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PRACTICAL USER ADOPTION - a case study at Toowoomba Regional Council.

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1 PRACTICAL USER ADOPTION - a case study at Toowoomba Regional Council.

2 Let me ask you a question…

3 Toowoomba City Council to Toowoomba Regional Council Change management – How quick? How many? How good? The current state – the problem to be solved The best laid plans… Project benefits achieved Key points to take away Questions Call me [us]… What we’ll Cover

4 Where is Toowoomba anyway..?

5 TYPES OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT - enterprise level cm –v- project level cm. Enterprise Level change management - also known as organisational change management requires an in-house, full-time capability & competency. These programs of work usually span many months to years. Project Level change management - used as a benefit realisation & value creation measure, applied on particular initiatives or projects to safeguard project investment, reduce staff turnover & attain project goals.

6 Speed of adoption - How quickly can we get users "on-board" Utilisation - How many can we get “on-board” Proficiency - How well can they use the new system THE 3 FACTORS OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT - essential for project success.

7 On budget On time Technology implemented WHAT DOES PROJECT SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? - Project management success does NOT = project success….

8 Success… It’s not always what you see.

9 WHY DID CM MATTER TO TRC? - because the new system, policies, procedures, tools & messages sent out via the project would not be accepted or adopted without CM. project fail…

10 You are here. Changes that are highly dependent on ‘people change’ have low certainty in the expected project success. changes that have no ‘people change’ have higher certainty in the expected project success. WHY DOES ACTUAL PROJECT SUCCESS DIFFER FROM EXPECTED PROJECT SUCCESS ?

11 HOW DID WE MITIGATE THIS RISK? - change management reduced risk & increased the actual project success.

12 “The process to prepare business papers that go to Council is the single most important business process in the organisation; as all other business processes either flow into, or are a result of this one.” What was changing?

13 The process originally took approx. 107.5 hours to complete –That’s approx. 75% of a full-time position per month The task was essentially completed by one person There was only one back-up [with limited knowledge] The process was largely completely manual with considerable double handling Some interesting metrics…

14 OBS CHANGE MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY - prepare, manage & sustain.

15 WHAT DID WE DELIVER FOR TRC? - solution. - Implemented SharePoint 2013 … Infrastructure … Application … Build etc. - CM Strategy - CM Plan - Ad hoc cm implementation activities - CM sustain activities

16 …in a nutshell WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? - application.

17 The change management strategy bought together the change characteristics & TRCs’ organisational attributes to define at a high level how much change management was needed. It was also used to determine the team & sponsor structures needed for the specific change. CM STRATEGY - deliverable. ActivityMethod Project initiation/ramp-upAwareness meeting(s) Change characteristic assessmentWorkshop Organisational attributes assessmentWorkshop Impact indexWorkshop, Analysis, documentation Risk profileAnalysis Team identification Workshop Team preparationTraining & assessment. collateral creation Sponsor identificationWorkshop

18 ActivityMethod Communications planCommunications planWorkshop, Documentation Sponsor roadmapSponsor roadmapDocumentation Coaching plan(sCoaching plan(s)Workshop(s), Documentation Training planTraining planWorkshop(s), Documentation Resistance management planResistance management planAnalysis, Documentation The change management plan & activities were customised based on the characteristics of the change & the unique attributes of TRC. CM PLAN - deliverable.

19 OTHER CM ACTIVITIES - ad hoc, meetings, initiatives, training. ActivityMethod CM meetingMeeting [some onsite some remote] Adoption activitiesAwareness campaign TrainingClassroom, drop-in sessions, coaching etc… Prerequisite: change management plan

20 CM SUSTAIN ACTIVITIES - feedback, gaps, corrective actions. ActivityMethod Employee feedbackEmployee feedbackSurvey(s), Workshop(s), One-on-one consultations. Gap identificationGap identificationAnalysis, Documentation Corrective Actions PlanCorrective Actions PlanDocumentation After action reviewAfter action reviewAnalysis, Documentation Transition sustainment planTransition sustainment planDocumentation, Presentation Sustaining change includes the analysis of the results of the change management activities & implementation of corrective action. This area also included conducting "after-action" reviews & transferring ownership for change management to the business.

21 The outcome, without the change activities wouldn't have been effective at all – staff would not have had the opportunity to contribute, design & take “ownership” of the software Amanda Stephens Administration Officer [Back-up Executive assistant] Are we there yet?

22 If you didn’t involve me you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to tap into my 27 years experience of working at Council. I’ve seen a lot of systems in my time, & this process brought together like minds to say how we would like to see the system work. We explored new ways to utilise the technology to make the process work much more effectively & efficiently, to create an intuitive system that works for us, & has capacity to grow & expand as needed. AWESOME! Narelle Kuehnemann Executive Assistant to General Manager …are we there yet?

23 What didn’t go to plan? Early communications Delayed go-live date Non-mandated training Train the trainer Tyranny of distance.  4643km travelled  over 18 trips  5 windscreen chips

24 What was fabulous? TRC’s executive management The major impact group A project manager with a can-do attitude Solution champions arose early – they took the ball & ran! A great product – SharePoint Some out-of-the-box SharePoint Workflow wizardry from OBS Having an integrated project & change management plan!

25 Celebration time…

26 Project benefits realised. The process now takes approx. >30% less time to complete Decentralised responsibilities Largely automated with no double handling Robust, scalable system, integration with LOB systems Populated training library In-place records Tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 2013 Retired an IT system

27 Key takeaways  Change management mitigates project risk  Training must be mandated or staff will just not turn up  Change management is more than just training…  Project management success is NOT project success  There must be reinforcement  You can’t bring all of the people on the journey, most is a great result  Celebrate all success and learn from failure

28 And don’t forget… Everyone loves inspiring beginnings and happy endings; it is just the middle that involves hard work. One of the biggest hazards is abandoning the change agenda when problems arise, and focusing only on technical aspects. "Everything looks like a failure in the middle." Dr Rosabeth Kanter



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