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Syudeneva Anara School student 10 th Grade, School #1 Novouzensk, 2012-2013.

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1 Syudeneva Anara School student 10 th Grade, School #1 Novouzensk, 2012-2013

2 Curriculum Vitae Personal details Name: Syudeneva Anara Address: 29 Residential Area 2, Apt. 39, Novouzensk, Saratov Region, Russia Date of birth: Tel: 17.10.1996 89271538855 Education 2003-2006 – elementary school student 2007-2013 – secondary school student (10 th Grade) science-oriented studies Additional courses: 2011-2012 (English) “Why not become a translator?” “Going Abroad: “Pros “ and “Cons” 2012-2013 “Practice of English in EGE format” Member of the English Club “Piccadilly” Work experience Babysitter (a part-time job) Babysat for the children of my relatives. I taught them to speak Russian and English (some phrases). They have learned to play the new games. Working off (summer job) Cleaned the school territory, watered flowers, weeded grass. (Received good experience).

3 Position of responsibility I am an art designer in our class. We draw posters and make layouts for the holidays and competitions. Skills Good knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Painting: attended the art classes at the Art School Can paint on fabric. HobbyENGLISH. It’s my favourite school subject. Like reading, writing, speaking, listening to the English speech… I enjoy learning English!

4 Home Studies (daily) English Lessons ( 3 times a week) Elective language courses After-Classes Activities (once a week) at 4 or 5 p.m. Club Hour (on Thursdays) Doing Projects (on Mondays) Making Presentations (on Saturdays) Doing home task Reading books in English Searching in the Internet for info (in English)

5 My Dreams: to improve my knowledge of English; to pass exams in English successfully; to use English in my future profession; to visit an English-Speaking country (the UK or USA); to listen to the English dialects. MY DREAMS




9 History My school was founded in 1982. The first director was Mitrofanova G. N. Data There are three floors in my school. The school has 47 study-rooms, a library, workshops, a gymnasium, the hall for holidays. My friends I have many friends at school. There are very good. My friends and I have lots interesting activities. We like Information Technology, History, English. My likes I like the school building, school meetings, home tasks, lessons, teachers, holidays, classmates. Dreams I’d like my school to have drama, computer and music clubs. I think they are great! I’d go to the drama club. I’d like to change the timetable in my school because there are too many lessons a day. It’s boring! I’d have only four: English, History, Mathematics and Chemistry. My Favorite School

10 My opinion: School Dress Code I think that the dress code is needed for several reasons. First of all, the dress code makes the students equal on the material terms. Moreover, pupils look more disciplined and are focused more on studies. One more reason - if a student looks tidy and smart, it shows that he takes pride on his school. To my mind the school is a place for learning, not for the fashion show. But there should be a day when we could get dressed as we want without having any limits. Tight jeans, bikini tops… are acceptable only for a disco.

11 These are my new classmates. We previously studied in different groups, classes, and schools. I think that in our group all are very smart. Everyone knows much, likes to learn and have a rest. We keep trying to spend free time together. I like my classmates!

12 My teacher is Kochegarova Tatiana Vasilievna. She has been teaching me for 5 years already. Tatiyana Vasilievna taught me how to read correctly, do the listening tasks, projects and tests. In English class I'm learning to give my opinion, to express my thoughts better. My favourite thing is doing the projects in English. And the most important thing is that I have learned to understand the texts.

13 My School Traditions In our school there are many interesting and exciting traditions. Each class from the 5 th to 11 th can participate and can come and enjoy the performances. During each holiday event there are usually many spectators. Our school traditions are the following: Day of Knowledge; Day of Health; Exhibition of flowers and crafts; Teachers’ day; School’s Birthday; Autumn Fest; New Year’s Day; Defenders of the Fatherland Day; International Women’s day; Victory day; The “Last School Bell” for school Leavers; The Leaving school Party. To my mind these are very good activities. They help students to relax and have a rest.

14 When I think of Britain I think of many cities and London. London is a capital of Britain. I know that in London very famous are two things – dubble-decker buses and black taxis. In London popular sights are: Big Ben, London Zoo, Piccadilly Circus, the Thames, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and more. I think Britain as a place with a lot of different of people. They work hard at school and in offices. It seems to me that London is the most beautiful at night. Shining with many lanterns, signboards on shops… Many people walk, go to the party and clubs. London one of the most beautiful cities in Britain but not the only one. That’s how I see it.

