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Rethinking how your customers think about your website (a love story)

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1 rethinking how your customers think about your website (a love story)

2 start with self-assessment: Ask yourself, what do I need in a website? (getting to know you )

3 websites need clear concise goals to be effective A site without clear directives is like a movie with no plot. I have no idea what I just saw Let’s see some action words

4 Your site should be Profitable, enjoyable, interactive, engaging It’s all coming together. Keep it up, sounds good

5 And you know what else it should be? attractive, smart, clever, trendy, generates leads, converts to sales Keep it up, brilliant direction

6 And it wouldn’t hurt if it were: principled, customer oriented, user friendly, affordable, modern You’re making a masterpiece.

7 You need a site that serves a purpose You need a design-driven company that understands marketing and advertising. I do!!

8 Here’s how we can help  Create a website that is modern & user friendly.  Design a consistent image to help clients see your company the way you see it.  Set measurable goals and analyze data to improve your site Great!

9 Smart strategies for success  Research your competition to find their strengths and weaknesses.  Evaluate your site with fresh eyes and emphasize product value.  Improve traffic It’s an inventory of your assets.

10 How we do it? We separate the wheat from the chaff by assessing the value of key design, marketing, advertising components. Everything should serve a purpose. Eliminate the unnecessary The necessary speaks

11 We research to determine  Why customers choose your products?  Why they remain loyal?  What they love and what they hate.  Where your traffic comes from and how you can get more.  The content that’s most beneficial for your site.

12 So that customers can finally see, love, and become as passionate about your company as you are. You really love my widgets? Of course! They are pretty amazing. I’ve always felt they were.

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