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Lia Cook Martin Martinez Kara Olson Logan Gillings.

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1 Lia Cook Martin Martinez Kara Olson Logan Gillings



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5 Our Island, Mc.Go, decided to adopt the government Constitutional Republic. We determined this because no government is perfect, but this is the closest one. With a Constitutional Republic the power is distributed between three different branches of government. This is so not one person/group receives too much power. In addition, everyone has a say. People get the right to vote for their officials. These people are the ones that will represent and make the decisions for us. This is why voting is so crucial because they help determine the fate of our country. We also get the right to say what we please. If we do not like a representative we can say so. Lastly, we can impeach an official for a wrong doing.

6 With a dictatorship, one person has complete control over the country. Like in Animal Farm, Napoleon took over once Mr. Jones left the farm. He let power get to his head and went completely crazy with it. Napoleon started doing the exact opposite of what the animals wanted to take place. The lower animals, all but pigs and dogs, were afraid to speak up to the matter. This shows why we picked our form of government. We do not want one person/group to gain complete control. They can manipulate others into thinking they are not good enough. We want our people to have a say of what goes on in our country. Everyone lives in the country so we believe everyone needs to have a say.

7 When a person does a wrong deed, they will be punished depending. They of course will not be punished for speaking up to what they believe in. When a person kills someone we believe they should be in jail for life. In addition, when a person hurts another, they should get the same punishment. We believe, doing this will prevent a lot of controversies. You do not want to have someone do wrong to you, so you should not do wrong to them!

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