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Grade 12 Semester Long Project

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1 Grade 12 Semester Long Project
Senior Memory Book… Grade 12 Semester Long Project

2 What is it? It is YOUR story….
You will write a memory book in which you will reflect on different periods in your life and write your memories about them. Some memories may be funny, sad, or even painful. You do not have to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing.

3 What do you need to do? You will be assigned a particular number of chapters. The major grade will be on the writing, which will be graded for content, organization, development, and accuracy in mechanics. This means that you need to proofread and edit before turning the piece in for a grade! I expect final drafts, not rough drafts, as each chapter is turned in, preferably typed.

4 Part One Chapters… Who Am I? Before I Was There Were…
Suddenly, I Became Me School Bells (elementary Years) Appendix A (one of four choices)

5 Part Two Chapters… Junior High
I Wish I Could See ____ Again OR Besides My Parents, There Was…. High School: The Beginning and Middle At Last, I am a Senior Epilogue (IF I Could Do It All Over Again I would OR Why I Wouldn’t Change Anything) Appendix A (one of three choices)

6 Final Product (non-negotiable):
Tentative Deadlines….. Part One: First two essays, March 2nd, 2012 March 23rd, 2012 – revision and submission class Last three essays, April 5th, 2012 April 12th – revision and submission class Part Two: First three essays, April 26th, 2012 Last three essays, May 14th, 2012 May 25th – revision and submission class Final Product (non-negotiable): June 15th, 2012

7 After the Writing….. The final product will be presented in a loose-leaf, snap-ring binder, scrapbook or something similar. You will be graded on neatness, creativity, grammar/mechanics, and punctuality.

8 Takes Time….. But it is worth it…
Believe it or not, you will have life after high school. This is one way to remember your life from the beginning. This is the only assignments former students still ask me about….and the only assignment parents have thanked me for assigning…

9 Today…. You will get the first set of chapters
The rubric for the writing

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