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A Timeline. Alaska was the best land deal in America. Secretary of state William Seward. At first it seemed like a barren wasteland. But soon gold was.

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1 A Timeline

2 Alaska was the best land deal in America. Secretary of state William Seward. At first it seemed like a barren wasteland. But soon gold was discovered and people came flooding in.


4 It took six years to finish. But soon it was finished when they met at Salt Lake City. They had one gold spike two silver spikes and one copper and silver spike. The effect was that westward travel was easier.


6 Many countries were having a bad time so most of the immigrants moved to America for a better and easier time. Like Sweden they were having a potato problem. (third main food.) And the Chinese they came here to get more money and live a more comfortable life The immigrants were not treated nicely. They were taken advantage of an forced them to work or starve to death. They made every one in the family work even the children. It was a dangerous health risk. They made the adults arm dynamite. The kids sort coal from rock. And they were severely punished if they disobeyed orders.

7 The different tribes of Indians were being cheated out of there land. They were forced off, willingly went off or killed off. They were sent to reserves which were small and cramped there were resistances like Sitting Bull. There was a treaty with the Sioux. But when gold was discovered in the Black Hills. The Indians were kicked out of their land.

8 It was a popular show that reenacted the west history. It had several acts. It had gunslingers, cowboys and the real Sitting Bull the Indian.

9 Gunslingers were the outlaws of the land like Billy the Kid. They fought for money power and land. Cowboys drove cattle into employer ranches. Cattle drives where cowboys herded cattle to their employers ranches. However life on the trail was hard, only a small percentage of cattle made it to the winter and summer ranches, because of cold hunger and fatigue.

10 This flash flood destroyed several towns with few survivors. One of the towns hit was Johnstown. Hundreds if not thousands were killed injured or missing. The new York times had several reports on it but none were accurate until a month later.When telegram poles were finally replaced. The cause of the flood was a water spout on a dam. The dam was up the river and full of water.

11 The war started when an explosion destroyed a American ship killing 260 people. The United States thought that Cuba had blown up the ship that they had sent over to help Cuba with their civil war. Congress gave president William McKinley permission to send solders to Cuba and forced the Spanish out of Cuba. At the end of the war, it actually turned out that it helped mend the United States from Reconstruction and classify the United States as a world power.

12 How long and tall was the Titanic? The Titanic was 882 feet, 8 inches/268 meters long and 175 feet from keel to funnel. How many people could the Titanic hold? Passengers and Crew. 3547 How many apples and oranges were on the Titanic for consumption? 36,000 each. How many lifeboats were on the Titanic? 20 But there was enough room for 32. but White Star management the owner of the ship was afraid that to many lifeboats would scully the beauty of the ship. How many people died in the disaster? How many survived? 1523 died out of 2228 and 705 survived.

13 What "safety" features on the Titanic made it seem unsinkable? It had 3 steel hulls but scientists today believe that the steel was of poor quality plus it had water tight doors. If they hadn’t had these doors, the Titanic would have stayed afloat for approximately 6 more hours because when the water got into the ship, all the water weight was in the front of the ship, kind of like a giant teeter totter. 7 tons of water per second was coming into the ship. Plus once the ship started to tilt, it made the conditions even worse because the water tight doors were only meant to hold water horizontally, not vertically. There was space at the top of the watertight walls. So when it tipped, it overflowed and water came flowing into the rest of the ship. What accident was narrowly avoided as the Titanic was leaving harbor? A collision with another ship called the New York.

14 How did the passengers react to the collision with the Iceberg? It was such complete panic that most of the life boats left half empty. How long did it take for help to arrive after the Titanic sunk? It took approximately two hours for the Katrina to arrive. She took aboard the passengers and took them to New York.


16 What were the causes of the disaster according to the US Senate investigation? The missing binoculars was the cause everybody said. What was the first, serious scientific attempt to locate the Titanic? Was it successful? The first attempt was made by James Woolly he planned to find and raise the Titanic by placing balloons on the hull to make it float. But he never found the Titanic. Even if he did, he would need millions of balloons to make the old, deserted hull float.

17 In your own words, do you think the Titanic disaster could have been avoided? What significance does it have today? It could be avoided if the captain had turned the ship. If there had been enough life boats. If the crows nest binoculars had not gone missing.And if the lifeboats were full when they left. This disaster caused a change in the sea rules. All ships must have their radio running at all times and there are airplanes scouting around for icebergs so a ship will not hit an iceberg and sink like the Titanic. Another new rule was that all ships must carry the exact amount of lifeboats to carry the number of passengers.

18 When was the "Gilded Age?" What kind of technological advances were made then? What was it like to live back then? 1880-1912 when the Titanic sank it was a time of mechanical revolution. The airplane the telephone and the automobile were some of the many things that were invented during this time. Back then, life was pretty much great. It was an industrial revolutionary time. So many things were being invented and people didn’t have to walk to wherever they had to go anymore because of the automobile. Because of the telephone, they could talk with their friends even when they were away. So the new technologies made the people prosper and life was rich and exciting. The Gilded Age is also known as the Edwardian Age in England. During this time, many immigrants were coming to America, and many were on board the Titanic. Why were so many people coming to America? They came because there was much to do and much to be discovered. Plus they could do things that they could not do in they're country. Like send their kids out safely, knowing that they wouldn’t get in trouble with the police like in some countries. Because of all the gold that had been discovered and the land available in the country, hundreds of people swarmed into America trying to get their fortunes.




22 In what ways did the Titanic represent the Gilded Age? It represented a slice of what was going on. The technology on the ship was advanced because of the technological revolution that was producing so many inventions that the patent office thought about closing. Above the decks were the first-class people who were basically movie stars or rich people or filthy rich people who spent their days playing games, exercising, eating, drinking and dancing. But below the decks were the third-class people who never had very much money. Conditions were wet, cramped and stuffy from the engines. But nobody noticed them. They only saw the famous people and rich people who would probably faint if a mouse crossed their path.



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