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(c) 2007, Angela Chang,Prototyping Tufts 3/12/07 The LumiTouch Project the path from idea to product needideateamactionplan.

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1 (c) 2007, Angela Chang,Prototyping Lecture @ Tufts 3/12/07 The LumiTouch Project the path from idea to product needideateamactionplan

2 Goal: Create a sense of real-time remote presence Implementation: A digitally augmented picture frame which allows touch to be sent over the internet as light The LumiTouch Project

3  “We both work late.”  “I don’t want to interrupt…  …or be interrupted”  “We are separated by an ocean…” Human beings are social animals. Motivation

4 I am at school, my boyfriend is at work. We stay late. Inspirations  “Is he thinking of me?”  “If only I could share my feelings...”  “I don’t want to interrupt…” Presented at TED 4 @ Kobe, 1993 and DOP 2 @ Amsterdam, 1994 SIGGRAPH Video Review, 106-10, ACM, 1994

5 The result… a live demo in last class Paper accepted, presented, and demoed @ CHI2001 working demo at the Media Lab a patent application Job opportunities Products: Ambient devices

6 The 5 Ingredients need idea team action plan

7 Need Personal motivations A bug list – a list of observations –“Wouldn’t it be nice if….” (I could tell when he was thinking of me) –“I hate…” (not knowing where he was) Each member shares/sees a common need that this product will address.

8 Inspiration Augment a picture frame of my significant other. Enhance a picture frame to allow real- time 2-way communication. However, keep the ambient non-intrusive qualities of original static picture. How can technology help?

9 Ideas A good idea does not rely on the group, when the group disperses, the idea remains. “The best way to get good ideas, is to get lots of ideas”- Linus Pauling

10 The Team Everyone contributes something different. Mutual respect, no power plays All are invested in the work Communication

11 MockUps Paper prototyping Experience Prototyping –Mood boards –Story Software Prototyping –Flash demoFlash demo Hardware Prototyping –Hard Appearance Model –Working technology demo (java)

12 Excitement = action

13 Prototyping resources James Gouldstone Durrel Bishop’s marble answering machine RCA’93

14 Planning Related Work- see what’s already out there –Existing products –Existing research papers Constraints & Deadlines are necessary –Scale it down –Narrow the scope Documentation writes itself… almost Talk to each other and other people

15 Related Work Existing low-distraction communication devices CEIVA™ –Commercially available picture frame that downloads picture from the web The White Stone, Personal Portraits Frame –Mockup of interpersonal communication devices –Virtually Living Together by Tollmar, Junestrand, and Torgny, DIS’00 InTouch –Research implementation of two-way haptic communication device –Tangible Interfaces for Remote Communication and Collaboration by Brave, Ishii, and Dahley, CHI’97, CSCW’98 inTouch IDEO CEIVA

16 Constraints MOSCOW Connected to a computer & Internet Only supports two-person communication NOT a substitute for existing communication, but a new method of expression

17 Schedule Time is ticking, use it wisely.

18 Implementation Totally software reconfigurable- very little logic in hardware Touch input for sending Red, Green and Blue Sides of frame are lit up by color reception Top of picture is feedback panel Proximity sensor Proximity output LED

19 the Demo

20 Tangible outputs Hallmark was impressed at sponsor week User specifications Real product…? Patent granted! Something to play with.

21 Future Explorations Augmentation of existing real-time communication devices with LumiTouch Simultaneous display Different materials and sizes for frames Wireless / 802.11b, Cellular

22 References 1.Tollmar, K., Junestrand, S., and Torgny, O., Virtually Living Together.DIS'00 (Brooklyn NY, August 2000), ACM Press, 83-91. 2.Strong, R., and W. Gaver. Feather, Scent, and Shaker: Supporting Simple Intimacy. Proceedings of CSCW '96 (Boston MA, November 1996), ACM Press, 29-30. 3.Dodge, C. The Bed: A Medium for Intimate Communication. Extended Abstracts of CHI'97, ACM Press, 371-372. 4.Brave, S. and Dahley, A., inTouch: A Medium for Haptic Interpersonal Communication, Extended Abstracts of CHI '97, ACM Press, 363- 364. 5.Fogg, B.J, Cutler, L.D., Arnold, P. and Eisbach, C., HandJive: a device for interpersonal haptic entertainment, CHI '98, ACM Press, 57-64.

23 Acknowledgements Tangible Media Group Pet Projects MIT Department of Architecture Harvard Graduate School of Design Dan Stiehl (Latex Molding) Ari Benbasat and Responsive Environments Rob Jacobs, Rich Fletcher (tmg critiquers) Our loved ones

24 LumiTouch: An Emotional Communication Device Angela Chang, Ben Resner*, Brad Koerner**, XingChen Wang***, Hiroshi Ishii MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group *MIT Media Lab, Pet Projects Group **Harvard Graduate School of Design ***MIT Department of Architecture

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