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Calgary Board of Education Alex Munro School | Personal Development Through Learning |

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1 Calgary Board of Education Alex Munro School | Personal Development Through Learning |


3 Mrs. Gould – Hello my name is Cathie Gould and this is my student Kaylah Amershi.
Kaylah – Mrs. Gould was my teacher in kindergarten and now she is my teacher in grade one. Mrs. Gould – Our work in mathematics has been focused on how mathematicians keep track in order to explain their mathematical thinking to others so that it makes sense. I want Kaylah to continue to love math, to be excited about tackling challenging problems and to continue to learn how to collaborate with others. I am delighted when Kaylah makes connections in mathematics and wants to explain her thinking to her teacher and other students. As an educator, it is important for me to create an atmosphere in my classroom where all students have opportunities to enter the mathematical conversation at their own level. We have mini math conferences where we learn from each other. This is a safe and trusting environment where all students can think about what they know. We learn to ask good questions and to listen to each other. It is when students begin to think about their thinking and start wondering that they begin to own their learning and begin to ask their own questions. This is when learning takes on a personal meaning for each student for they become more engaged and interested in finding their own answers to their own questions. Kaylah – This is a video of me in kindergarten talking about math to my teacher. I have fun talking to my teacher about math. I hope you like it! (Go to video) Kaylah Loves Thinking about Mathematics, and Making Connections in the World

4 Click image to watch Kayla’s math video

5 Mrs. Gould – In grade one, Kaylah continues to explore mathematics
Mrs. Gould – In grade one, Kaylah continues to explore mathematics. She is learning how to play checkers as a way to practice collaborating with others. Kaylah – We are learning to take turns and use logic. If I move one way then someone will move another way. I need to watch carefully and think about the best way to move. Mrs. Gould – We will continue to have math forums and draw pictures to show our thinking. We will never give up and always look for another way of trying to solve problems. Kaylah – Math is fun. Right now I am writing all my numbers in my imagination book. I am at 109. I am trying to figure out what comes next. I have a lot of numbers. It is fun trying to figure it out! Kaylah

6 Dryden is a big thinker who loves challenges
Slide 1: picture of Dryden Dryden: My name is Dryden, and I am a Grade Three student at Alex Munro School. I became a Mathematician last year in Grade Two, and my teacher Mrs. McDonald and I would like to share some of my strategies with you. Shiroji: “Through personal conversations with Dryden last year and while observing him solving Mathematical problems, I realized that Dryden is a big thinker. He loves a challenge and enthusiastically thinks outside the box. However, he was eager to arrive at his answers immediately. I encouraged Dryden to ask questions and begin breaking down his process for arriving at an answer.” Dryden is a big thinker who loves challenges

7 Demonstrating Resilience and Perseverance
“I wanted to get to my answer right away but I would just sort of do it quickly. But then I would feel frustrated if it didn’t work or my answer was wrong. I wouldn’t know where to look to fix it. I began to use math to solve real life questions.” Dryden Slide 2: McKnight Cheesies  Dryden: “I wanted to get to my answers right away, but I would just sort of do it quickly. But then I would feel frustrated if it didn’t work out or my answer was wrong. I didn’t know where to look to fix it. Math began to be really cool when I could use it to understand real life questions. I started to use strategies I learned to solve them!”

8 Slide 3: Multiple Strategies
Shiroji: “Dryden, how did your approach to Mathematical thinking begin to change?” Dryden: “Now I got to the answer more slower, taking my time because breaking up the numbers into “Friendly” numbers made it easier to add big numbers together. Using many different strategies for the same question helped me prove my thinking to myself and to others. Some of my strategies are using triangle math, the hundred chart, the open number line and equations.”

9 Click image to watch video
Slide 4: Video (Please show video after Shiroji and Dryden have said text below). Shiroji: “As a teacher the challenge is to now help Dryden extend these strategies for addition and subtraction into multiplication and division, and to continue Mathematical conversations with him to support his evolving learning. Dryden: “Now in Grade Three, I would take these strategies to do Mental Math just in my head. When I’m doing multiplication, I will kind of do the same thing by breaking numbers into smaller parts again.” Click image to watch video

10 Jana: I’m Jana El-Guebaly and this is my student from last year Sunny Li. We are focusing on the process of discovering and understanding self as a learner. My entry point was through inviting Sunny to post Math artifacts and to use these to model the reflective process. We focused on looking at evidence of what you already know and what you can already do, what was successful versus unsuccessful, and how does that inform where you go from here? Sunny: This artifact shows my use of the halving and doubling strategy for multiplication. I think this strategy is really efficient because you can almost always half and double numbers to make the multiplication easier to work with. I continued to use this strategy on future math problems. The journey then became focusing on a particular aspect of learning, in this case Sunny’s personal development as a learner.

11 Sunny: I began by choosing something personally meaningful, which for me was examining my effort and persistence with individual and group tasks. I also had to work on my self regulation for which tasks need the most attention and which did not. In conversations with Ms. El we discovered that I was most frustrated when I didn’t see eye to eye with other group members. I work at a quick pace, so it is hard for me to slow down for others; however, I really wanted my group work to be successful. We looked at strategies like truly listening to my partners and accepting their thinking even if I didn’t agree. We would also work together to play to everyone’s strengths in the group. Jana: Finally, by taking what was learned through modeled reflection, and applying it, Sunny became a student with a greater identification of herself through increased self awareness, confidence and reflective capacity.

12 Sunny: This artifact is the final piece of an inquiry done through 2school here at the CBE. I called this photograph Confused and Clear. Though I also comment on how this piece reflects me as an artist, I also felt it represents life in a way. I’m very interested in how every person’s life is so different from each other yet also the same. I like to compare lives so I think this photo says “No matter how perfect your life seems, you always have to go through the messy parts in life before you reach the light.”

13 Sunny: I also feel that this piece represents the past, present and future. Both the past and future are blurred; the past is altered by personal perspective, and the future is unpredictable and unexpected. Living in the present is what is most clear. Jana: So no when thinking about what has changed over time… Sunny’s new goal this year is focused on collaborating effectively with others by accepting other ideas and perspectives, using the strengths of others and also accepting learning differences. Working with Iris has created a framework for me to set and work towards learning goals in a way that is reflective, timely and flexible. When I am able to enter goals and strategies into Iris and then go back and see what is working and what isn’t it enables me to engage in learning with more persistence and effectiveness. And…of course…my discovery of self isn’t finished. Thank you.

14 Alex Munro School Would Like to Thank:
The Calgary Board of Education Trustees The Office of the Chief Superintendent Susan Church, Director, Area II …For Giving us the Opportunity to Share our Learning And, Barb Martin, Galileo Educational Network Learning Services, Education Specialists, Erica Rae, Kathryn Jones, Stephanie Leech and Mandy Hambidge …For Working with us on our Journey

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