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LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP 3 rd Primary school, Palaio Faliro.

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2 LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP 3 rd Primary school, Palaio Faliro

3 Friendship (Angela, Alexia, Nick, Alexander, Hector, George) We are going to talk about friendship. All the people have friends. And you also…We make friends at school. Big friendships start from Primary school and last for many years. We need friends because they can help us when we are sad. Also we need someone to tell our secrets, except for our parents. We select friends who are good and kind to us, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

4 Valentine’s story (Catherine- Rea- Maryhelen- Marina- Dimitra) Do you know about Valentine;s story? We think we Know. One story says that Valentine was a man who used to marry soldiers with their beloved ones. But Claudius forbidden these marriages because he believed that marriage and love made soldiers weak. But Valentine continued to marry secretly the soldiers and he was hung for his action. Another story says that Valentine was a prisoner who was in love with an officer;s daughter. Before he died he wrote a letter to the girl.outside the letter two words were written ‘From your Valentine’. This is a phrase that lovers say on Valentine’s day. We give a lot of presents on Valentine’s day: flowers, chocolates, bears. The strangest gift was a car and a building. These were Beckham’s gifts to his wife. Victoria was very surprised and she gave him a biiiig kiss.

5 Boys’ Fashion (Apostolos, Manos, Tasos, Antonis, Andreas, George) Boys in Greece usually wear comfortable clothes. We don’t wear a uniform at school and we are free to wear whatever we want…We like comfortable clothes, jeans, tracksuits, jumpers. We like wearing brand names but these clothes can be very expensive.

6 Girl’s Fashion (Rania, Marialena) Gils love clothes, they cannot live without clothes. They talk about clothes, they read magazines about fashion. Girls in Greece like wearing nice clothes: Short skirts and tops, Jeans and All star shoes. Our hobby is going shopping. We buy our clothes from Zara or Berska. Emo’s are in fashion lately. They wear dark clothes and use heavy make up. They are rather pessimistic. We do not wear uniforms at school. Our parents say that it would be better if we did because we wouldn’t care about fashion so much.

7 Traditional clothes in Greece ( Sofia, Nicky, Helen, Irene, Euridece and Isidora) Different places in Greece have different traditional clothes. The basic elements that comprise the traditional female costume are the skirt, cloak, girdle, apron, head covering, ornaments, stockings and shoes. The corresponding male costume consists of shirt, breeches or foustanella, waist coat, head covering, stockings and shoes called tsarouhia.

8 One of the most popular male costumes is Tsolias. After the liberation of Greece in the first quarter of the 19 th century, all male costumes in Peloponnese took the form of the Foustanella.


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