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Instantly Intuitive. Version 11.0 Copyright © 2014, Trihedral Engineering Limited All Rights Reserved Updated: June 4, 2014.

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1 Instantly Intuitive. Version 11.0 Copyright © 2014, Trihedral Engineering Limited All Rights Reserved Updated: June 4, 2014

2 TM Focus on Water and Wastewater

3 About Trihedral Background  27 years developing HMI/SCADA software  Customer base spanning 6 continents  Permanent team of over 40 programmers and engineers  Low turnover means a motivated workforce with the skills and experience to solve your problems Offices in 3 Countries Bedford, Canada (head office)Aberdeen, UKOrlando, USA

4 Our HMI / SCADA Software We designed VTScada 11 to make you productive in your first hour, with intuitive tools and a unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA components in a single, easy-to-use package. Fully-integrated HMI toolset  For telemetry and non-telemetry applications  Connects to hundreds of models of I/O devices  Polling management  High-speed integration tools  SCADA-specific displays and reports  Application Version Control *  Enterprise Connectivity Package * (ODBC Server, OPC Server, Web Services) Optional Integrated Components  Alarm Notification System  Internet Connectivity  Mobile Internet Client * A standard component of every VTScada Development Runtime License

5 Who Uses VTScada? Power GenerationOil, Gas, and Chemicals Manufacturing Marine Broadcasting Food & BeverageAirport SystemsFlood Controls Water and Wastewater

6 Typical Applications  Plant control  Generating station control  Turbine interfaces  Water usage accounting  River control (Hydro)  Energy dispatch  Generating resource management Power Generation Fossil Power Systems - Nova Scotia Power - Ontario Power Generation Ontario Power Generation Ontario, Canada  14,000 real-time inputs  442 transmission lines  223 generators  164 revenue metering sites

7 Typical Applications  Oil and gas distribution  Tank farm monitoring  Sub-sea wellhead control  Renewable resource research  Asset management Oil and Gas / Chemicals Yemen Hunt - Aker Kvaerner - Air Products & Chemicals – Petrobras - Parabel - CSE – Saelpa, Brasil Aker Kvaerner Houston, USA and Aberdeen, Scotland  Subsea monitoring & control system (SMACS)  Highly customized for subsea valves  Installed on over 180 oil platforms worldwide  Emergency wellhead shutdown sequencing  On-line configuration essential

8 Digital Transmitter Monitoring United Kingdom  Developed by UK-based Integrator Arqiva  1.2 Million tags  Centralized configuration with regional support  Monitors radio/television tower network  Used by content providers (e.g. BBC)  Nation-wide asset monitoring  Alarms management Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Quebec, Canada  6 regional systems feed national central  National alarm center  888 RTUs across country  Capable of 1500 RTUs Broadcasting Canadian Broadcast Corp. - NTL Malaysia - Arquiva Typical Applications - Nation-wide asset monitoring - Alarms management - Centralized configuration with regional support

9 Typical Applications  Baggage handling system monitoring  Baggage Image Weight Identification (BIWIS)  Air traffic control Airport Systems Stanfield International - Shanon International - Kelowna - Nav Canada Stanfield International Airport Halifax, Canada  Approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection  Interface to baggage handling system  8 pre-clearance inspection points  Automated system redundancy  Network status monitoring

10 Hosted Applications Kennedy Industries - Xylem - Newark Electric - SPOC Automation Features  Centralized data collection and storage for global customer network  Servers reside at Trihedral facilities  Secure customer data access via VTScada Internet Client  Separation of customer-specific data  Distributed redundant servers for disaster protection Application in focus Kennedy Industries New Hudson, MI  Developed a VTScada-based hosted SCADA system  Multi-customer support  New systems can be configured in days  Supports 100 + brands of PLCs and RTUs  Variety of communication links (e.g. cellular, satellite)  Customers include Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

11 Features  Centralized data collection for nationwide assets  Tank farm monitoring  Usage rate projection based on historical trends  Distribution channel scheduling and delivery optimization Logistics and Inventory Management Fortune 500 Gas Supplier  13,000 RTUs monitored  North America and Europe  Daily polling and unsolicited alarms  2 Million transactions per year  Multi-level redundancy  Schedules 30,000 + deliveries per month

