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Created by: Natalie Nixson, Olivia Larbi, and Janina Peck.

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1 Created by: Natalie Nixson, Olivia Larbi, and Janina Peck

2 Last year, we stumbled upon an old junkyard while taking information for our (future) project. We decided to use this for our project and eventually decided to try to clean it up.

3 Is the junkyard a habitat for animals or is it still just a problem for Harford Glen even after the cleanup?

4 How has the stewardship of Harford Glen impacted its environment?

5 Do you think we should get rid of the junkyard?


7 To what extent has the cleanup of the old junkyard in Harford Glen affected the population of “herps” and mammals making their home in and around the junkyard?

8 Our research question was: To what extent does the presence of an old junkyard in the forest of Harford Glen affect the biodiversity?

9 Our inferences:  The mammals might have moved into the area where the junkyard is if it did not exist because there are plentiful trees surrounding the area, more future habitats for herps and mammals to live, and it’s near a field and a stream.  The junkyard is not a safe area for mammals, herps, and children because of the glass and the rusty metal.

10 Conclusion:  According to our data, there were no mammals or signs of mammals in or by the junkyard  American Toads were one of the most common herps found and the only herp we found in the junkyard.  No signs of biodiversity of herpetofauna Recommendations:  Don’t put trash or unwanted items in the forest. Action plan:  Put signs that warn people about the hazards of the junkyard and place them around the junkyard. Also, we roped off the junkyard area.  Give Patti Jo Beard, assistant supervisor of facilities of HCPS a tour of the junkyard.

11 MAMMALIA (MAMMALS)HERPETOFAUNA (HERPS) Warm-blooded vertebrates that don’t lay eggs. Cold-blooded vertebrates that lay eggs. (Reptiles and amphibians)

12 Junkyard You Are Here

13 Key: Triangle- Mammals Circles- Herps Crosses- Junk Piles Area: 4,365.273656 Square Meters Perimeter: 260.903233 Meters

14 All of us agree that we will probably find a greater population of herps. Although we think that we will not find an increase of mammals.

15 2 1 1

16 2


18 We have found an increase of both mammal and herp population in the junkyard from last year.

19 We think that the population of animals in the junkyard increased when we removed the glass from the junkyard. Continuing to clean up the junkyard will encourage more animals to live there.

20  Get rid of the junkyard!  Place natural hiding places for herps.  Continue to rope it off until it is completely clear.  Hang signs to warn people until the junkyard is gone.

21 We would like to thank:  Ms. Airing  Mr. Burley  Mr. Eakes  Mr. Cromwell  Mr. Smith  Ms. Murray  Ms.Teal  The Experts  Our Parents  Bradley Pierce, Zoey Rubinoff, Darcy Baynes &  Miss. Olivia Blondheim  Miss. Juliane Caughron

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