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The Princess Bride Soundtrack.

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1 The Princess Bride Soundtrack

2 Chapter 1 As You Wish- Alesana
Within the first section on the story there is a farm boy that lives with Buttercup and her family. The farm boy also known as Westly. When he is asked to do something his reply is always as you wish. She confesses her love for Westly and he admits that every time he had said “As You Wish”, he was really meaning “I Love You”. The lyrics-- “I will climb hills, draw my sword and take down anyone who stands in front of me please know I'll never run away without you in my arms,” these lyrics fit almost perfectly into the story or more importantly the character of Westley. In the story Westley literally climbs cliff, battles a sword master, defeats a giant and wins a battle of wits just to save Buttercup. He took down anyone who was in his way. He does leaves but promises to comeback for her. He would never really leave without her. The song really describes the undying love between Buttercup and Westley.

3 As You Wish- Alesana

4 Chapters 2- 4 Roar- Katy Perry
This section is about the Zoo of Death and Prince Humperdink’s hunt for a wife. The Zoo of Death is a 5 level structure. Each level there is another dangerous threat for the Prince to conquer. The prince also hunts for his wife, he finds Buttercup but she vows that she will not marry him. If she doesn’t the prince will kill her. She agrees to it but they are not allowed to love between each other because Buttercup wants to stay faithful to her one and only love Westly. This song relates to this section by the dangers of being around a tiger as the Zoo of Death and the prince are dangerous. The prince has Buttercup held down as the tiger has Katy Perry held down in the song. Buttercup eventually finds a way to defy the prince like Katy Perry gets back up from what's holding her down.

5 Roar- Katy Perry

6 Chapter 5.1 Kidnap The Sandy Claws- Danny Elfman
Three people were sent by Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas to kidnap the Sandy Claws. In the story Inigo, Fezzik, and Vizzini were sent by Prince Humperdink to kidnap Buttercup. His plan for them was for them to kidnap her then kill her on Guilder’s land to cause a war between them. Barrel, Lock and Shock have to work together due to what Jack told them to do. They have to lock the Sandy Claws up “real tight”, in the story the three men didn’t have her locked up because she was able to escape and jump into the shark infested waters. Also in the song they discuss tricking the Sandy Claws as a way to capture him. In the story the three men tricked Buttercup into telling them about how far the city is so when they get her the city won’t hear her scream.

7 Kidnap The Sandy Claws- Danny Elfman

8 Chapter 5.2 You Found Me- The Fray
In this section you learn about Inigo’s childhood and the death of his father that drives him to get revenge on the 6-fingered man. After training for 10 years he took off in his search for the 6-fingered man but he was unable to find him. This song refers to the time when Inigo gives up and he puts all of his money and strength into drinking. He drinks for a long time till a man named Vizzini finds him and helps him out of his depression. Vizzini helps him stop drinking and gets them jobs. Vizzini practically saved Inigo’s life. The lyrics-- “Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me.” This part of the song reminds me about how Inigo was lost when he couldn’t find the man he was looking for. He was also insecure with himself because he went through many years of harsh training to find the 6-fingered man only to fail in his quest so he gave up and put his life to drinking. The song kind of has a dreary mood similar to the story of the death of his father.

9 You Found Me- The Fray

10 Chapter 5.3 We Are The Champions- Queen
This section talks about Fezzik and his past. Fezzik was a literal giant. With his size and strength his father put him into a fighting career because of the challenges Fezzik faced at school. He fought all of the champions around beating them all until he was booed for his strength in defeating all of the other champions. This song relates to Fezzik because he defeated many champions and he became a champion himself, up until the man in black defeated him in his battle to the princess. The song lyrics-- “WE are the champions-- my friends” refers to the time when Fezzik started fighting in groups and forgot how to fight individually which affected him when he went to fight the man in black. The lyrics--”We’ll keep on fighting til the end”. refers to Fezzik when he keeps trying to fight off the Man in Black until he blacks out and eventually loses the battle.

