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1 Person Mixture #1 The Alien Case (Type 0 Mixture)

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1 1 Person Mixture #1 The Alien Case (Type 0 Mixture)

2 Scenario Victim says the smoking man tried to kill her and her fellow agent An alien came and scared the smoking man away But, in his haste the smoking man dropped his cigarette butt When the Alien ship left, it damaged the cigarette butt Only a partial profile was obtained

3 The Egram

4 The Data Table

5 What would you lab do Countdown 30 0 of 30 1.We wouldn’t use this sample 2.Exclusions only 3.Use for inclusions but only use 2 allele loci for stat 4.Use all loci for stat (some form of 2p) 5.Other (LR, no stat….)

6 Interpretation It’s a partial profile But it’s consistent with only one contributor Easy stat – must account for “Allele, Any” genotypes We actually have 2 ways to do it

7 “Mixture Stat” One way is to send it to the mixture page Yes, I know it’s not a mixture But I need to over-ride the single allele loci to change them from homozygotes to Allele, Any Pick each genotype one at a time

8 “Mixture Stat” For the 2 allele loci, pick the heterozygote combination

9 “Mixture Stat” For the 1 allele loci, pick the Allele, Any option

10 “Deconvolute It” Or, make a profile with a record of all the “Allele, Any” loci using the “Popout calls” function As soon as I click “Any” the “Any” will go into the table

11 Then the mixture page does it for me 1 in 19 Million

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