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E-Safety Quiz.

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1 E-Safety Quiz

2 E-Safety Quiz E-Safety Quiz
Would you meet up with someone you didn’t know on the internet?

3 E-Safety Quiz If someone you didn't know on the internet asked you to be your friend would you

4 E-Safety Quiz Would you put pictures of yourself on the internet that you wouldn't want your parents to see?

5 E-Safety Quiz What langue do you think is appropriate

6 E-Safety Quiz What information would you not give out

7 E-Safety Quiz If you knew that someone was bullying someone else what would you do

8 E-Safety Quiz Do you think it is safe to put your personal information on the internet?

9 E-Safety Quiz Do you think it is good that children around the world are being warned about being safe on the internet?

10 E-Safety Quiz Should you trust people on the internet?

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