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: Produced By Singer: Benyamin.

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2 : Produced By Singer: Benyamin

3 Del tangihato bardar,be ruye ghalbam bezar tekye bede be shunam,tu in masire doshvar Take ur anguish(nostalgia) and put it in my heart lean upon my shoulder on this difficult direction

4 Age mano nemikhai,harfe delam ro gush kon faghat baraye yek bar,badesh khoda negahdar, badesh khoda negahdar If u don't wish me(don't want me),listen to my heart atleast only once and farewell next,fare well next.

5 Tanhaei kheili sakhte,vaghti chesham be rahe vaghti ke shab siyahe,vaghti be dune mahe Loneliness is too intorelable,when i am expecting (waiting) you when the night is dark,and is without the moon

6 Tanhaei kheili talkhe,vaghti ke bi to hastam tanha mimune dastam,ba in dele shekastam Loneliness is too bitter,when i am without you my hands get(remain)alone,with this broken heart of mine

7 Deltangi hamo bardar,pishe khodet negah dar har vaght ke tanha shodi,mano be yadet biar Take my anguish,keep it near you and remember me whenever you felt alone.

8 Dari miri nemikham,vaghte toro begiram in harfe akhare man,duset daram duset daram mimiram You are leaving… i don’t want to take your time and this is my last word:I love you,I love you i would die(because of your love)

9 Tanhaei kheili darde,age nayai tu khabam vaghti tu ezterabam,to ham nadi javabam Loneliness is too painful,if you wouldn't come in my dreams when you wouldn't answer me either,while i am agitated

10 Tanhaei kheili sarde,vaghti pisham nabashi atisham nabashi,bidar misham nabashi Loneliness is too cold,when you wouldn't be near me when you wouldn't be my fire and wouldn't be as i wake up.

11 Tanhaei, kheili sardame... Loneliness,i feel so cold...

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