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Meet Dan He’s twenty-something, Healthy, Employed,

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3 Meet Dan


5 He’s twenty-something,

6 Healthy,

7 Employed,

8 and doesn’t think he needs a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

9 Well, Dan, we hate to burst your bubble,

10 but you do!

11 FSAs let you use pre-tax money

12 to pay for medical expenses not covered by your health plan.

13 It’s true. You can use FSA money for things like

14 Allergists

15 Dermatologists

16 Dental X-rays and Fillings

17 Prescription Drugs

18 First Aid Supplies

19 Invisalign

20 And look, Dan wears glasses.


22 FSA dollars cover that stuff too…

23 Eye Exams, Glasses, Contact Lenses and LASIK


25 Wow, Dan. That’s a lot of stuff.

26 And a lot of savings.

27 That’s because FSAs are a guaranteed discount

28 on money you’re already spending on health care.

29 So, why wouldn’t you want to save?


31 Sign Up Today and Start SAVING Right Away! Start right away


33 Look for details during open enrollment, or talk to Human Resources for more information.

34 Check your Open Enrollment Dates For more information Contact Call Customer Service (800) 631-3539 Or E-mail

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