17 Contact Info Ms.Reiko Ishiguro CBD-COP10/MOP5 program officer Japan Committee for IUCN(IUCN-J) Website: IUCN-J web:

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