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Values Unit 11.

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1 Values Unit 11

2 What would you do? P. 88 What would you do in the situations on p. 88?
Read the statistics. Are you surprised at any of them? What do you think that says about society?

3 Finders Keepers p. 88 Listen to Aaron and Leanne talk about finding something. Answer True, False, or Doesn’t Say. Aaron’s son wanted to keep the wallet and spend the money. Aaron’s son received a thank you card as a reward. The owner of the book probably didn’t care that much about it. Leanne will probably return the book. true false doesn’t say false

4 Grammar Present Unreal Conditional p. 89
Overview of Conditional Sentences Situation If clause Result Clause Example Real in the present or future Simple present Will + base form If I have enough time, I watch TV every evening. If I have enough time, I will watch TV later on tonight. Unreal in the present or future Simple past Would + base form If I had enough time, I would watch TV now or later on. Unreal in the past Past perfect Would have + past participle If I’d had enough time, I would have watched TV yesterday.

5 Unless (if not) Only if Even if
The result will change if this condition is met I wouldn’t watch sports on TV unless I were watching with my boyfriend. Only if Emphasize the condition must be met for the result to happen I would only watch sports on TV if I were watching with my boyfriend. Even if Unexpected result for this condition I wouldn’t watch sports on TV even if my boyfriend were watching them.

6 Practice What are the differences in these three sentences? I would exceed the speed limit while driving only if I were late. I wouldn’t exceed the speed limit even if I were late. I wouldn’t exceed the speed limit unless I were late.

7 Practice Under what conditions, if any, would you…
Lie to your best friend Disobey an order from your boss Steal food Not pay your rent Use present unreal conditional and unless, only if, and even if

8 Vocabulary Prefixes – Opposite p. 89
Dis- Il- Ir- Un- Agreeable Legal Rational Acceptable Approving Logical Responsible Ethical Honest Fair Scrupulous Trustworthy

9 Ethical Dilemmas p. 90 What would you do in these situations? Talk with a classmate about the situations on p Do you agree on the best course of action or not?

10 Too Good to be True p. 90 Have you ever been presented with a situation that was too good to be true? What did you do? Read the situations on page 90. Do you think they are “too good to be true?”

11 Thesis Statement p. 91 A thesis statement introduces the topic of a composition. It is usually located at the end of the introduction. A topic sentence states the main idea of a single paragraph. A good thesis statement Contains a single idea Not too general or too specific Unifies all the paragraphs (body) Should be revised as you write

12 Grammar – Wishes and Regrets p. 93
The verb wish is followed by a noun clause in which the verb form is similar to conditional. “true” statement wish Future She won’t tell me. He isn’t going to be here. She can’t come tomorrow. I wish she would tell me. I wish he were going to be here. I wish she could come. Present I don’t know French. It is raining. I can’t speak French. I wish I knew French. I wish it weren’t raining. I wish I could speak French. Past John didn’t come. Mary couldn’t come. I wish John had come. I wish Mary could have come.

13 Practice The sun isn’t shining. I wish the sun ______ right now.
I didn’t go shopping. I wish I _______ shopping. I don’t know how to dance. I wish I ______ how to dance. You didn’t tell them about it. I wish you ______ them. It’s cold today. I’m not wearing a coat. I wish I _______ a coat. I don’t have enough money to buy that book. I wish I ______ enough money. Elena is tired because she went to bed late last night. She wishes she _________ to bed earlier. I can’t go with you tomorrow, but I wish I ______. The teacher is going to give us an exam tomorrow. I wish he _________ us an exam. You can’t meet my parents. I wish you ________ them. Khalid didn’t come to the meeting. I wish he ________ to the meeting.

14 Vocabulary “Values” p. 94 Noun Compassion Discretion Generosity Honesty Indifference Kindness Resilience Respect Selfishness Sensitivity Tenderness Tolerance Adjective Compassionate Discrete Generous Honest Indifferent Kind Resilient Respectful Selfish Sensitive Tender Tolerant Adverb Compassionately Discretely Generously Honestly Indifferently Kindly Resiliently Respectfully Selfishly Sensitively Tenderly Tolerantly

15 Listening “Three Important Values” p. 94
Listen to the interviews. What values do people think are important? Honesty Privacy Respect 2 3 1

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