11 We Are The Champions- Queen

12 Chapter 5.4 Keep Holding On- Avril Lavigne
In this section Westley and Buttercup venture through the dangerous fire swamp. Buttercup is scared because she believes the stories that were told by parents to scare children. They face ROUS and snow sand. The lyrics-- “You're not alone, together we stand I’ll be by your side you know I’ll take your hand,” ties into the story because Buttercup is scared but Westley isn’t and he know that they will be alright. They are standing together and if she is in danger he will take her hand. That part reminds me when she slipped into some snow sand and Westley risks his life to save her. The lyrics-- “Just stay strong ‘Cause you know I’m here for you, I'm here for you,” relates because if Westley wouldn’t of saved her she wouldn’t be alive. Westley is her for her, to save her.

13 Keep Holding On- Avril Lavigne

14 Chapter 6.1 Just A Dream-Nelly
In this section of the story Buttercup comes home from her kidnapping and is immediately adored. While she is being adored, her love Westly is being tortured in many ways but to him it isn’t painful. His strategy was to take away his senses and his brain and put them into the thoughts of Buttercup. The lyrics-- “I was thinking ‘bout her, thinking ‘bout me, thinking ‘bout us what we gonna be?” Related to Westly when he is being tortured because he is putting his thoughts to Buttercup and her beauty. He is also thinking about the future they may have together. The lyrics-- “So I travel back (uh) down that road (road) will she come back? Nobody knows,” relates to the situation because Buttercup left Westley for the prince so she could insure the safety of them both..

15 Just A Dream- Nelly

16 Chapter 6.2 I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
In this section Westly is being tortured behind Buttercup’s back. He believes he can survive the tests by taking his senses away but when they bring out the machine they steal his ability to take away his brain by the machine having the ability to over all of his senses. The machine literally sucks the life out of his body. The lyrics-- “Did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no not I, I will survive, Oh as long as i know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive”. This part relates to Westley when he believes he will survive. He wouldn’t lay down and give everything he has worked for just for the prince and count’s amusement. He thinks love will keep him alive and it just might.

17 I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

18 Chapter 7.1 The Monster- Eminem
In this section Fezzik and Inigo go through the Zoo of Death to save the Man in Black. They find a false door and as they go through the stages they face spiders, King bats, and a huge snake. They face dangerous monsters to get to the one thing they need to storm the castle, the man in black. When they finally get to the final level that holds Westley they find him dead. The lyrics--”You're trying to save me stop holding your breath, you think im crazy yeah you think im crazy” relates to Fezzik and Inigo. They are trying to save the man in black but they might as well stop holding their breath because he is already dead.

19 The Monster- Eminem ft Rihanna

20 Chapter 7.2 We didn’t start the fire- Billy Joel
This is the section where Fezzik and Inigo take the dead man in black to Miracle Max. He makes a pill that brings Westly back to life so they can all storm the castle. They know what to expect when the chocolate covered pill. The pill worked almost instantly but Westley wasn’t able to move completely on his own for awhile after he took the pill. Then they make the decision to scare the town. Fezzik puts on a holocaust colak and is push in a wheelbarrow by Inigo. They see the cloak on fire to scare everyone and the Brute squad. The lyrics-- “We didn’t start the fire it was always burning since the world's been turning. We didn’t start the fire No we didn’t light it we just tried to fight it” relates to Fezzik, Inigo, and Westley. They didn't cause the initial problem because in this case the prince would be the one who lit the fire, he was the one who caused the problem and tried to start the war.

21 We Didn’t Start The Fire- Billy Joel

22 Chapter 8 This Is My Time To Shine- Raven Symoné
In the final section of the story the wedding is over and Buttercup decides she is going to kill herself but she changes her mind when Westley appears laying on the bed. The prince walks in and notices Westley and makes the decision to battle to the death. Westley has another idea. He suggests battling to the pain. The description that he gives states that he will cut off a majority of his body parts but he will leave his ears so he could hear the screams of people who look at his hideousness and the cries of the children. The prince surrenders. This all takes place while Inigo is downstairs battling the Count aka the six fingered man. The lyrics-- “Everybody’s got the the strength inside all it takes is time to realize that you and only you can be the one to decide,” relates to two different characters. It relates to Buttercup when she decides she defies Prince Humperdink by helping Westley by tying him up. She also escapes the castle and it took strength for her to defy someone who has threatened to kill her if she defies him. This section of the song also relates to Inigo when he finds his strength to defeat the count. He finds his strength in his words ‘Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die!’ He Finds his strength by repeating that during the battle.

23 This Is My Time To Shine- Raven Symoné

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