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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Sioux Falls Referral Network is to offer each member a regular forum to promote his or her business. Our goal is.

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1 Mission Statement: The purpose of the Sioux Falls Referral Network is to offer each member a regular forum to promote his or her business. Our goal is to find and utilize business people that will be advocates for their clients and who display a high standard of ethics in their business practices.

2 Rules: Membership is not guaranteed to any current or future member, and may be revoked at the discretion of the Sioux Falls Referral Network Membership Committee. Members must represent their primary occupation and not a part-time business. Because each member owns and/or operates his or her own business and is ultimately responsible for his or her own success, Sioux Falls Referral Network cannot be responsible for any specific business results and makes no guarantees as to how the Sioux Falls Referral Network may or may not help a member’s success. Only one person from each professional classification is permitted to join the Sioux Falls Referral Network. The membership committee has the final authority relating to classification conflicts

3 Attendance is critical to the organization and to the member’s success. If a member cannot attend, you may send a substitute to the meeting. This will not count as an absence. A member is allowed 6 absences every 12 months (January through December). If more absences than this occur by the member, then the member’s classification is subject to being opened by the Sioux Falls Referral Network membership committee. There are no leaves of absences except for a medical leave. A member may take up to six weeks leave with the membership committees prior approval if fees are pre-paid for that period of time and the attempt is made to have someone ‘substitute’ during their medical leave time. A member’s classification may be opened for failure to comply with these policies and/or the member’s ethical/business conduct is called into question as referred to in the Sioux Falls Referral Network’s mission statement.

4 Each member is required to pay a $50 registration fee to hold their seat for their profession and annual dues of $200.00/yr due at the month time of joining. $200/yr is due on the first of the anniversary month annually thereafter. Money will go towards meeting material, advertising and social events. Fees are non-refundable. Membership not paid by the first of the month they are due are considered late and the member’s seat will opened up to other prospective members of that profession. Any disputes or disagreements within the organization will be reviewed by the Sioux Falls Referral Network Membership Committee. The group will work with members to resolve issues and make recommendations to Sioux Falls Referral Network leaders. Sioux Falls Referral Network is responsible for final disposition of any issues. -The group works if you work the group -You get out of the group what you put into the group -You reap what you sow

5 Face 2 Face Purpose: is to get to know each other. This is what builds the trust while educating us on what to look for to help you. Most efficient way to build relationships = Trust = Referrability! Broken into 4 Parts: 1.Member Biography 2.GAINS Worksheet 3.Contact Spheres 4.Last 10 Customers

6 EXPENSESINCOMEBALANCE $405.31 Food FundOtherDonationFood FundNew MembersRenewals AUG$362.95$285.01$600.00$927.37 SEPT$844.97$700.00 Website $818.03$1,155.00$1,355.43 OCT$554.20$50.00$590.00$1,035.00$0.00$2,376.23 NOV$502.40$50.00$855.00$250.00$2,928.83 DEC$527.40$374.61$500.00$640.00$250.00$200.00$2,616.82 JAN$684.80$448.50$895.00$200.00$2,578.52 FEB$1,476.62$342.82 FB Ad $972.00$200.00$1,931.08 MAR$879.20$300.00 Refund $725.00$1,355.00$400.00$3,231.88

7 30 Seconds Take time to prepare it – don’t wing it. If you take the time to care and prepare, we will feel obligated and aspired to help you. Take time to practice it – makes it a smooth delivery and on time. Less “UMS” the better. Tips-Stand up Introduction- who you are and either what you specialize in or where your office is located Body- is a story, an ideal customer, or a product or service. Ask – Be specific in your ask. SOMEONE and ANYONE do not have a face, a name, or even a job. Finish- with name and business. STAY STANDING UNTIL FINISHED. Write it down or put it on your phone/iPad Use props Use some humor Use examples that are profitable Stop using Al as an example!!!

8 1. The "mission" of the group. I see that there are many opportunities that some members could make to other members to the group that are not actively or aggressively being demonstrated and so sometimes I am wondering what the issue is. And if people have reservations about making referrals to this or that person/entity, what is the point of having them accepted into the group? Or if people have reservations about making referrals, why are they part of the group? The main mission of the group is to help expand our network and our goods and services by expanding the influence of others in the group. To educate other people about our passions, professions, and what makes us better or different. We are not asking you or any member to abandon their other networks. We're not saying just because Al is a personal banker that we should abandon our bank because we are to be loyal in our affiliations with the networking group. We're hoping that as time goes by and you see the character of the person as a value or a fit for a friend or family that may need the members assistance. The main purpose of this and any other group is to get FaceTime with people who are in contact and have spheres of influence outside our own. To be able to work on our presentations in a comfortable controlled group. To be able to build our businesses, friendships, and professional circle of influences beyond our current abilities.