12 Oil & Gas Installations The North Sea

13 Oil & Gas Installations Gulf of Mexico

14 Atlantic Canada Southeast Water and Wastewater GRU, FL - Fountain Hills, AZ - Ocala, FL - Warren County, OH - SWFWMD, FL Head Office Orlando Office More W/WW installation maps:

15 Gainesville Regional Utilities Gainesville, FL  Automated Wonderware and Dataflow database conversions  Centralized configuration of lift stations and plants  Internet clients replaced more expensive thick client licenses  Automatic server failover  Geographically separated primary and backup servers Wastewater Collections Application in Focus

16 Fountain Hills, AZ  Multi-location application  Soft control of remote hardware  Redundant Internet networks (DSL, Cable) Water Treatment Applications in focus Ocala, FL  Automated DataFlow and FIX DB conversion  Distributed historian  Alarm Dialer integration  Reduced maintenance costs  Remote laptop connectivity

17 Warren County Water Warren County, OH  Wonderware replacement  Distribution system tied into Water Treatment Plants  Efficient PC resource usage  Redundant servers and alarm dialing  Internet connectivity  Data extraction using ODBC Server  XLReporter for monthly operating reports (MOR) Water Distribution

18 Southwest Florida Water Management District Florida, USA  Over 300 legacy and new RTUs  Custom RTU programming interface  Public Internet access to hydrologic data  Logged data retrieval from field devices  Dam and weir control (28 locations)  RTU programming via HMI  Oracle interface for hydrologic data modeling Hydrology Application in Focus

19 Market Comparison City of Sacramento

20 VTScada Affinity Program Providing Greater Value Through Leveraging Partnerships The Power of Vendor Co-operation  Database conversions  Proprietary driver support  Hardware-specific feature support  System integrator-specific feature development  Custom screens and graphics Integrated interfaces for Tradewinds® power generators and MultiSmart® pump controllers.

21 OEM Features Support Improving workflow with object templates VTScada OEM Layers Create multiple applications based on a template of error-free objects.  A unique feature of VTScada  Automatic tag database generation  Automatic graphic development  Custom bitmap libraries  Reduced development time  Error-free configuration  Import changes to OEM layers using VTScada ChangeSet files

22 System Integrators Over 120 Integrators Worldwide  North America  South America  Europe  the Middle East Our network of trained integrators provides solutions in a variety of industries. Basic, advanced, and custom VTScada training courses available

23 VTScada IDEA Studio™ Create high-impact displays using intuitive Drag & Drop tools.  Configure displays, menus, and tags from one interface.  Familiar ribbon makes finding tools and elements a snap.  200+ ‘widgets’ make it easy to draw I/O as photo-real meters, switches, buttons, and animations.  Choose from even more pre-built high-impact display pages.  Choose to lay out graphics first, or start by creating tags.  Easily select, align, and space any combination of elements.  Draw and edit striking 3D pipes with a few clicks.  Drag images onto your displays from your desktop or browser.

24 Full Display Graphics on Smart Phones and Tablets The Mobile Internet Client (MIC) provides simple and secure SCADA access optimized for mobile screens of any size. Now see full-resolution views of any display page on demand.  Displays appear just as they do on a PC.  Pinch and swipe to zoom in on areas of interest.  Tap tag-based elements to set values, display tool tips, or plot historical data.  Easily switch between full graphics and the optimized interface.  Update values manually or set a refresh rate.  Note: Full Display Graphics use more mobile data plan capacity.

25 VTScada Tiled Page View™ Easily oversee and navigate all your most important pages.  Auto-generated based on main menu configuration.  Tiles resize to fit all pages in the current menu level.  Large tiles display live page views.  Small tiles display snapshots.  Sub-menus appear as folders.  Click tiles to open pages and folders.  Recently viewed pages appear across the top.

26 The Cornerstones of VTScada Reliability Have confidence in your day-to-day operations. Connectivity Use components that make the most economic sense. System Growth Plan for long-term expansion.

