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This is Cambodia Be a passenger in Cambodia , from a peaceful mind , to this mysterious place , falling in love with the children , coming back to the.

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1 This is Cambodia Be a passenger in Cambodia , from a peaceful mind , to this mysterious place , falling in love with the children , coming back to the forest , appreciating the naive smiles... Finally, We lost in the Bayon stones , in this mysterious land , lost... —— This is Cambodia By Ray 2008/09

2 In Angkor Wat, Hindu basso-relievo exist everywhere. What we see today has endured years of history. ——Angkor Wat

3 Strolling these window mullions, tourists are carrying a travel of traversing the time and space. ——Angkor Wat

4 Angkor Wat is famous for the attractive APSARA ( fairy ), which is totally more than 3000 carved on the wall. They are expression-diversed and with more than 30 hair- styles. These two APSARA are very unusual because their teeth is exposed. ——Angkor Wat

5 Here, I encounter the first child in my snapshot ——Angkor Wat

6 Not only Angkor Wat be suffering the nature forces invading, but also the destroy from human being. ——Angkor Wat

7 Lying on the ground, I hold up my camera, and aim at a lotus tower in the far. A seemingly Japanese tourist , puts his hand into my lens friendly, and pile a little stones continuously. I click the shutter in a hurry, and make this picture. What a great moment, exchanging a simple smile in such an atmosphere. —— This is Cambodia, A place that make you peaceful. ——Angkor Wat

8 There are series of basso-relievo on the cloister of Angkor Wat. This is the most popular one “Churning of the Ocean of Milk” ——Angkor Wat

9 Most tourists wouldn’t miss the sunrise and sunset in Angkor Wat.

10 At both sides of the road to Angkor Thom, we can see Ashura’s statue. —— Angkor Thom

11 Under the familiar smiles, Khmer Elephants are driven towards Bakheng, Where lots of tourists are waiting for riding them to mountain Bakheng to see the sunset. —— Angkor Thom

12 The relic under setting sun —— Bakheng sunset

13 The last moment of sunset, is always short. If you miss it, you have to wait for the next samsara. —— Bakheng sunset

14 Band composed of Cambodian mine victims, whose part of bodies were captured by the war tragedy. Nowadays, they take their land as stage, and integrate notes with emotion. The sun has already set, but their music will not end. —— Bakheng sunset

15 The famous ‘Dead Fish’ restaurant, Which is three wooden structures, referred to the local architectural style of ‘Khmer room’ with long leg. Everybody sits on ground, even lies. It is comfortable and unrestricted when having dinner here. Furthermore, every night, Khmer dance shows in the middle of the first floor. Sitting upstairs, you can see each part of this restaurant, and the field of vision would be more open. ——DEAD FISH, Siem Reap

16 Going through those Bayon head pictures, just like exploring in a labyrinth. —— Bayon

17 In order to escape from the crowd, I stand on a stone step temporarily. At the moment I turning back, I find the distance is so close between us. I am the one in them. ——Bayon

18 Thick lips, Wide noses, and Long ears, with such an imposing appearance, they are looking at you, eyes slightly downward. Ubiquitous… ——Angkor Thom

19 I put my camera bag, the intimate who follows my entire journey, into the composition of this picture, having a daydream of this mysterious Bayon together. ——Bayon

20 It is quiet here. tourists tends toward few speaking. More people choose to shot quietly, explore quietly, listen quietly… Or, just sitting among the head pictures, feeling quietly with eyes closed. ——Bayon

21 Each day, Angkor’s sun falls at this moment. The clergy in orange and golden, set under the afterglow of the sun, endows the stones breath. ——Bayon

22 Tranquil Khmer smile under the afterglow. ——Bayon

23 Worshipping on bended knees, on a step under a wisp of sunlight, stroking the trace of history. ——Bayon

24 A student sketches pictures and sells his works. ——Bayon

25 The space and time congeals via this door. At that side of this door, he seemed not in the identical world with you. ——Bayon

26 At last, I took this picture of a deep and serene Bayon. How many gates do we have to go through before arriving at the destination? How many people do we have to interact with before learning the zen? ——Bayon

27 The trace of war —— Leper King Terrace

28 Khmer King’s parade terrace, famous with the elephant statuary, on which you are standing, imaging you were the Khmer king with golden crown, and parading the infantry, cavalry, carriage and fight elephant troop. ——Elephant Terrace

29 A sacrificing Khmer old man —— Preah Khan

30 Anywhere and anytime, you seems in an exploration—— Ta Prohm , Lonely Planet

31 Old trees on the mysterious relic to empyrean. Defender? Or destroyer…… ——Ta Prohm

32 With guidance of a local boy, we try to follow an unusual route to explore Khmer relic. —— Beagmealea

33 Cambodian Zidane —— Pre Rup

34 The local “PUBLIC TAXI”, is accepted by lower price, but with more dangerous. Just as the driver told us, lots of accidents occurred every year. ——Phimeanakas & The Royal Palace

35 The most fancy art statuary in Angkor, with exquisite carve, and wonderful workmanship. ——Banteay Srey

36 The deposition of history, Makes them golden. ——Banteay Srey

37 I encountered a charming girl in front of the gate. ——Banteay Srey

38 Naughty boy —— the way to Kompong Phhluk

39 Familiar scene just like in an old movie —— Kompong Phhluk

40 Kompong Phhluk

41 Diving child with pleasure—— Kompong Phhluk

42 Pupils are very happy after school with their schoolbags on. Pure eyes that evoking our old memories. —— Kompong Phhluk

43 They said ‘hi’ to me, and then turn back running away, on this simple road, crammed with their memory of childhood. —— Kompong Phhluk

44 The cros-eyed brother and sister make you emotianal. ——Kompong Phhluk

45 Kompong Phhluk

46 Whatever starveling or rich, it is hard to forget the buddies in childhood. —— Kompong Phhluk

47 Kompong Phhluk

48 You can’t help raising a lens infected by these straightfoward eyes and smiling come out from everybody’s deep heart. —— unnamed school

49 Dreaming of returning to my primary school —— unnamed school

50 Forest Gan —— unnamed school

51 On the way from Seam Rep to Phnom Penh, lacal inhabitants are selling barbeque chiken and baked rice in bamboo. ——Seam Rep to Phnom Penh

52 A boy and a girl are selling BBQ bananas on the road to Sihanouk Port.

53 The childhood beside seashore, just seeing sunrise and sunset together. ——Sihanouk Port

54 Khmer seawater streaming under the rising sun —— Sihanouk Port

55 In the night of Sihanouk Port, Happy Hour at the beach, Delicious BBQ with Cambodian prawn. —— Sihanouk Port

56 National Museum —— Phnom Penh

57 Pigeons inhabit on the roof of Imperial palace. Overwhelming golden here in the sunshine. ——Phnom Penh

58 Outside the wall of Imperial palace. ——Phnom Penh

59 One corner of Imperial palace. ——Phnom Penh

60 Cambodian Imperial palace under the afterglow —— Phnom Penh

61 THE END More pictures and information about my Cambodia journey at

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