9 2. I am not clear on what the parameters of a referred "closed business is“. a. Just a new customer? b. Repeated business from the same customer forever and ever? c. How is the amount of the closed business calculated: gross, net revenue, blocked out over a year, a certain cycle? d. Is duplicate business within the same family considered referrals/closed business for each? Any business that was a direct result from a referral passed (within or outside of the group) that has been completed is "closed Business" a. Just a new customer? New or existing customers.. Example.. I can refer myself to Megan only once (the initial referral) but she can hand in closed business from the initial referral or any follow up visits. After the initial referral they should become a customer of the business and every time I need an oil change she can turn the total in as closed business (without a referral).

10 b. Repeated business from the same customer forever and ever? Yes.. They are now a customer, and the business they do is a direct result of the initial referral c.. How is the amount of the closed business calculated: gross, net revenue, blocked out over a year, a certain cycle? Typically how it reflects in the money generated to you YOU as a wage or direct correlation to your business. For example if Tyler or Dawn were able to sell a house, it would appear skewed with $30000 each of closed business, when a wedding for me might generate 4k. This is my opinion of how it SHOULD work… Any other way would look like we were padding numbers to make the group more appealing to visitors / guests / potential members. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OBSERVATION OF HOW IT WAS TO WORK PRIOR (in BNI) d. Is duplicate business within the same family considered referrals/closed business for each? Closed yes.. Referrals it depends. If it were a referral to Megan for your oil change, you couldn't really (or shouldn't) count your husband as a referral if he needs his oil changed. If it's a son / daughter / cousin outside of your dwelling, it should be absolutely another referral. Your expanding the reach of the network…

11 3. Referrals in depth: a.Different approaches that we can work on to give/get them besides the basic standard. Could we develop some rotating, brainstorming groups that meet once a month? -The main benefit of this would be to work within power teams. -The most effective, powerful way of getting others to connect with a message is the 30 seconds. WELL thought out, explained, and FOCUSED 30 seconds have the most impact. Think of Geralds in particular. Always moving, always demonstrative, and entertaining. We need to do a better job of actually writing it down, practicing, and trying to engage and connect with the audience. ESPECIALLY when we are blessed to have visitors at the meeting. -There are other ways to do that as well… If there were a need to do so I wouldn't mind coming in at 11 to discuss the ways to help others understand and brainstorm.. Maybe others would like to as well?

12 3. Referrals in depth: b.What qualifies as a legitimate referral to write up: -- They have "qualified" the need for the service or product they are referring; -- it happens to be someone I/they know that uses your product or service; OR -- this could have some potential a year from now. - A lead or referral should be someone who is expecting us to call them. We have made a brief introduction to them about the professional you wish to refer business to. They are wanting information from a valued source and want to actually engage in the possibility of working with them.. For example.. I have a friend getting married and they might want a dj. This is NOT a referral.. It's a glorified cold call with a name. A referral would be.. I talked to my friend who's getting married next year and they are looking for a dj for their wedding, I told them I know a guy (hopefully his name is Chris:) that is a very talented and passionate entertainer. Would it be okay if I gave him your information to call you? Or can I send you an email and include Chris in it for a brief introduction? That's a referral...

13 3. Referrals in depth: c. What really constitutes a referral--is it just referrals for potential business or does it include referrals when someone brings a potential request for assistance of some kind of contact? I wouldn't mind having a discussion about this too. EXAMPLE 1: If I ask if anyone knows what businesses are going into a certain strip mall, and someone provides that information--I don't consider that a referral. EXAMPLE 2: If Aaron tells me he is always looking for bad roofs and I spot some bad roofs and give him the addresses, I wouldn't consider that a legitimate referral. You're spot on with both. A referral in example one would be. I know Pita Pit is going up in the south side, and they've had issues with their merchant services group. The managers name is "wayne" isn't so much a strong referral as one I mentioned above. It's better than nothing, but I don't think that's a referral.. It's a LEAD.. and a cold one at that...

14 3. Referrals in depth: For example, Scott gave me a referral for the Prom in Webster. It's not really a referral unless I can contact them and talk.. If it's just a "I know their having one this spring" that's more of a lead, that Scott would follow up upon and get back to me with a referral name and when they want me to contact them.. Only then is it a referral.. When this happens, or if you get a "referral" like that… It's okay to tell them after the meeting, or in the meeting, that it's really not yet matured into an actual referral. You appreciate them thinking of you, because they are, but it's not much different than a cold call…

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