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Sage User Group Special Interest Day - Upgrades & Installations “A Boring Upgrade Route” Justin Garrod Tel 07770 806 919.

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1 Sage User Group Special Interest Day - Upgrades & Installations “A Boring Upgrade Route” Justin Garrod Tel 07770 806 919

2 Sage User Group Schiedel Schiedel in Europe have a turnover in 2009 £200m operating in 20 Counties. Schiedel UK have a turnover of around £20m In 2008 it was decided that all Schiedel UK operations was to be integrated into one company Schiedel Chimney Systems from Jan 1 st 2009 so that all UK elements of Schiedel are incorporated into one legal entity. –Schiedel had to operate from many locations with different brands –Schiedel UK to have centralised admin and one business system It was decided that the Steel systems Sage Line 500 be the system for the whole UK company. As part of that it was decided to upgrade from v5 to v7.1 to add some additional functionality and beef up the server.

3 Sage User Group

4 Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd The company produces in Washington many types of steel products from flexible steel liners, single wall and twin wall product. Clay and ceramic liners get made in Northern and Southern Ireland. The company produces over 10,000 different products a year within these ranges and has a stock file of over 25,000. The company operates at 3 different locations. The merged company had over 3000 customers The company operates many different P&L’s to separate steel from ceramic under the one legal entit.

5 Sage User Group Why Upgrade Sage 500 New Hardware –Existing Server maintenance on server was expensive due to its age and moving to windows 2008 and sql 2005 would keep the company up to date –With more users coming on stream a newer server gave expansion potential. Version 7 functionality –While there were a few functionality improvements from v5 to v7. Only some of the new additions were deemed useful to us: –Enhanced Release Stopped Order (modified by Vection) –Oldest order wouldn’t always get the stock under Sage System –Order Entry Lead time modifications (modified by Vection) –Obsolete Stock functionality Other benefits –User and Security Groups

6 Sage User Group ERP Structure The company has a 40 User concurrent licence from sage and operate under a corporate license. We support the ERP with certain Business Intelligence tools run through SQL Analysis Services Data Cubes created in house for what we need. –Sales Analysis –Sales Histories –Order Book –Budgets –Stock –Production –Financial Sales Logix CRM Internally Developed Capacity Planning and MRP tools

7 Sage User Group ERP Modules Used Finance Modules –General Ledger –Accounts Payable –Accounts Receivable –Cash Management –Fixed Assets Distribution Modules –Purchase Requisitions –POP –Invoicing and Sales –Inventory Control Advanced Distribution –EDI Input –EDI Output

8 Sage User Group ERP Modules Used Manufacturing –Bills Of Material –Routing –Works Order Processing –MRP – Linked to external tools Advanced Manufacturing –Product Management (ECN) CRM Used by sales desk

9 Sage User Group Consultants Implementation Model Ciber Recommendation and Cost –26 days which we could do 9 internally. –Consultancy Cost Now between £12-19k Bespoke work 6 days by Vection New server cost 10k including SQL and cals for 40 users.

10 Sage User Group Schiedel Implementation Model Why isn’t a Sage upgrade not like office 2003 to 2007 stick a disk in and click install. Decision made in Oct 2008 to upgrade Sage and deadline of 31 st Dec for merger of 3 companies into One. We couldn’t afford to have consultants on site for 20 days eating up the internal resource that was needed to set up the new merged company. Schiedel is in its busy season so no down time can be allowed So we said to Ciber we need to do it in 6-7 days and settled on 9. –3 days set-up/installation support –2 days conversion routines, testing –4 days functionality check/live support 6 days bespoke for OP

11 Sage User Group Version 7.1 Schiedel Implementation 1.Install & Set-up New Server 2.Set-up a test system 3.Created Conversion Routines 4.TESTING,TESTING and making good all forms and printing 5.Convert Live data 6.Go Live

12 Sage User Group Schiedel Implementation Server arrived 6 th Nov 2008. Internally loaded and set-up SQL. Sage Disk arrived in the middle of Nov. We set-up and installed Sage in 3 days 24,25,26 Nov with Ciber on site helping over those 3 days. –Version One configured and set up –All stationery and printers set-up and working We had one day support to test and set-up the export the import routines and any data conversion routines. We had one day support to check and functionality changes and implement any bits we needed. –System key Changes. Issued 28 th of Nov Go Live timetable for 1 st week Dec.

13 Sage User Group Implementations Steps For Schiedel due to reliance on system we will always use a secondary server for installation of Upgrade. Now with virtualisation we would use a virtual server. –This allows us to set tighter time scales for go live without jeopardising the business. We can always just not go live if we find some major floor until it is fisxed. Installation – Print the instruction from the Sage installation disk and it is pretty easy to install once you have read the instructions. Get the Sage reseller to confirm and sign off the installation properly if you do your own install On Data the migration of unload and load work pretty well but we had to run overnight as had 80Gb data to unload and load –Any home grown or no data dictionary tables may have to be manually taken over testing is important. Create scripts to automate the process so that on go live you have everything nailed down.

14 Sage User Group Installation Steps Amend or transfer Forms –We decided not to import all the hundreds of amended forms done over 7 years, went with standard forms and changed the new forms. This methodology meant you don’t miss any of the new fields or functionality. Create Users –Users transfer over however user permissions and access rights don’t –Easier as new functionality of security groups exist in v7 Check Print forms and Version One Definitions may need to be tinkered as print fields may have changed. Get Supplier to modify Historical Bespoke can be quite quickly modified by the supplier and some you thought you need you might not. Once happy issue live date.

15 Sage User Group Daily Timetable

16 Sage User Group Main Problems Analysis services in SQL 2005 versus 2000 completely different so cubes may need to be redesigned. –You can use old BI and link to SQL 2005 Report Writer – While it seemed to work on the transfer you have to recompile them Certain export routines didn’t separate certain route tables and these needed to be manually fixed using SQL. A bit of SQL knowledge in house can be a life saver.

17 Sage User Group Post Implementation Problems Schiedel was the first v7.1 upgrade 3 Bugs Spotted –Sales Ledger new customers wouldn’t create properly Fix issued by Sage 5 days later –Temp used SQL to overcome problem –Report Writer, certain reports non essential giving wrong results. –Sage fixed 3 weeks later used ODBC for any essential ones –EDI sending duplicate when reprinting invoices, set up sql update to fix untill sage issued update.

18 Sage User Group Benefits of implementation Model Ciber re-modelled there upgrade offering similar to the way we Implemented by using just 2 consultants to do the upgrade in 5-10 days. This allowed them to persuade certain customers to modernise from old systems over to newer version. Faster Implementation Cheaper for the client

19 Sage User Group ROI Investment Savings Investment Costs Hardware£10,000 Ciber Consultancy£5,000 Bespoke Work£6,000 Total Investment£20,000 Benefits Manual Allocation 15hr per week£6,900 Better lead time managementHappier Customers Faster backups and reportingHappier Me

20 Sage User Group Recommendations If running in Physical Server world Secondary server is best option for transfer as this prevents any down time risk. –In future we will be using virtual servers Talk candidly with your re-seller on approach for upgrade match your company skills with what they can offer. Read the sage upgrade/installation pdf’s to determine what you need support on and what you can do yourself. Develop scripts to automate the process and test them. Run a few rehearsals, document and map all the steps. Run a pilot on all the critical areas.

21 Sage User Group Special Interest Day - Upgrades & Installations Thank-you and Question ? Justin Garrod

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