15 For me there is nothing more adventurous and exciting than travelling! I would like to go to England. I’d like to learn English better. More than that during the trip I can learn some traditions and make new friends. England is a national “museum” of unique culture, amazing monuments and impressive landscapes as well as friendly and hospitable people. I’d like to visit the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, National Gallery, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park. This would be an adventurous tour, a fantastic holiday for me with wonderful places to visit and picturesque sights to see. I’d like to visit England!!!

16 Novouzensk Russia December 20, 2012 Dear Sir/Madam, There are several reasons why I want to take part in the Students’ Exchange Program. Firstly, I want to take part in the Students’ Exchange Program which is realized in Russia and England. I’d like to understand how the English students live, what subjects they study. What are they interested in, what clubs do they have, whether they visit them or not. And also I want to know how they prepare for exams, how many exams do they have after finishing school. It is still very interesting for me if they have any problems between adults and children. I think we have much in common. Secondly, to my mind England is a very interesting country and it would be desirable to see all sights. In particular Big Ben and the Buckingham place are interesting for to me. England is attractive to me as it is the country with many centuries history. I would learn more than I know now. Also, I would like to communicate both to simple inhabitants and governmental people as well. In conclusion, I want to tell that to go to England is the dream of all my life, because I want to see all with my eyes, instead of learning from stories and pictures. And after this trip I would have more friends and impressions, I hope. With best wishes student of the 10 th Form, School #1, Anara Syudeneva

17 Specialists in nanotechnologies is a new profession-people work with molecules and atoms. They are developing 3 Ares of this profession: -they make up chips; -nanosized robots; -engineering at the atomic level. Specialists in nanotechnologies should be careful, confident, accurate and reliable. They must be accurate because in this profession every detail is important. My opinion: I think that this profession is very needed and modern. I wouldn’t mind being a specialist in nanotechnologies. This job is exciting, interesting and well-paid. My character features would fit the profession completely.

18 Novouzensk Guide Book Сontent: 1.Tourism in our town. 2.Making Novouzensk a tourist destination. 3. Let’s make our town prosper!

19 An essay “ Russian traditions” It is true that Russia in rich in traditions. Some of them are interesting, others are unusual. But all traditions are attended by people. I’d like to describe one of the Russian holidays: “The Day of Love, Family and Loyalty”. I think it is one of the loving traditions for now. Firstly, this holiday is new. It has been in existence since 2008. It is celebrated on the 8 th of July. Secondly, the symbol of the Day of Love, Family and Loyalty is a flower of daisy. Thirdly, it is celebrated in honour of St.Peter and Fevronya. According to the story, they were an example of a real Christian family. They died at one day (on the 8 th of July) in 1228. In fact, a lot of people in Russia take part in celebrating this holiday. They love and take care of each other. At present people go to church on this day. As a result, I think it has become one of the most important holidays in many Russian families. It is a lovely holiday in my family as well.

20 MASHA is brainy, responsible, a friend forever, tries to understand. Stays with me when I’m in trouble. Worries and cares about me. Has similar interests with me. «A friend is never known till needed». «A friend to everyone is a friend to nobody». «Make new friends and keep the old» My Ideal Friend: сonsiderate, loyal, supportive; who’s fun to be with; who never betrays; plays sport. Who is a true friend.

21 Content: 1.Basic family values 2.Our family 3.That is impossible to “buy” 4.Quarrels: why not? 5.We together 6.My opinion



24 “Late autumn” Syudeneva A.

25 Language work Level reached PoorFairGoodExcellent Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Speaking (monologue, dialogue) Writing skills Grammar skills Study skills

26 B1 - Самостоятельное владение языком (Independent User) Пороговый уровень (Threshold) Listening Я могу понимать достаточно употребляемые слова и выражения, касающиеся меня и окружающего меня мира. Speaking Я умею общаться в большинстве типичных ситуаций и без подготовки могу участвовать в диалогах на интересующую меня тему. Reading Я могу понимать тексты на повседневные темы, в которых используется достаточно употребительные слова. Writing Я могу писать простой текст на знакомые или интересующие меня темы.

27 To improve my knowledge of English To add some achievements into my language portfolio To finish school next year To pass the exams successfully To enter a university To become a good specialist To be lucky

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