27 Cornerstones Reliability Outstanding Technical Support Redundant Network LinksRedundant Historian and Alarm Data Built-in Application Version Control PC / Network Health Monitoring and Alarming SCADA Server Redundancy with load sharing

28 Cornerstones Connectivity ODBC Server Internet Server Mobile Internet Clients Internet Clients OPC Client and ServerWeb Services Business Connectivity Package Part of every Full Development License Internet Connectivity PCs and Mobile Devices Open Architecture Standard and Proprietary Device Drivers Advanced Polling Management Fast/normal poll mode switching On-line poll rate tuning

29 A Smarter Approach to Interconnectivity Distributed Redundancy Configure any number of redundant servers in seconds Distribute services across multiple servers Automatic failover Restored servers sync historical data

30 Cyber Security Application-level User Accounts  Control access to all parts of the application including workstations, Internet clients, mobile Internet clients, and alarm notifications.  Deployed security changes are immediate and application wide  Accounts are easily copied, modified, and deleted  Now share accounts across multiple applications Rules and Roles  Replaces an ever-growing list of privileges  Very finely tune what users can do and where  Reduce time to configure accounts Military-grade Encryption  Security database  Security data exchanged between Internet clients and servers A Smarter Approach to Interconnectivity

31  Support for over a million tags  Centralized management of multiple applications  Unlimited customization  Maximum uptime via on-line development  32 and 64-bit support Centralized Application Management Single Server System Large-scale System Cornerstones System Growth Two Server System

32 A Smarter Approach to Interconnectivity Centralized Configuration and Administration Colchester, Nova Scotia  Centralized monitoring and control of four WWTPs  Automatic server failover  Centralized remote historical data backup

33 TrendingAlarmingReporting Enterprise Connectivity Package Version Control Internet and Mobile Connectivity Security Monitoring and Control A Smarter Approach to Interconnectivity Maximum Scalability @

34 Technical Support Our team of developers, programmers, and engineers provide the most accessible, reliable and comprehensive support in the industry. Standard  Phone and email  Remote access  90 days included in all new licenses Available Upon Request  Onsite support  24/7 support  Application-specific “We absolutely have to maintain that support contract forever. They have always jumped through hoops to make whatever problem I have, big or small, go away. In this industry you don’t often find that, so when you do, you tend to stick with it.” Mark Utesch - SCADA Instrumentation Technician, City of Altamonte Springs, FL

35 Customer Testimonials We believe our customers are our best spokespeople. “The continued support of the entire Trihedral team, specifically Bryan Sinkler, Victor Smeenk, and the support team, is the reason we continue to recommend and use this software. Laurie Kusmaul - Sales and Project Engineer - Star Controls, Inc. “Knowing that support is there makes me more comfortable about using new features and adding new things. It would be so simple to just buy it and forget about it for five or ten years. I like those feature updates.” Chris Drey was Water Superintendent - Village of Romeoville, IL “VTScada has definitely exceeded our expectations; we were looking for somebody who provided good support, who would get questions answered, and the price, of course. But really one of our biggest things was support. You cannot get good support from most software companies but that was definitely not the case here. Trihedral is very service driven.” Jessica Spindler – Sales Manager - State Electronics Company, Inc. “As long as Trihedral keeps offering this level of customer support, there will always be VTScada at Gainesville.” Tom Wallace, Gainesville Regional Utilities, FL “I can state unequivocally that 'providing quality products with exceptional services' is not only part of [Trihedral’s] mission statement, but that it really is part of your business culture.” Craig Corzine, President, CSE Engineering Inc., CA “Absolutely, Trihedral is the way to go. I tell everybody that. I wouldn’t even look at anyone else. The support that I receive and the functionality I get from the system are more than I could have asked for.” Mark Utesch, SCADA Instrumentation, City of Altamonte Springs, FL “What impressed me most about Trihedral and VTScada is not simply the incredible design of the software and smooth transition from our previous HMI package, but the accessibility of staff and their pride in their product.” Jay Nicholson - Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission, Lexington, SC

36 More Information Call us 1 (800) 463-2783 Toll-free in North America Write us Visit our website Try the 90-day Trial © Trihedral Engineering Limited 2014 VTScada is a trademark of Trihedral Engineering Limited

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